meet high school michelle

I thought I would introduce you all to high school Michelle. Most, if not all of you, have never met her, and it's been a good five years since I've seen her as well. I think it's time for a little reunion.

High School Michelle was in South Pacific during her junior year. The director messed up casting, so High School Michelle put herself in scenes and took the role of "head nurse." The director never noticed anything was amiss. High School Michelle was sneaky like that. Oh, and that boy with the bra? He awkwardly kissed her backstage in front of all their friends. It was one of her strangest moments. Here they are performing "Honey Bun."
High School Michelle played the piano for concert choir when she wasn't singing with them. This is what we call "the piano face."

High School Michelle went through an awkward phase...

High School Michelle took duck face pictures in her bathroom on New Years Eve, with her orange phone which she thought was the COOLEST THING EVER.

High School Michelle had to go to show choir camp every Labor Day weekend. This was the day she was woken up by a girl sobbing over Steve Irwin's death.

Class of 07!

High School Michelle was in show choir with a bunch of super dramatic girls. High School Michelle was not impressed. That's one thing that hasn't changed.

High School Michelle wore a hot pink dress to prom. Current Michelle laughs.

High School Michelle thought she was black. Current Michelle struggles with this whenever Usher or Jay Z comes on her iPod and she has the overwhelming urge to drop it like it's hot. 

High School Michelle was in Grease her sophomore year and wore the most horrifying costume known to man. High School Michelle also needed a tan (so does Current Michelle, actually).

High School Michelle toilet papered her band teacher's apartment in broad daylight. And by toilet papered, I mean she left several rolls of toilet paper on the front step.

High School Michelle was on the swim team for two years. She wasn't very good.

High School Michelle had friends who made the most epic photobombs.

High School Michelle was very happy to graduate and never be High School Michelle again.

High School Michelle also accidentally had a too-sedecutive-for-17 senior picture. This is the one we "forgot" to send to grandma.

Current Michelle would like to apologize to Laura (if she's reading this) for posting these pictures of her on the internet. She would also like to know when they can have a best friends day again. Because it is desperately needed.

What were you like in high school?


  1. I was just caught by my co-worker laughing at these pictures - and your comments - I couldn't even stop myself.

    High School Michelle and High School Alissa would have been friends - FOR SURE. Except I was totally the "ticket taker" at plays, and was never actually in one.

    How many were you in? And what were your school colors?

  2. I thought to myself while reading this, "I could literally kill you!" And then I realized most of these were janked from my Facebook, which means I voluntarily put them on the internet for people to see. I apologize for my initial reaction. Hahaha :) And I am free almost always, seeing as my boyfriend lives 500 miles away :/ so YES! BFF DAY! It's a tragedy and embarrassment it hasn't happened sooner since I literally drive by 161 every. day.

  3. Oh, by the way: Everyone else, I can totally vouch that high school Michelle was awesome (don't let her fool you) and that she really is like a fine wine and has only developed and become better with age :P

  4. HAHAHAAHA I love High School Michelle!! but Current Michelle is my fave :) Also-- I REMEMBER THAT PHONE OF YOURS!! and I am literally dying at this. loved it, love you :)

  5. You were in show choir AND musicals. Woman, we have a soul tie.

  6. DYING! Obviously, we have show choir and theatre in common. Love that. :) Although you play the piano, and I'll belt out a Broadway tune while standing next to you. Yes?

    And I have to ask. That senior photo. itum5r9384vemktje4io5jqp3u,f,klcjgldj23042-!)($&*(%&*)^ WHAT?! I never took senior photos, but holy cow. WOW.

    P.S. I had an orange Nokia in high school. (It just became very apparent that I'm five years older than you.) *high five* on the orange. It was my favorite color back then.


  7. You are so brave to post high school pictures! Love it.

  8. These are FANTASTIC! I will not ever post pictures from freshman year because I was so awkward. Yours are adorable! And a bit hilarious.

  9. OH MY GOSH.

    Sweetheart, that last photo made me so uncomfortable. YOU WERE A BABY.

    High School Michelle was an overachiever, in a good way.

    High School Shay made out with boys.. that's all I ever did.

  10. Haha! That last picture is classic! Best senior portrait ever. :)

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  12. i hope i don't seem like a creepy stalker. i think i found your blog off kitty ears a few weeks ago, added you, and now whenever you post something new i scroll through your linkwithin widgets.i think you're funny. and i really like the way that you write.

    high school deanna was pretty awkward and obnoxious. i was in band and theatre and was kind of an emo/grunge kid. middle school deanna was who really embarrassed me. i found an old diary at my mom's house last year and posted about how idiotic i used to be, if you'd like to read it.


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