closet problems

So, Jen has this thing with organizing her closet. And I'm totally with her, because an organized closet makes my heart sing in ways I didn't know it could.

However. I have this problem where my apartment is the size of a shoebox.

It does, however, have two fairly decent sized closets. Well, decent for a shoebox sized apartment, that is.

It has plenty of room for my striped v neck t shirts and all my jeans that are much too snug but I'm convinced will fit me again some day.

Anyway, Jen decided to hold a closet challenge. She's wearing every article of clothing once and getting rid of what she doesn't love or what doesn't fit. Something like that. Basically, her goal is to end up with a closet full of clothes she loves and would wear on any given day.

I love that idea, and it's my ultimate goal here. You see, I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to clothes. I still have a decent amount of clothes from high school that I would never wear anymore. I have no idea why I keep clothes that don't fit/are ugly/don't have stripes. If I get rid of it, I'll live with the fear of randomly wanting to wear that shirt one more time. Because it's happened. And that's a heartbreak I would never want to relive.

But in an effort to act like the 23 year old woman I am, I'm getting rid of things that take me back to my angsty 16 year old days. And I'm becoming much more picky about what I do buy. I want to love what's in my closet. Right now, I don't. It's a work in progress.

Also? I need to organize. It's embarrassing, people. Not only do my clothes and shoes juuuust fit in there, but we also have to store a ton of things in there, hence the rubbermaid containers and boxes you'll see. It was pretty well organized a year ago, but since then I've haphazardly thrown things around and half my clothes wound up on the closet floor.

I'm about to show you the before pictures. It's scary. This content is not suitable for clean freaks or anyone with a type A personality.

I literally cannot believe I'm posting these. Cue the cringes.

Are you still there? Did you survive????

I hope you don't have nightmares.

I'm pretty ashamed of the state of my closet. I got the shakes whenever I opened the closet door.

For the after pictures, I had every darn intention of having everything organized and folded and twinkling under the fluorescent light.

Instead, all I managed was to weed out a bunch of clothes I knew FOR SURE I wouldn't wear again. I also moved my winter clothes to the front and hung up or washed everything that was on the closet floor. It was a pretty big improvement.

Definitely still needed work, but I wasn't twitching anymore when I opened the door. This was a few weeks ago, and I thought I would have everything done by then.

Instead, the closet floor has slowly regressed to its former state.

Except I'm hanging my clothes up (well, most of them).

Something else has been cluttering the closet.

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! (and shoes. ignore those)

So yes, my closet is messier than I wanted and still pretty unorganized and my closet challenge should technically be considered a fail, but those sparkling decorations on the floor are telling me it's a win.


  1. Not a fail! Keep it up! Swapping winter and summer clothes us extremely helpful, especially if you are tight in space. And your dislike for clothes without stripes is HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for linking up!!!

  2. Ugh, I feel your pain...the closet in our bedroom isn't even remotely close to the size I think a master bedroom closet should be. I don't even have that many clothes, honestly. Or shoes. Isaiah has more of both than I do (hard to believe, I know). If we were planning on living in this house for more than another 2 years or so, we'd probably figure out a way to knock out a wall or something to open up the closet. As it stands...ours looks just as bad as your "before" pictures. It's sad.

  3. Yikes! About a month ago I went through my closet and drawers and donated A LOT. I still have more clothes than I need, but I really pared it down. I read you shouldn't have more than 70 articles of clothing, at most.

  4. I feel you on this!! My bedroom closet is literally built into the pitch of the chimney (WHO EVEN HAS A CHIMNEY ANYMORE?) so I have no space to hang anything, so I had to makeshift a closet from stacking those plastic drawer things up and stuffing all my clothes into it. Such a process. Recently I have upgraded (because I am a classy working woman) and purchased a shockingly expensive (based on its size) armoire for my room from Pottery Barn Kids, which has sense solved most of my spacial issues.

    You're welcome for the brief history of my closet space.

    Here's another thing I learned- put all your hangers facing in one direction to begin with- and everytime you wear something, flip the hanger the other way. That way, it makes the poor clothes you neglect to wear way more obvious by looking at which way the hanger is facing!

    1. OH MY GOSH PROOFREADING ERRORS.. I know it's "since" and not "sense". Forgive me. I haven't eaten lunch yet and my blood sugar must be low.

  5. I just died. However, I had a ginormous closet all to myself for 2 years so I didn't have this problem. HOWEVER, moving in with Justin and having to share a closet? I had no choice but to be organized and buy shoe racks and purge my wardrobe 6 times. Do you have The Container Store in your part of the world? It is organizing heaven!

  6. Looks good! My dream is to have all wooden hangers someday like the real housewives. I have all different colored plastic ones just like you.

  7. I spy with my little eye...the flannel you bought at Target a month or two ago!!

    My closet looks just like the before picture...except with all black clothing.

    I have so many clothes for someone who wears the same stuff all the time. I'm pretty sure my clothes are breeding with each other while I'm at work because I haven't been shopping in yearrrs.

    Okay, a couple weeks.

  8. My entire apartment seems to be a disaster, so don't you fret. However, I definitely need to stop. I hoard my old high school clothes as well. I mean, almost ALL of my tshirts are from my high school days.. and I can't part with them. I have a problem..
    Mad props for what you DID do though.. I haven't gotten enough gumption or time to even attempt to do that..

    and as for clothes not hung up? uh... that's. me. I would rather scatter them all around, lay them across my dresser, or throw them on the floor than actually take time to put them away... which is crazy, because I love organization.

    UGH! life. what are you doing to me!?!?

  9. I'm currently weeding out my closet! I have BAGS of items to be donated already, and in true Type A form, I have a running tally list on our fridge of what I'm donating. No joke. I'll post a picture tonight... just for you. :)

  10. Keep at it. I'm struggling with having too many clothes I don't wear anymore in my closet too. A few years ago I really did whittle down my wardrobe to just things I wear all the time. It was great...and then I lost about 10 pounds. None of those clothes fit me anymore, but they are all my favorite and really nice, so I keep them around and look frumpy every once in a while.

    Another thing that I've been meaning to do to keep my closet neater is get a bin or something to put in clean clothes that I've worn once already. I'm sure I'm not the only person that re-wears jeans and clothes I only wore for like an hour. I don't want to hang them back up so they end up in a "clean" pile on the floor. Not cool. I saw something like that on another blog and I thought it was genius.

  11. No, in fact this closest does not look scary. I say that because mine is worse. WORSE. I so need to clean out as well, my mom is coming in town to see my humble little abode, and if I don't do something about it like TONIGHT I am sure her passive aggressive comment from her will be a some nice salt in the " yes, I know my closet is a disaster" wound.

    I think this comment just served as my therapy session for the week. So thanks?

    Anyway... Happy Closet Christmas!? Ok my attempts to salvage this comment blow. LOVE!

  12. Ha so are you going to finish the job or what?! hahahaha I did this recently and it felt so good!!! I had so many different piles of clothes, things I've held on to when I was a size 2, then size 10's and everything in between, what a MESS! Then I had stuff like all over, storage in the basement, garage, my husbands closet, you name it LOL.
    I so miss having a walk in closet, what a luxuery that was, I had one in our old house. Now it's just a basic wall closet. But I'm making it work I tell ya!!! Process and organization is key...I get lazy or don't feel good though and then never want to put my clothes away :/


  13. I don't even know what organized and closet are doing in the same sentence. I have to share with Andy and he makes it messy. I swear its him. Not me.

  14. haha! I still have a bunch of clothes from high school but I stubbornly persist in loving the exact same kind of colors and styles I loved back then--so that's how I handle those. And oh man--your closet was pretty messy! I can definitely see the improvement, though!

  15. My closet is a mess, but not my clean clothes. It's primarily the dirty clothes and my shoes that are the problem. Because I still have shoes from the 8th grade. No lie. Closet organization is the best... when you can actually find everything in under 2 minutes, heaven.

    Your love of all things striped makes me smile.

  16. It looks like somebody found a cure for the bah humbugs!

  17. Success in my book! All I managed in my closet over the weekend was to switch out summer items for fall/winter ones, and was happy that I managed to put away all the clothes on my floor too. :)

    Jess - J's Style

  18. Definitely not a fail. You should see my closet and you would feel mighty good about yours! Mine looks like a cyclone went through it.

  19. I'm SO late in reading this post, but let me just say this...DO I NEED TO COME OVER THERE?!?! I am so ashamed ;D

    I think what you and Jen are doing is fabulous! And you weren't kidding about the stripes! Share the love girlfriend..don't keep it for yourself haha!


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