things about the world: a list (or 2)

things currently wrong with today's world

  • Target is selling these monstrosities: (I know a lot of you like denim chambray shirts, but I hate them. And these aren't chambray...they're denim. They're as denim as mom jeans.)

This is not the 90's. If I'm going to see these in stores, then I better be able to turn on Nickelodeon tonight and watch Doug with my hair in a scrunchie and some Dunkaroos in my mouth.

  • Whatever kind of stomach bug is plaguing me right now.
  • The weather not being quite cool enough to wear my new flannel shirt. No lumberjack Michelle for at least a few more weeks.
  • I'm not laying in bed and sleeping right now.

things currently right with today's world

  • Park's & Rec is back this week! Come Thursday I will no longer be walking around with a Ron Swanson shaped hole in my heart.
  • I had canteloupe flavored ice cream last night, and it was amazing.
  • I bought a flannel shirt last night, and it makes me look like a lumberjack (kind of).
  • It was cool enough for me to wear a cardigan and scarf this morning.
  • Pumpkin spice everything. I'm so stereotypical "cool fall girl" (i.e. girl wearing boots, jeans, mustard colored cardigan and contrasting scarf and brown purse holding something pumpkin flavored [muffin and/or latte]) that it hurts. And I like it. (Unless "cool" is now wearing denim shirts, in which case count me out.)

That's all I have today.  


  1. Okay, those shirts from Target are revolting. BUT, my dear Michelle, denim/chambray can be and is wonderful. I will teach you the ways. ;)

  2. Saw your text.


    I'll send some cooler weather your way - you have to wear your new flannel. I wore my favorite scarf yesterday and it didn't even match my outfit. If anyone called me out on it, I was going to say I was color blocking. Duh.

    Really, I just have to stop smelling my scarves and start wearing them.

  3. okay, those shirts are horrible, but i swear chambray can be okay! i just got one from h&m that might be more denim than chambray...buuuuut i'm prob just a slave to the trends! we shall see :)

  4. Really anything acid washed or semi acid washed should be burried FARRRRR under ground.

    Dunkaroos. This world sucks with out dunkaroos.

    oh and I hate you and your Ohio Fall-ness.

  5. but really when I say hate I mean love...

  6. There are so many things right about both of those lists. Just texted you. ;)

  7. I am totally grossed out by your ice cream flavor, my best friend hates Cantaloupe. I'm gonna make ya'll blog friends because you are one of my favorites. Granted she blows at blogging right now, so next week.. deal? next week. unless you follow her already and I don't even know it.

    this is a long comment. only because I am pretending we're hanging out.

    I hate todays fashion. Absolutely hate it. It's like tents and denim. That's all it is.

  8. Worst shirts ever made. Target tries too hard sometimes! I bought a legit chambray shirt and only wore it once because I didn't want to iron it after I washed it.

  9. You know, I really don't have such a problem with chambray shirts but what is with those tie-die ones in the second picture?! I mean, WHY? and I am just as excited for fall! I'm still waiting for the weather to cool off and I can't wait till it does!
    Hope your stomach bug goes away! I had the flu a couple weekends ago and wanted to just crawl into bed and sleep all day long haha

  10. I'm so puzzled by this whole "chambray" thing. What on earth is the difference between chambray and denim? And why is acid-washed anything acceptable?

  11. I also hate denim shirts. I will even say "denim colored" if there is a difference between denim and chambray. Although, flannel shirts are also a 90's throw back. Just sayin'. Oh how I wish it wasn't 90 outside so I could enjoy a pumpkin spice latte. There is no way I would try one iced. It just doesn't seem right.

  12. I have seen the odd person look cute in a denim style shirt but I just can't work it out myself. It just doesn't fly with me at all!

  13. you are an absolute STITCH! I love IT!

    now. are they really selling those at target?

  14. All the way in with the stereotypical fall girl! Love it. And those shirt are so nasty.


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