there's candy corn in my mason jars

This weekend was exactly what I needed. I was recovering from my cold, and James was recovering from back problems. I alternated between relaxing and manic fall decorating. Let's just say, Hobby Lobby might be my new Target. It's just too bad they don't sell cardigans.

This weekend, I played piano like it was going out of style. Nothing makes me feel better than an hour on the piano. And while playing Christmas music, no less. I have a stack of songs I'm determined to master by Christmas. I actually miss the days of piano lessons when I was forced to sit down and practice everyday.

This weekend I spent an inordinate amount of time perusing the internet and gathering ideas for Christmas decorations. It's possible I fondled an ornament or five on my aforementioned trip to the Hob Lob.

This weekend I finally got started on the picture wall in our bedroom. To say I'm obsessed would be an understatement. Our apartment is almost exactly how I want it, minus some curtains and throw pillows. Give me another year and a half and I'll get there. And then give you a tour.

This weekend I basked in fallness all weekend with a pumpkin spice law-tay, bubble bath with the yummiest smelling bath stuff around, caramel apple candy corn, and a late night donut run. On a semi related note, this week I need to be basking in my own sweat in the gym.

This weekend I made my mantle the happiest place on earth. I must implore you, if you have mason jars lying around, fill them with candy corn immediately. It will change your entire outlook on life.

This weekend I meant to make a fall garland for the mantle. Hopefully next weekend. I have ideas and they cannot wait.

This morning, it's Monday and the first day of October, my second favorite month. October is nearly perfect. The trees are glorious, the weather is glorious, and the pumpkin everything tastes glorious. And to celebrate, I'm wearing my cowboy boots.

So take note, Monday. These boots were made for walking, and they'll walk right over you.

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  1. Can I live on your mantle? Please and thank you.

    I set up my Halloween village this weekend, but didn't take any pictures. I'm really slacking.

    And I'm going to ignore all of your Christmas talk in this post.

    I'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. Hobby Lobby doesn't sell cardigans, because they sell everything you need to make your own cardigan. So get to knitting, girl! ;)

    We decorated this weekend too! TWINS. I'm telling you.

    Another twin moment: Your salted caramel body wash meets my salted caramel mocha (the first Starbs I've had in months)!

    Another twin moment: Our wedding "guestbook" frames. I know we already made that connection at the beginning of the year, but it must be said again.

    And yet ANOTHER twin moment: Your photo clothesline! I loved the photo clothesline at my wedding, and now I'm going to do the same on our vaulted ceiling in our den upstairs!

    Aaaaand... I love you.

  3. you and your Christmas Disease.

    It never ceases to kill me and make me laugh at the same time.

    October and July are my least favorite months, now you know that about me.

  4. we do not have a hobby lobby near us. just michaels. and i wish we could have a hobby lobby. (it's just fun to say, okay?)

    also, costco has started selling christmas trees. just saying.

  5. LOVE your mantle! I suck at decorating and live alone, so I'm not one to change up my house for seasons...although I like the colored candles. Classy yet still festive!

  6. what an awesome mantle!!

    i ate donuts this weekend too lol

    psl is the best Fall drink :)

  7. i hated those piano lessons as a kid. the difference between you and me is probably that you are musical and i.just.am.not. took 9 years of piano to figure that one out. my poor mom and her poor money. my kids don't stand a chance! however, I WISH I would have been musical, because part of becoming june cleaver is singing carols around the piano, eh? haha! love Katie

  8. Yeah! Hooray Autumn, and hooray mantle! To delicious to let a Monday gat you down...festively celebrate the daily grind away!

  9. I think I am very much loving that picture wall. We did something similar for our wedding. Didn't even think to transition it into our home.

  10. I'm obsessed with your picture wall. Justin would kill me. I think I should copy it :)

  11. I love your photo wall! I wish I didn't live in an apartment because I want to take a bubble bath with that stuff so bad.

  12. Your mantle is adorable. Oh, and if Hob Lob sold cardigans, I'd pretty much live there!

    Visiting from TWI!


  13. Oh my, that cardigan line was funny :) And such a good idea with the candy corn in the jars. I haven't done my fall mantle yet, and it looks like someone is stealing your idea :)

  14. ok so that picture of the pictures on your wall... i have that same little diamond tiny picture frame! Does yours also have a couple old fashioned people in it that you don't know?!

    I think we were meant to be friends.


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