babysitting is the best form of birth control

When I was 16 or 17, I went on a date with a guy from another school (the fact that it was my best friend's ex boyfriend is irrelevant. Yeah, I did that). Anyway, a family with several babies walked in, and my heart fluttered and there was a unicorn somewhere.

Judging by whatever googly look I had on my face, my date looked at me and said "you have baby fever!"

I said "baby what?!"

And he said "baby fever. You want to be a mom. It's all over you face!"

(Me wanting children [but not at 16!] had nothing to do with why we didn't work out. It had everything to do with his ex girlfriend [not my best friend, a different ex] and boot camp and lots of LIES. Also all irrelevant, though.)

It's true, I had baby fever. I had it bad. Please do not misunderstand, I was in no way trying to wind up on 16 & Pregnant. I knew that someday far down the line, after getting married, that I would want to be a mom.

But then I grew up. And people I know started having babies. And I started babysitting said babies. And then my baby fever disappeared faster than my paycheck in Target.

I babysat 2 little girls all through college and I loved every single second of it. I even got to drive them to school and walk them into their classrooms in the mornings. I loved it. I had a bond with them that kept me from losing my mind when barbie dolls and screams of "I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE" went flying through the air.

And then I got another job babysitting a little boy and girl. The five year old boy asked constant questions like "How do we know God is real?" and the three year old girl was asking things more along the lines of "How do we know fish sticks aren't really dinosaurs?" (Yes, both those questions really happened.) After several hours of hair pulling and screaming and crying (the kids doing all this, not me. Though I was tempted), I decided that maybe having kids wasn't the best decision I'd ever made.

And then last night. James and I go to a small group through our church on Wednesday nights. The couples in the group all have kids except us (ugh), so one couple each week has to go upstairs and watch the kiddos. James and I have been trying to dodge the toddler watching, but last night we had to do it. Thankfully there just one little kid. How bad could it be?

Well, sometime around the 56th episode of throwing every toy and screaming blood curdling screams for the fun of it, I told James our cat is the only child we will every have.

I'm prepared to stick to this decision.

Ok, so I do still want kids. But let's just say baby fever is a thing of the past.

I can wait.


  1. Hahaha, the title of this post is so true.

    I always said I wanted four or five kids. I wanted a really big family. Hmm, not so much anymore.

    Not only can kids be a pain, but they are SO expensive. I don't have that kind of money.

    Plus, I like going home at 5:30, putting my pajamas on, and getting into bed. If I had a kid, I couldn't do that!

    Oh, but I did go home last night find Nico halfway up our tree.

    Kittens are good birth control, too!

  2. i feel the exaaaact same way. i used to be all, i wanna get married and make babies NOW. but these days... i'll take the husband. maybe kids later. i want to be a kid lover but i might just have a short fuse!?!? eeek

  3. This is my current form of birth control: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ycoXiEDBZk

  4. OH BOYYYYY fun times. This is all so incredibly accurate.. even the paycheck at target.

  5. If I had a big stamp that said "PREACH" I would stamp it right over the top of this post.

    I come from a big family, and I always planned to have that with my own family some day- until last year when I moved to Vermont and lived with my aunt, uncle, and three cousins- all three of these children were under twelve.

    I love them more than anything-- but whenever I would let my aunt and uncle go out for the night or for the weekend or even try to get the three of them fed, dressed, and to school without killing one another was like metaphorically being punched with the reality of being responsible for multiple human beings. It is absolutley TERRIFYING. Not something I plan on subjecting myself to for a long time. :)

  6. hahaha 'faster then my paycheck at target'... all our friends are having kids (most of them were married 2 yrs when we got married), and i'm totally getting baby fever. although, i haven't babysit for an extended period of time recently...besides my niece, who is so good it doesn't count! good thing we have our puppy, he requires lots of attention, so he's our practice baby. i made a joke when we first got him that if we could keep him alive then we could have a baby, and shortly after that he had a crazy allergic reaction that had us racing back to the vet so his throat wouldn't close over. i was like, uhh I WAS JUST KIDDING, GOD!

  7. I try to remember that you will always love your kids much more than others. I have to tell myself that ALL the time!

  8. Ha! If only watching other people's kids would have stemmed my baby fever for longer.

    Who am I kidding, I love my little one and I still crazily want more. I must admit though, there are moments when the thought "Why did I want this?" pops into my head. The one thing I can say being on the other side is that it's true when they say you feel differently when it's your own kids.

    Plus kids are built in entertainment. Way more then my cats even are!

    Hope you're having a good week so far!

  9. Somehow, when it's your own, it's a little easier to see past the bad and find amusement in the poop on the floor, food in the hair, crying and screaming... lol

  10. But what if fish sticks are dinosaurs? For reals.

    You are hilarious, and also correct. Even after my years as a camp counselor (I always chose the K-1 group, I had a deathwish), I still wanted kids. So many. And then my sister had two and a few weeks ago when I was with them my nephew just stood next to the dinner table crying while we ate and I thought, why the hell would I want to do this? So, the jury is still out on whether my uterus will get used or not. But I think you are doing the right thing and waiting :)

  11. Haha...seriously, this is one reason I don't have/want kids yet. Any time I have to watch other people's undisciplined, bratty kids...gah. The disciplined ones are great, I'll admit...I just can't stand the ones that are spoiled rotten, never told "no" or "stop" or "do as you're told"...so frustrating.

    I'm pretty sure that 90% of my friends already have 2-4 kids apiece. I feel like I'm in some huge minority, being almost 30 and childless. Then I just remember that it's not me, it's where I live...(where if you don't have a kid at 15 and then 3 more with 3 different baby daddies by the time you're 22, there's something wrong with you).

  12. I go back and forth as far as wanting kids now or later, but the bad behavior of other people's children never phases me...because I've seen good children and I know that it's possible...and that's the kind I'm going to have. I already decided. :)

  13. (the fact that it was my best friend's ex boyfriend is irrelevant. Yeah, I did that) oh no you d'int. The golden rule of friendship, broken by you. oh no you d'int.

    babies. they're great. it's children. i don't like them.

  14. Every time I go hang out with my friend and her two little boys, I come home questioning my desire to reproduce. Then Ammon convinces me that, since we want to raise our children differently, they may not be quite so terrible.

    It's the worst, most effective logic we've found to keep us on the train to baby town.

    There is nothing wrong with proclaiming a cat to be the closest to progeny you'll ever get. They're almost as needy as a child.

  15. so. dang. true.

    some kids are decent to handle....some kids aren't. and some truly inspire either "i'm going to raise mine a little better than that" or "i do not want kids. ever." thoughts. hehehe.....
    a few weeks ago when i was the birth photographer at a sweet, christian couple's first birth....only 6 hr labor, btw!!.....i was scarred and scared for about 5 days after that. convinced i won't and don't want to have kids for at least 5 years.
    well...i few days later i changed my mind, slowly.
    but we'll see how reality pans out. lol.

  16. One kid and it was THAT bad? I believe it!
    I'm in NO hurry to have babies.

    Sounds like you made a good decision ;D


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