8 signs you might be a hipster & not even know it


Something happened to me.

I realized something about myself. And all it took was once glance at my Christmas list and it all becoming glaringly clear...

...I've become a hipster. And I never even saw it coming. 

In case you're in denial of your hipster status like I once was, I've compiled 8 tell tale signs. One or several of them is ok and expected, but if you have all 8,  you're doomed, man. 

Here we go.

1. You print out your instagrams and hang them with string and clothespins. 

2. You're a lover of all things flannel and plaid

3. You have an apple sticker on your car. (yes, I'm that person. I put it there a long time go. But better than a stick figure family, right?)

4. You wear nerd glasses. (also, lots of Toms and cardigans and some skinny jeans. I wear those too, I just don't have pictures)

5. You snack on things like kale chips.

6. You listen to music the general population of America has never heard of. (also, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, anyone? Beirut? Zee Avi? Sigur Ros? I could go on for years)

 7. Someone describes your sweater as "grandma chic." (We have PFF to thank for this one)

8. And perhaps the most damming evidence of all (and the moment you recognize your hipster status)...you add this to your Christmas list. Cardboard antlers.

I want it mostly for it's kitschyness, but also because it's awesome. Plus, how great would that look hanging over a record player?


  1. I've been meaning to tell you that I copied your picture idea. I will post a pic to Instagram. Or better yet, write a blog about my new look that you inspired me to do. :)

  2. Oh man, I'm so not a hipster. But that's okay. I seem to be friends with lots of hipsters. I do like plaid though. Sometimes I wonder to what subsection of humanity I belong. :P

  3. I only match one of these, my love for plaid and flannel.

    The music I've never heard of because my plan to live under a rock and alienate myself is working nicely!

  4. Love the list, but I can't see your photos! :( I'll check back again later.

  5. I've recently come into this same realization myself. Now I'm trying to own it. LOL

  6. YES YES YES. Sometimes, I also drink PBR by choice! Also, I need that sweater.


  7. All of these. Every single one of them. This could be my list (except for the Instagram pictures, which I don't have YET, but swear to goodness that's my plan for our staircase).

    I love that you love Of Monsters and Men. Now you need to look up Smoke and Jackal, and Leagues.


  8. I LOVE THAT SWEATER!!! pff can just the heck up.

  9. Ahh! I might be dangerously close to hipster. :) Although, can you be hipster if you have a kid? And the bigger question, can you be hipster and pregnant?

  10. Don't worry, you're my favorite hipster ever. I haven't quite hit that status yet, but I am one of those weird barefooted hippie types, so it's only a matter of time (and money, really) before I'm wearing the cool glasses, boyfriend cardigans, and fedoras. Never skinny jeans though, becuase this girl right here has some serious thunder thighs, and they deserve a boot cut.

    Ignore PFF. She likes to wear lime green shrugs that have butterflies on them.

  11. I only do a couple of those things. Whew! That was close! ;)

  12. LOL--- crap, I do too many of these! I REFUUUUUUSE ;)

  13. Ok, I'm definitely not hipster. More like hippy slash awesome. :) I LOVE Of Monsters and Men!! They play in my car all the time. I have a 6 cd changer in my car, but I don't need the other 5. It's just this one. ;) And Zeek loves them too, always singing along. As well as love Sigur Ros. You obviously have great taste - I'm going to have to check out the others too. :) And, I am going to make some of my instagrams into magnets. And we love kale chips. And I have a cardboard moose head hanging in Zeek's room. And I don't have the apple sticker on my car, but I have the Oregon sticker with a green heart on it on the back of my car. Which may or may not be the sign of a hipster in these parts. But I'm not hipster. I'm just awesome. I swear.

  14. I love me some Edward Sharpe. You kind of sound like everyone in Portland. Just sayin.

  15. I may or may not do/have most of those things. Except the instagram thing. Which I now want to do :(

  16. I can see the photos now, and oh, my gosh. Your sweater totally IS granny chic! It looks so cozy. I want one. Then, it will be twin chic.

  17. It's always a horrifying realization. :P

  18. Well crap. I'm a hipster too. My love of cardigans and Toms knows no shame.

  19. i want more flannel, that's for sure.

    "Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, anyone? Beirut? Zee Avi? Sigur Ros?"
    um....beirut is the only one i haven't listened to personally, but i know the name.



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