how blogging brought two friends back together

Once upon a time, in the far away land of 2007, I spent my first semester of college at a tiny school in southern Ohio. I only spent four short months at this school, but those four months were spent with some of the best friends I ever made.

One of those people that made those four months so great is Joanna. We were insta-friends. Her dorm room was directly above mine, and when my roommate had her asian boy toy over, I would go to Joanna's room where we would talk about boys and she would toss back some Mt. Dews.

The good old days. That's what they were.

We bonded for the first time in the guy's dorm where I may or may not have put on someone's Spiderman costume and ran through the halls. It's yet to be determined.

Forgive me, Joanna, for these pictures. All the "normal" pictures we took died with my hard drive several years ago. This is all facebook had to offer me.

There I go saving helpless citizens again.

The last time I saw Joanna was on a chilly December night in 2007. It was our last night in the dorms. We grabbed food at Subway and went back to her room where we watched The Office. It was the first episode I ever saw, and it was this one:

Pinned Image

I'll never forget it because I have never laughed so hard in my life.

We said our teary goodbyes. We both transferred the next semester and went to different schools. We kept in touch, but I was in North Carolina and she was in Ohio. We both traveled. We both got married. And then I moved back.

And then I deleted my facebook. I remember thinking that I needed to get her phone number or something again so we could reunite.

And then one sunny day in early summer, I was scrolling through the Friday's Lettes link up. I saw a picture  that looked familiar. It can't be! I clicked on the thumbnail, and lo and behold. Joanna's blog. She has a blog!! {go meet her! she's the cutest and sweetest person alive}

 So we reconnected.

And tonight, I get to see her for the first time in five years. The first time since I ate my Subway sandwich on the floor of our freshman dorm.

And that's the story of how blogging brought us back together.

So watch out, Easton Towne Center. At approximately 5:30/6:00 tonight, things are gonna get real. I mean, if this picture is any indication....you should probably watch out.

P.S. Joanna, I'm so excited to see you I even curled my hair this morning. I don't even know what came over me.


  1. 1. Amazing photos.

    2. Even Blogland is a small world, ya know? That's very exciting. I'm looking forward to a recap!

    3. Confession: I have never watched The Office. You can hate me, but please don't.

  2. Awh, I love this! This whole story is exactly why blogging is so amazing. Have fun tonight!

    (totally creeped on Joanna's blog. she is adorable!)

  3. This is precious. YAY! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!! I am all nervous haha

  4. I KNEW you curled your hair! I could tell in that IG photo this morning! Lovely!

    This is such an awesome story. Not only did you two know each other, but you were close friends! Blogging has connected me to really awesome people (ahem... YOU!), but I can only imagine what it must feel like to find an old friend from a blog link-up!

    Have fun tonight!

  5. It IS such a small world because I went to college with Joanna and love her! :)

  6. This? This made my whole day, I love that you get to have this moment, I just do.

    The Spiderman?

    The Office?

    All of it, just so much love I could burst.

    I believe in blogland friendships, I do. Like Peter Pan, only I don't believe in Fairies JUST ZOMBIES. this comment is dumb, i'm sorry about that. but not really sorry, i know you'll roll with it because you have a passion for fashion.

  7. What a great story, hope you had a lovely evening with her.

  8. That totally sounds like what my life was like when I lived in the dorms my first year of college. So much fun a weirdness. I wish I had a long lost friend I could find and reconnect with through the magic of blogging. :)


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