My name is Michelle, and I have a problem

I have this problem.

I'm always thinking one season ahead.

During spring, all I want is summer. None of that do I need a jacket? How much should I layer? There's frost on everything but it's going to be in the eighties later nonsense.

During the summer, all I want is fall. I carefully inspect the leaves for the first speck of yellow or red, stock up on canned pumpkin, and sniff apples in the grocery store and pretend I'm at an apple orchard about to buy homemade cider.

And in the fall? I don't necessarily die for winter (though I love me some snow, sue me), but all I think about is Christmas. I listen to my iPod on shuffle a lot when I'm in the car, which means I'm constantly skipping over Christmas music. During August I start to feel my will to hit 'skip' slowly falter. By the end of September? Any will  I have left is hanging on by a single frayed thread.

Which means Sunday morning was spent listening to the Charlie Brown Christmas album. Whoops. In my defense, we did sleep with the windows open Saturday night, and I woke up to a forty degree breeze blowing through the room. Nothing like waking up with your feet frozen like a hot pocket in the back of the freezer to put you in the Christmas spirit.

I would put up my Christmas tree in October if it were at all socially acceptable. To me, Halloween is just a celebration that we're one more holiday closer to Christmas (sorry Alissa). I'm the obnoxious person who frolics through the store with glee at the sound of Bing Crosby and displays of Christmas trees while the rest of the world laments that it's too early (no such thing, scrooges!).

I'm already thinking about what kind of ornaments and garland to put on the tree this year. I'm searching for recipes requiring any and all eggnog. I'm googling Christmas card options. I'm hiding my Christmas candles from myself until at least November. When I can't take it any longer, I go to Hobby Lobby to softly pet the wreathes and decide how to decorate the mantle this year.

I'm the person you all love to hate.

And for the record: THREE MONTHS FROM TODAY.

Now hand over National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Just like the jelly of the month club, it's the gift that keeps on giving all year long.


    and yeah can we just skip Halloween?
    Well leave me all the Reese's and then skip halloween.

    Happy 90-something dayyyyssssss!!

  2. I. Love. Christmas. Everything about the season is so magical, cozy, and warm. I can't wait these three whole months!

  3. yeah girllll!!! 3 months!!!! Me too. Me too. We should probably see each other soon, listen to Christmas music, make cookies and drink hot chocolate? haha Or, go to Hobby Lobby and buy everything Christmas. Sounds good to me.

  4. Oh man. I'll send you some construction paper to make your countdown.

  5. I'm pretty sure once September 1st hits I'm like CHRISTMAS IS HERREEEEEEE! LOL, I'm already thinking of all the holiday stuff, decorating, cookies, watching Charlie Brown Christmas and Elf at least 6 times each, etc ;)

  6. You and Chris should hang. You really should. We got into a huge argument the other day because he wants to put a Christmas tree up on November 1st and I said it has to wait until after Thanksgiving.

    I called him out for getting a fake tree, despite being a die-hard Christmas fan. We're currently at a standstill.

    I love Christmas...I do, I won't lie. I love NYE, too. But from January 1 until the first day of spring are the hardest days for me.

    Seasonal depression - it's real!

  7. We already put up the winter foliage on our staircase... last month.

    So I guess I beat you to the punch. And people hate my more than you.

    Oh, well!

  8. Agreed! If it was socially acceptable I would have decorations up too. I'm gonna push it with early November this year.

  9. I love Christmas as well, but not nearly as much as you ;) My hubby keeps me from putting up our Christmas tree till the day after Thanksgiving. It's pretty much torture! Though I usually don't have the urge to put it up till the beginning of November.

    Hope you're doing well! And hopefully the next three months go quickly for you, but not too quickly :)

  10. You are going to loooooove my blog pretty soon, then! :)

  11. I think you and I are pretty much the same person. Ha! I am exactly the same. I listen to Christmas music so early! I blame it on the fact that in band and show choir we were practicing our Christmas music in early fall :-) Anyway, I have a Christmas countdown on my computer all year round, and I already have my Christmas decorations planned for this year! Glad to know I'm not the only one!


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