an open letter to the fashion industry:

Dear Fashion Industry,

You know I like to tease you, but you do put out some good stuff from time to time. You're not all bad.


Something about the trends I've been seeing this past year just seem a little....familiar.

I've seen them somewhere before. I just....I can't quite put my finger on it...

Oh yeah! I wore them! In the 90's!

It's like my childhood has come back to haunt me in the form of clothes, and I'd like to discuss it with you.

You see, I think should be getting some credit here. It's like you used my childhood wardrobe as your 2012 inspiration.

I know, I know, why should you listen to me, you ask?

Well, I know this may come as a shock, but I'm kind of a fashion expert.

I mean, just look at this picture! It's like it was ripped out of a Lands End or LL Bean catalog!

See what I mean?

Ok. Let's get started.

First off, the Maxi dress?



Floral Leggings?


For sale at Target.
Nailed it.
Smirking because I'm rocking those leggings like nobody's business.
[Oh, and that girl next to me in the fabulous sweater? She's totally a fashion designer now. I like to think I was her inspiration.]

Mint green pants?


 The Easter Bunny and I are way ahead of you.

Saltwater sandals that all the cool kids  fashion bloggers were wearing this summer?
Pinned Image

Girl, please. I was rocking those at age 9.

And hot pink, no less.

The mom jeans denim chambray shirt?


Werk it.

I think you see my point.

So...when do I get my check?


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  2. So I'm not the only one unenthused about the current fashion trends! I can hardly stand shopping right now, because I find it hard to find much that I would actually wear. And as usual most of the trends don't flatter my not size 2 body. Thankfully I could care less about being "on trend"!

    At least it's friday! Hope you have a good weekend friend!

  3. oh my gosh. awesome!

    Happy Friday to you :)

  4. My husband cringed at the floral leggings at target, so did I.

    I'm strongly considering getting a long sleeved jean shirt. I blame Pinterest.

  5. OMG I AM DYING. This is the best post ever. I think I wore all those same things too and never thought about it. The 90's are back. All we need is an N*SYNC reunion.

  6. And this is why I know we are awesome... I had the same exact "maxi" dress! Got to love the empire waist floral applique.

    You are great!

    Hey, hang in there with school. Every new transition can be hard...and overwhelming and scary and makes you wonder... "why the heck did I do this to myself?" But you are going to be one heck of a teacher ;)

  7. hahaha! this is awesome. you were clearly way ahead of the fashion world...you are a future trend predictor! ;)

  8. hahaha- I love it! I think it is funny when I tell O how I wore things like she is now when I was young. She doesn't believe me. These young kids today are owning that style like they thought of it. We all need a check because we proudly rocked those awful styles and yet here we are again. Didn't we learn the first time around?!

  9. This is exactly why I'm always laughing about fashion trends. It always seems like it's focused on a certain age group that wants to "adult-ify" the clothes they wore when they were kids. Like you, I have childhood photos of ALL of those things. Really, I'm just waiting for scrunchies to come back.

  10. I.am.dying. these are SPOT ON and so hilarious!! Look how fashionable you were1!! This is the best.

  11. This is the best thing I've seen in quite some time.

  12. This might be one of my favorite posts from you. Love it.

  13. You hit the nail on the head. Dead. On.

    I'm rethinking all my childhood photos and clothes... I see quite the trend from then --> today. Ohhhh dear. I just hope the cargo pants + pockets from my 4th and 5th grade years don't come back... Ack! Granted they would be better for all body types I suppose, whereas the tights/leggings fad doesn't quite do it for everyone...

    Oh 90s... What's gonna make a comeback next? Backstreet Boys? Oh wait...

  14. Well, if this isn't my favorite post you've ever done, I don't know what is.

    Seriously? You're what I like to call a trendsetter. Definitely.

    And your facial expressions? Make the outfits even BETTER.

    Maybe I should be calling you Passion for Fashion!

  15. I'm back. I can't stop looking.

    You have Timbs on in the first picture. Or something very similar.

    This is all so amazing.

  16. hahaha! You're too funny! And you're right--strange how the styles that we laugh at always come back around sooner or later.

  17. hah, so true. oh my gosh.
    you make so many good points. it's weird how fashion really does come back :P oh boy.

  18. No kidding! I think the same thing when I'm shopping. I was, errr...fashionable back then, too. :)

  19. Well this is my favorite post anyone has ever done, including the posts about me. Including those.

    Michelle, I miss your little spunk in my life, perhaps I should come back to blogging tonight.. on a friday night. I'm cool.

  20. I absolutely 100% wish that I had kept all of my clothes from 1993 - 1997. Even though they wouldn't have a snowall's chance in "you know where" of fitting me now, just to say that I was almost 20 years ahead of the curve.

    Also, I wish that the modern incarnation of leggings still had the handy stirrup to keep them in place.

  21. Best blog post OF ALL TIME. You just won the internet. I love, so much!

  22. This is the best blog post I have ever seen from anyone. And this is why I love you. Not to mention - holy crap! I wish I were your friend when I was a kid so maybe I could have some fashion sense. I could've learned a LOT from you. Clearly.

  23. First things first...is that Catalina where you're wearing the hot pink sandals?

    And girl...you knew what fashion was WAYYYYY before anybody else knew! ;D

    These photos were great!

  24. Michelle. Thank God you wrote a post compiling five of your favorite posts so I could see that. You were such a style icon!


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