we take housing seriously around here

"Free to a good home"  "What constitutes a good home for a fan?"
While walking to the fridge to grab my lunch today at work, I saw this.

I would think this would be weird, but just a few weeks ago there were several grocery bags full of crayons that were also "free to a good home."

I agree with whoever asked about what constitutes a good home for a fan (or crayons for that matter).

What do fans like to eat?

Do they sleep on a hard or soft mattress?

Will it shower at night? Because I shower in the morning.

So many questions left unanswered.


  1. omg.
    Break room
    The break room at your office probably makes better blog post than most!

  2. Very good question. I would definitely say a good home for a fan depends on the number of fans you already have. Haha. Just kidding!

  3. And you were worried you didn't have anything to post today!

    I bet a good home has central air...so this fan doesn't have to be put to work; it can just sit and look pretty.

    Take it!

  4. A good home recycles....not to be offensive to the fan's paper origin.

  5. Maybe a "good home" for a fan would be one without A/C? :)

  6. I would have laughed at that sign, too!

  7. The white board of freedom intrigues me...freedom can be terrifying, boundary-less and intimidating. But thanks to the specifically benevolent emancipation the white board provides, its wards are only free to "good" fates; this calls into question both the definition of "good", not to mention "free", but I'm digging it nonetheless. Existentialism over office giveaways FTW!

  8. Yeah, you seriously live in "The Office".

  9. Hahaha - something tells me I wouldn't even be able to keep a paper fan alive

    Love your blog - following :)


  10. LOL! That is so strange, yet amusing. Poor homeless fan. I hope it finds someone to adopt it. :P


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