the jollies

Today I'm thinking about happy things instead of throwing a temper tantrum over work and school work.

Things that are giving me the jollies this week:

I'm a long time lover of classical music. 10 years of piano lessons will do that to you. But really, some classical piano will do a lot for your mood. I've even been known to listen to it on my iPod while I'm running (I'm a freak! I know!). I swear it gives me endorphins and makes me happy (and happy people don't shoot their husbands! they just don't!). Seriously, pop in some Beethoven and tell me you don't feel like a fuzzy bunny frolicking through fields of joy.

So this isn't necessarily fuzzy bunny music, but I'm hooked on this song. It's the 3rd movement of Moonlight Sonata. If I can every play this, I will be able to die in peace.


These kale chips? I can't get enough. I know, I'm officially the girl who eats kale chips. And now I'm wearing Birkenstocks and not showering.

You know what else makes me happy?



And! And! AND! My dad, God bless his soul, got us all tickets to see the Broadway rendering of my favorite movie of all time, WHITE CHRISTMAS, the weekend after Thanksgiving! (OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG)

I'm having heart palpitations from excitement. YOUDON'TUNDERSTAND. There's a small part of me worried it won't be as magical and wonderful as the movie (and no Rosemary Clooney! Danny Kay! Bing Crosby! Vera Ellen!), but if it's anything like The Lion King and Spamalot were, it will blow my mind and leave me speechless.


Am I getting annoying yet?


Right when I finished typing this and feeling like the world is amazing, my boss came to tell me my favorite coworker (and the only one I get along with) isn't coming back from maternity leave.

And just to throw salt on the wound, Passion for Fashion took her position and is officially an full time employee here and no longer a temp.

I need a donut.


  1. Kale chips? I am so interested. Where do you find them?

  2. Your excitement over Christmas, gets me excited, too.

    What are kale chips? I am not in the loop.

    I cannot believe PFF is going to be there full time now. This makes the Office Space post even better.

    Hmm, let's try to think of the plus side of this... at least she won't be messing with your desk anymore?

    If you want me to prank call her all day, I totally will.

  3. ekkkk for all these things except for pasion for fashion! ugh.

    I have been so afraid of the Kale chips... I feel like allowing myself to try/like them would, like you said, make berkienstocks appear on my feet and showers cease to exist!


  4. Your office sounds like a revolving door of nightmares. I love it (sorry). So entertaning and I can't wait to hear more about Passion For Fashion's rise to the top in the corporate environment. Also, Kale chips... I am intrigued. Tell me more!!!

  5. ooh, where'd you buy the kale chips?! i keep reading about making my own but that seems like a lot of work! (yes, i realize this is super lazy!)

  6. OMG...that piano video is amazing. I need to learn that too. Now I just need to get my piano shipped up here from my mom's house in Washington...haha. I took a lot of years of lessons too and I love classical!

    Have you tried making kale chips??? SUPER easy and they're so good!!

  7. Kale chips?! I might have to try. Are they good for you? A lot of calories? Sorry to hear about your office situation- boo!

  8. 1. I love that piece. And her dynamics? HOLY GEEZ. She's so good.

    2. I caught the Legally Blonde reference. ;)

    3. Why are you judging we kale-chip-eating folk?!

    4. We saw White Christmas at one of the best theatres in San Diego a few years ago, and as my sister said, "They ruined my Christmas." So disappointing. No magic. We're sticking to the film forever more. I hope your experience is the opposite!

    5. Love you!

  9. "I was getting... liposuction!" Thank you for quoting Legally Blonde. That right there is going to get me through work today. Good reminder that happy people don't kill their bosses either.

    As much as I want to like Kale chips, I can't get past the aftertaste. And they make my tummy rumbly in a bad way. I wish I loved them, yours look super fun.

  10. Oh god the excitement dwindled so quickly...lol...but there was so many JOLLIES! AND CHRISTMAS! I haven't started shopping yet. What the hell am I doing.

  11. I have a confession, I have never seen White Christmas (or it's a wonderful life or even the whole of Elf!) What a lovely thing for your dad to do, you will have a great time,, the theatre is a magical place and I imagine that they will do something like a White Christmas beautifully and I bet that there is a wonderful atmosphere at Christmas productions.
    Sorry to hear passion for fashion has been made permanent.

  12. I share your love for classical music. Love it! I minored in piano performance and actually played that third movement of Moonlight for my last jury. It gave me tendonitis, but I was SO proud of myself! As a receptionist, I love to laugh at your posts because I can totally relate. We had someone call and ask if he could divorce his daughters...?? Crazy people, I tell you!

  13. ahhhh LOVE White Christmas! Guess what got voted the most Christmasy place in America? This little town in Vermont...they have a Victorian Christmas and everyone dresses up in old clothes, and they do a parade with sleighs through the streets! I think you and I should go! hahahah! Maybe we could really roast chesnuts over open fires? haha! love Katie

  14. The woman who sat next to me on my flight home from Hawaii this summer was eating kale chips. They were SO smelly. Boo for that lady.
    YAY for Passion for Fashion!!! We get more stories!!!

  15. I would think I would need to be sedated, not a donut.

    bless your heart.

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  17. I lived in Birkenstocks for a solid two years. I dumped them for converse chucks. It was a pretty nasty breakup. Laces and buckles were flying.

    Seriously though...
    Take piano lessons is on my bucket list. I was a creative arts minor in college and took several classical music classes. One of my profs would play at the start of every class and it was lovely.

    I just added - go to a piano bar - to my bucket list.


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