happy halloween from...

....Samantha, the American Girl Doll

A Danish girl and Winnie the Pooh

Don't ask....because I really don't know.

A princess

Audrey Hepburn and her cat (from Breakfast at Tiffany's)

and the fairest one of all, Snow White.

Don't even bother dressing your kids up as Snow White. I win.


  1. YES! I love all of these - I do!

    I was going to do the same thing (seriously, get out of my head) but could only find one picture from second grade. I have so many more, but ran out of time to look for them.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Shut uppp, I AM DYING! I'm not kidding, you are the cutest freaking lil thing ever, lol! You are THE best Snow White AND Samantha!! American girls--- sighhh, can't we go back and be 10 again?! ;)

  3. I really wanted the Samantha doll. My mom said no, because it didn't look like me. I didn't care. Instead she got me the "girl of today" doll that supposedly looked like me. It had blonde hair and blue eyes. I had brown hair and green eyes. I still have that damn doll.

  4. Ahh! No joke I had all my photo albums out last night hunting for past Halloween pictures to do a post like this today too!

    Second, you are the stinking cutest! Snow White? Nailed it! Love the Samantha doll too. For obvious reasons, she was my favorite American Girl doll haha. I used to think the doll was named after me. So what if she was from 1914? (I think.)

    Love this post! Happy Halloween! :)

  5. I LOVE that you share old pictures! This is great. Happy Halloween!

  6. I love all of those! Did you know that I learned how to French braid my own hair from an American Girl magazine? Oh, yes. I had a subscription. Thanks, Mom.

    Also, it would make me really sad if people didn't get the Breakfast at Tiffany's couples' costumes. Those are great!

  7. OH MY GOSH. The Samantha Doll (I had the Molly, because I had a weird interest in the Great Depression era as a child #problematic) costume is spot-on. Also, the Snow White! I DIE! With those little bangs, you were born to play it! So cuteeeeeeeee

  8. awwww. you were the cutest snow white EVER.

  9. That snow white costume rocks!

  10. You were a beautiful snow white!
    oh, and you are my favorite person.. ever. haha

  11. I never had an american girl doll. We were too poor. Just kidding. But probably.

    These pictures are amazing. SO CUTE! Happy Halloween!

  12. Ha! Your Danish girl outfit is so funny. I was dice one year. I painted a cardboard box and wore it over sweats.

  13. Oh my goodness.
    I just fell over laughing.
    I'm serious.
    Thank you, as always.

    much love, friend.

  14. American Girl! Spot on!:-) I had Samantha and Molly and a Bitty Baby. Totally obsessed! xoxo

  15. We can tie.

    You cannot single handedly hold the snow white title.

    just because you are posed way more disney then I am... doesn't give you the gold. you have to share, dammit.

  16. LOOK at your Michelle, love it, what an adorable girl:)

  17. You totally win as snow white.
    You looked so cute!


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