omg! weekend events! that don't include halloween parties!

I have so many things to tell you guys!

(if this were an episode of the Big Bang Theory, there would be a sarcasm sign)
Judging from social media and it's compulsion to cause oversharing, you all got dressed up and went to Halloween parties this weekend. I did not.

I'm a little sad I have no reason to dress up this year. I need friends who throw costume parties. The last time I dressed up was 2009. I went as Audrey Hepburn, and everyone thought I was a flapper. It goes without saying that I'm not friends with these people anymore. If you don't know Audrey, I don't know you.

Pure Audrey. Look at the poster on the closet door to the left for my inspiration picture. A flapper? As if.

Things to say about this picture: 

1. The wall was hot pink when I moved in. I would never paint my room hot pink. You know this.
2. The yellow diamonds? Post-it notes! Yes, I decorated my room in post its. There was a mural that took up a whole wall you can't see.

Anyway, Halloween 2009 is not what I came here to talk about. Want to know what I was doing while you were all Halloween partying?

I'll tell you.

I made pumpkin bread! From a box mix. But it was from Trader Joe's, so I feel like it's ok. I hate box mixes and I'm all about cooking/baking from scratch, but anything from TJ's is an exception. But really, this the best pumpkin bread. I already ran back and bought more mix.

I also drank pumpkin spice coffee. If you have Keurig, buy these immediately. I cannot stress this enough. It's heaven.

It was freezing and rainy and windy this weekend (I SAW TWO SNOWFLAKES), so we made our first fire! I ate pumpkin bread and drank my pumpkin coffee by the fire. THE FALL TRIFECTA. My heart almost exploded with pure joy. THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT, PEOPLE.

We went to church on Sunday. Just a normal Sunday, nothing out of the ordinary....

....until I looked behind me....
.....and there she was.
A girl from high school. For the life of me, I don't remember her name, but I instantly remembered her face. I spent much of the morning texting my high school best friend describing her and trying to figure out who she is. I need to dig through my yearbooks.
It was an unnerving experience. I'm about an hour away from my high school, so I don't usually see anyone. Thankfully. Whenever I see someone from high school, I'm instantly wearing my marching band uniform again and failing pre calc quizzes. High school was just not a good time.
I went to Michaels about a year ago and spent nearly an hour picking things out I needed for a project. I finally had everything I needed and was walking to the cash register when I noticed the girl working it was someone I graduated with. I immediately sprinted the other direction, put my things down, threw my hood over my head, and walked out as fast as I can.

I haven't been back since.

Ridiculous? Maybe. But I'm ok with that.

On a happier note, I discovered something this weekend most girls have been obsessed with since the dawn of creation:
Yoga pants.

Yes. Even though I'm ahead of the curve with fashion, I just discovered yoga pants. Pick your jaws up off the floor. I don't know why I've never worn them before. Maybe it's the concept of tight material across my wide load hips? The fact that I don't do yoga? The fact that I still wear my sweatpants from my high school swim team? Who knows.

But I do know this, I have never experienced anything so glorious in my life. It's like my pants are clouds. And something about them makes me feel 10 pounds thinner.

What I'm trying to say is that they're magical.

So while you were all celebrating Halloween, this is what I was doing. Hiding from high school memories and wearing yoga pants.

Don't you just want to be my best friend?

It's Monday. Hurricane Sandy is causing panic in Ohio. Yes, Ohio. High wind warnings and tons of rain/sleet until Wednesday.

Perfect excuse for more coffee and fires.

If I wasn't at work, that is.


  1. For the record - I knew immediately Audrey Hepburn :) I'm in love with everything about her. Cute blog! Following you - hope you follow back


  2. I love how you write :) Truly mean that!!! I felt left out this weekend because my costume party was a week early lol... we had nothing to do this weekend!!! But we definitely had some pumpkin spice coffee- gas station style. I need a Keurig ASAP I think!

    And yoga pants and leggings are pretty much the ONLY thing I wear at home. I don't go in public with them, but they are my stay-home uniform!! :)

  3. Forget work! Let's quit and stay home in yoga pants all day. Too funny that you discovered them this weekend, because yesterday I decided I'm going to buy a ton of black leggings and wear them 24/7. Pants with buttons are overrated!

    Okay, confession. I make bread using boxed mixes all the time...and they are not from TJ's. Why? Because there is only one TJ near my house and it just opened and it's like a zoo. And you know what I don't like? Animals.

    Kidding. I love animals. I despise people.

  4. Okay okay:

    1) loving the audrey. you are a doll :)
    2) pumpkin bread and coffee? YES PLEASE.
    3) also?? I LIVE in the town I went to HS.. and.. uh. let me tell you, IT'S NO PARTY. every day I spend tons of time trying to avoid everyone like the plague. It's the worst.
    4) yoga pants. leggings. = HEAVEN
    5) yes, I would love to be your best friend!!!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  5. 1. I love you
    2. Never had yoga pants before?! Glad you joined the "club"
    3. Your fire place looks amazing
    4. Your TJ pumpkin bread looks better than people that waste their time harvesting pumpkins and flour
    5. I too run away from HS people. Doesn't help that I live 2 minutes away from where I grew up. I get everything I need from FB. I don't want to say hi too lol.
    6. A flapper?! Really?! You could have been Audrey in the flesh- I would drop those so called friends.

  6. Haha, this was my comic relief for the day! You have a way of writing that surpasses most of the blogs I read. Your weekend sounds like it was fantastic.

  7. I dont think I have dressed up since 2009 either.
    Honestly,I just really don't like Halloween... GASP.
    HOWEVER... I am obsessed about how pumpkiny you were this weekend!
    Reeses mom made us both pumpkin soup and pumpkin bread... I will be following in your footsteps and being all pumpkiny!

    Happy mondayyyyy

  8. YES. I just discovered yoga pants last year. They really do make you feel thinner! It really almost feels like you're wearing no pants at all. So amazing.

    High school was not a great time for me either (besides my senior year when I was dating Matt), and it's only been two years since then, so things are still pretty awkward. Glad to know it still hasn't ended a few years later! (cue sarcasm)

  9. "Don't you just want to be my best friend?"

    *raising hand and nodding head*

  10. I just discovered yoga pants too! What is wrong with us? And can I borrow your fireplace please?

  11. audrey. heck yes.

    "What I'm trying to say is that they're magical."
    you speak truth! ;)

  12. That dress...isn't even remotely close to what a flapper dress looks like. Haha. CLEARLY Audrey Hepburn.

    I just recently discovered yoga pants, too. I've done yoga before but I always just wore shorts since I've only ever done dvd's at my house...then the other day I found some on sale and bought 2 pair...and I'm in looooooooove. And I totally get what you mean about feeling 10 lbs thinner. Not sure how that works w/ skin tight pants but I'm not complaining.

  13. Everything about this post makes me want to fly to wherever you are and be your best friend.

    Avoiding people from high school is my specialty. Usually when I go to the grocery store I wear headphones as a visual cue for people to never approach me because I definitely don't care about 'what's been going on with you' in the last four years. I just don't.

    And yogas!?? Ugh, my absolute most prized possessions. The second, and I mean THE SECOND, I get home from work, I can't get in the door fast enough to put those babies on with a nice big sweatshirt. On the weekends, they're the only thing I wear. I literally have a 'no pants with buttons' rule in effect on Saturday and Sunday every week.

    I'm coming over next time you're having a yogas and pumpkin bread shindig.

  14. I don't even see the flapper thing... do people not know what flappers looked like?

  15. I have a feeling we would've been friends in high school.

    I need new yoga pants that fit my newly fat ass. I feel the way about sweatpants the way you feel about the yoga pants. Pants are clouds.

  16. yoga pants are my life.

    and our fireplace is the reason why we aren't looking for a new place to rent!
    we love this stupid thing.

  17. How did they not know you were Audrey Hepburn? I haven't dressed up since my friends 21st birthday, she is now 32! However I am going to a hen party in March and we have to dress up, i have to admit though I am not a dressing up fan (you can probably guess seen as it's 11 years since i last did it!)
    High school, ugh .....
    I've never worn yoga pants, so you beat me to them.

  18. The miracle of fall: pumpkin everything, cosy fires, not being in high school, and now - magic cloud-pants! Truly 'tis a season of magic.

  19. You don't even look anything like a flapper. Dummies. I have been looking for those K-cups and can't find them. Boo.

  20. I'm glad that I'm not the only weirdo that immediately runs the other direction when I see an old classmate. And I live in the city where I went to high school. So it happens, often. Andy thinks I'm nuts.

  21. Your fire/fireplace looks awesome. And how could anyone confuse your costume with a flapper? I totally try to avoid people that I went to high school with too. It's just weird to see them in your "adult" life.

  22. I really do want to be your best friend. My Halloween is candy, caffeine, and homework. So you are much, much, much cooler than me.

    Post it notes rule.
    I want to be your best friend.
    You rule.

  24. Don't be mad at me for this...but I almost grabbed that mix from TJ's the other day, but I decided to put it back. I know..such a shame!

    Wide load hips?? Oh PUH-lease. I don't believe that for a second!

    I also want your fireplace.


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