a happy post that is definitely not a rant

I haven't been posting much lately because I was afraid a happy little post about the holidays would turn into a scathing work rant. Because let's be honest, that's one of my biggest issues in life right now.

I'm not going to post a work rant, but if I did, I would tell you about the meeting yesterday. I would tell you that my boss made me go to a meeting in lieu of her. The problem with this meeting was that it's in a building that reeks of incense and cigarette smoke in the straight up ghetto waayyyy on the other side of the city. And the meeting itself is pointless. The one I went to over the summer was an extremely passionate discussion on round tables versus rectangular tables and how round tables make people feel more comfortable which means they will talk more which means they will go to counseling which means THEIR LIVES ARE SAVED. All because of round tables. It was a solid hour of this, with lots of pounding on the (rectangular) table for emphasis.

But yesterday I got there and sat down, took out my pen and paper, and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

I was there for a meeting. Apparently everyone else decided it was time to small talk in another room. 20 minutes of waiting and they decided to cancel the meeting after I confronted them about their small talk (I do what I want!).

The highlight was probably when I met the same man for the 10th time. Every time I meet him I remind him that we've met several times before, we've been in meetings together, and I've seen him at our main office plenty of times. He wholeheartedly denies it every time. So I introduced myself again. It feels a little like 50 First Dates.

But I'm not ranting about work, so all of this is irrelevant!

But if I were ranting about work, I would tell you that I got to work this morning to find my desk rearranged...even the drawers. My boss told Passion for Fashion to tidy it up. Which is funny, because it was spotless and organized already.

And there's a little candy dish filled with leftover Halloween candy on my desk. Which means everyone and their second cousin twice removed is standing at my desk, digging through it, complaining about the lack of their favorite candy, but most importantly, they're trying to talk to me. 


But this isn't a work rant. That would be inappropriate!

But if I were ranting to you about work, I'd probably throw in some Passion for Fashion highlights, since people keep asking me.

She's still around. She's still crazy. She got really excited to tell people how to do something last week, so she cheered it. Like a cheerleader. She chanted the directions, did the cheerleader arm movements, and attempted a toe touch with her perfectly in tact top knot. 

But I shouldn't write about her on my blog. So it's a good thing I'm not ranting today.

But one last thing...if I were going to rant all over my blog, I'd tell you that I figured out how you know when you hit rock bottom.

Ready for this?

It's when you keep a blanket in your car to keep you warm....so you can eat lunch in your car. At the far end of the parking lot. Away from the nut jobs in the break room. An hour of solitude in the car with a book in one hand and food in the other isn't so bad.

Alissa agrees. In fact, she's doing it too. You  should join our twitter/text party.

But shhh...because you would only know all of that if I were to rant on my blog.

Which I would never do.


  1. I've had some pretty rough days lately, as you very well know, and there are times I think to myself, "Well, at least no one is cheering around here."

    I could not stop laughing when you told me that. Could not. I know how frustrated you must of been, but that story is my favorite story ever.

    My car party has to happen early today, but I'm all for setting one up tomorrow!

  2. I'm giggling bc my kitchen table is round and my dining room table is rectangle.

    If someone cleaned my desk I would bug. That's personal space.

    Rant posts are the best. I feel bad for you and Alissa!

  3. OHH BOYYYY. PFF has GOT TO GO. I mean, that's what I would say if you were ranting about work... which you aren't. and I'm not..

  4. That's all wrong. Round tables don't make me feel more comfortable. They make me feel like I need to roll my eyes because I'll now be obligated to sit closer to someone. Round tables lack personal space boundaries. Rectangular tables give you a pretty well-defined square perimeter in which you can do whatever you want. Round tables? You get a weird shape of space like a piece of pie. It's undefined and I feel I am always up in someone's business.

    I'm sorry I just invalidated the first pointless meeting. :-O

    I am a huge advocate for ditching for lunch. But the way I do it is convince my boss she needs something at the grocery store or bank, and then heroically offer to get it. Paid break. Boom. Ugh, Starbucks, why have you abandoned me?

    Can we please start a gang that involves rescuing each other from our respective jobs? Passion for Fashion would love my Big Bird. They should meet sometime.

  5. She cheered? No. NO. And she touched your things. Holy shit. You should hide weird things in your desk and see if she comes across them. And then I wanted to hug you when you said you eat lunch in your car. That is too much. Way too much. How do we get you out of there?

    I love when you don't rant about work. I had a rant and then I decided not to post it because I'm sure I would get fired.

  6. Personally...I prefer rectangular tables. It's easier to hide and not have to talk. ;-)

    I can't believe your boss had that chick go THROUGH your desk. That's kind of invading your personal space...okay, a LOT invading your personal space...I need to go back and read the history of this girl.

  7. PFF needs to GET- TO- STEPPING (or cheering) away from your stuff. I would personally slap anyone who felt the need to re-arrange my belongings.

    In my school readings for this week, I had an ENTIRE chapter on which 'setups' were most cohesive for interviewing clients (sitting across the table from one another vs. sitting next to one another) and I wanted to barf all over my textbook.

    I'm going to sit as far away from everyone at any given time. End of discussion.

  8. Passion for Fashions cheering cracked me up, she sounds like a badly written tv character.
    Surely getting someone to talk isn't about round desks or rectangular desks but about how good your communication skills are as a professional.
    I think I'd be eating lunch in my car as well if I were you, I tend to leave work as it is for lunch and I like my colleagues.

  9. I'm sorry! :( That legit sounds awful. And for the record, I totally eat lunch in my car. I don't even mind my co-workers, but I need my "ME-time", yo! Sometimes you just need to get away from the office for a bit.

  10. I literally hate this passion for fashion woman.
    She needs to be taken down a notch. seriously.

  11. I really do feel bad that you have to work with PFF but OH MY WORD, she actually cheered?!? That is blog gold. For reals.

  12. Round tables vs rectangular?! Is it acceptable to sleep through meetings- OMG, that sounds awful. I must say I enjoy your non ranting work posts. I am sorry you are so unhappy there, but I love reading about it- not because I enjoy your misery, but because your way with words is amazingly epic. You have a gift. Take the candy bowl and run girl!

  13. Sometimes a girl just has to rant. In fact, my older sister was ranting yesterday about how her work made her waste an entire afternoon answer email survey questions about internet leads that never booked with her hotel, when she could have been working and doing site tours.

  14. I sit in my car with a blanket in winter, and sweat to death in the summer.. so I can talk to my best friend rather then hang out in the work place.. in silence. this girl does not multi-task OR waste gas money.. when a blanket and risking heat stroke does the trick just fine.

    nice save on the rant. that was a close one. Passion. she is the worst.

  15. And me! Don't forget about me. I am so in on your car lunch breaks.

  16. I will totally join the lunch break of solitude! Sadly, I only get 30 minutes, but since we don't even have a break room, I have to leave or use someone else's desk to eat, since I sit at the reception desk, and it's clearly unacceptable to eat at the reception desk.

    Passion would get along great with my co-worker, the Reiki practitioner. They'd probably decide that you and I have far too much "negative energy", and then they'd go be obnoxious together. You and I would drink coffee and thank our lucky stars we survived the encounter.

  17. I love everything about this post. Oh my god. I hated the people I worked with at my last job, but I just started a new job at a university working with all these neuroscience grad students and professors and I'm trying really hard not to feel stupid! Ahhhh! I may have cried in my office today, just a little bit. haha


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