I've got problems, man

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The coffee in my mug? It's not a pumpkin spice latte.

Pee em ess. That's all.

My fat jeans are becoming my skinny jeans.

I have a job, and it sucks.

I have the opportunity to take classes to prepare me for grad school, and the instructor....well, that's a post for another day.

It's Thursday, not Friday.

Passion for Fashion gets a cubicle for herself and her hot pink glitter skull decorations. What I would give for a cubicle and not do my work at a reception desk where I can't hide from people.

Realizing I'm yearning for a cubicle. Being an adult is not as fun as I thought it would be.

My candy corn stash is empty again.

I'm too scared to quit my job.

The guacamole I bought doesn't have cilantro in it.

My shirt? It's making me look a little bit pregnasty.

It's 9:23am and I'm hungry for lunch.

Next week, Passion for Fashion will tell me when I can and cannot go to lunch.

I don't know where to find batteries in Target. Guess I'll just have to make a detour to the clothes/shoes aisles. Ugh.

Getting excited about teaching someday, and then to be told by a teacher friend how miserable it is.

Someone in this office volunteered me without my knowledge to organize things for an event. Now there are signs all over telling people to drop their stuff off with me.

I don't know which "healthy," organic frozen pizza to eat tonight, since cooking is not an option this week.

As my wise mother once told me in high school during a particularly rough patch of teenage drama: "life's a bitch, and then you die."

(sorry for the B word, mom! I know don't you don't cuss [neither do I!]. But you said this and I will never forget it!)


    I can relate to almost each and everyone of those things in different variations... and what your mom said?? seems very true these days.

    I am emailing you soon :) Hopefully it's full of goodness to preoccupy you :) LOVE YOU!

  2. Teaching doesn't suck.
    Really like everything it has its days, but as a whole it doesn't suck... and for the record I am not at a "perfect little world" school... My kids have ISSUES and still it doesn't suck. Sometimes, to be honest, you are the only part of their life that doesn't suck.

    Hang in there. :)

  3. The thought of PFF telling you when you can and cannot go to lunch makes me sick. And I can't believe she gets her own cube...what if she brings in horrible Christmas decorations? She better not ruin your holiday spirit. I won't let her!

    I think the plan you told me last night would make you very happy! Do it, do it!

  4. My crazy coworker thinks she can tell me when I can go to lunch. She also thinks she's my boss, which is not true.


  5. I cannot even wrap my head around the idea of hot pink skull cubicle decorations. I pray for you that you have to see them every single day. Please keep us posted on the trials and tribulations of PFF because I am weirdly intrigued by her.

  6. At least when you have a pity party, it's funny, and people want to join you. :) Hahaha! And at least when you're in a bad mood, you still have the energy to blog. I don't! I love you when you're in a bad mood. That's a compliment. Usually, I leave people alone, but when you're mad and you put it into terms like this post, yeah, it's still fun to be around you. :)

  7. Man, I wish I kept a regular blog when I worked. It might make you feel better. I had the WORST boss ever. I'm not kidding. He was a disgusting pig. Always peed and pooped and never washed his hands. Borrow my pens and stapler? All the time. I owned stock in Lysol. This is just the surface of that gem of a man. (or maybe it's germ of a man...)

  8. I have a coworker who thinks he's my boss too. And I can relate to a ton of the things above. I'm not having the greatest day myself. Thinking about doing one big whiny post myself, sometimes it helps you feel better...

    Oh, and the teaching thing? I'm not a teacher, but my sister teaches junior high and she absolutely LOVES it. She has bad days too and problem kids and long nights of grading homework and I'm sure parents who aren't peaches, but she still absolutely loves what she does. So don't let one person who hates their job discourage you from going for it!! :)

  9. Truth: I have sat at the receptionist desk for 2 years now. It's terrible. Worse yet, my coworkers love to put their crap on my desk, or rearrange the contents of my desk whenever they want. So not only do I not have a private area, but everyone also thinks that it's their space to do what they will with.

    Don't listen to your miserable teaching friend. Joy and happiness are choices: You choose to be happy with what you have, or you choose to change your circumstance. If she isn't doing either, that's her problem... not yours.

    You need to buy the Gingerbread spice coffee from Dunkin Donuts. It is Oh Emm Gee good. I'm drinking it right now, and it's the only thing keeping me perkified right now. That and the fact that I'm at our sattelite office by myself, and I can spend 85% of the day blogging. Score.

  10. But I saw a guy on a bicycle yesterday that looked like Kip and it reminded me of you. There is good in the world. All the kips.

    Let's make christmas lists and shop all day.

  11. my favorite "organic" frozen pizza comes from trader joe's. it's the woodfired one. it's good. go hunt it down.

    also, i want to quit my job, too. oh wait, i don't have one because this economy is worse than... everything.

    me and me pee em ess are off to go raid the candy aisle at walmart now. i'll be sure to think of you if i come across anything christmas.

  12. Candy corns, can't do 'em.

    My first job out of college I had to share a cube with the fella who called me H-Bomb. Just a little fun fact. We legit sat 2 feet from each other.

    I'm having the same exact problem with my fat jeans. I'm convinced someone snuck in and shrunk all my clothes.

    My friend is a teacher. She complains, but when vacations and summers roll around, and the rest of us are still at work, she remembers it was all worth it.

    It's almost Friday, amost!

  13. Happiness is a cubicle configuration where no one can see your monitor. Wanna go warm up our lunches early together and talk about it?

    1. Actually, apparently the feeling's going around:http://alissaerin.blogspot.com/2012/10/nobody-told-me.html

  14. How can guacamole without cilantro be sold consciously?! COME ON, BRO.

  15. Teaching is awesome. Tell your friends to shut their face.

    I get volunteered for things at work all the time. OR people just think I am the one running something and they ask me questions or leave things for me to do.

  16. aw, that sucks. pee em ess especially:P

    hehehe...i love it when someone who doesn't cuss gets quoted ;)

  17. Guac without cilantro! That is crazy!

    Hopefully Miss Passion for Fashion won't abuse her ability to dictate your lunch.

    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  18. Stay excited about teaching! There are definitely good days and not-so-great days, but if you keep your sense of humor (as I think you can), you'll be just fine! I wrote a couple posts about "teacher problems" you might like! (www.born-to-roam.blogspot.com).

    Also, Passion for Fashion is oddly intriguing. I feel like watching her might be like watching the Kardashians. You don't really want to, but you can't stop...or maybe that's just me!

  19. Hang in there girl. My Mom said that same thing to me- will NEVER forget it and I am sure one day I will say it to my kids. Don't be afraid to quit your job- things happen for a reason and with change good things will come. Until then, refill your candy corn!!!


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