haikus in which I get carried away again

I miss Thanksgiving.
I need more sweet potatoes
And pumpkin pie, please.

Oh, Cyber Monday,
You were too much fun this year.
Yay Christmas shopping!

It is 9 o' clock
I'm hungry for lunch right now
Gingerbread cliff bar?

Christmas Pandora,
You make my life worth living.
Now I need egg nog.

Christmas Music, it
makes me a happier girl.
It makes my sun shine.

It makes lights twinkle,
It bakes my sugar cookies.
Pretty Christmas songs.

It wraps my presents,
It makes nutcrackers crack nuts.
Pretty Christmas songs.

The egg to my nog,
It's the ginger in my bread.
Pretty Christmas songs.

Sorry about that.
My coping mechanism
Is Christmas music.

Speaking of coping,
So many office noises
Driving me crazy.

Stop clicking your pen
Or I will break it in half
and stab you with it.

My Christmas tree's up.
I want to do it again!
I love ornaments.

Is it bedtime yet?
Oh wait, is it Friday yet?
I need chocolate.


  1. I bought eggnog on Sunday. It made me really excited.

    Not as excited as a Pumpkin pie and some cookies would make me though.

    Don't worry, I'll be at work in less than an hour, and then we can commiserate about our co-workers and their terrible habits together. I'm stuck in the office with Reiki Practitioner alllllllllllllllllllll week.

  2. Tell me about this gingerbread clif bar. Does it have nuts in it?

  3. HALLELUJAH for the last Hiku!

    Also I second ALL OF THIS!


  4. This haiku-- top notch. Especially the part where you mention being hungry for lunch at 9am. Too true.

  5. Haha...love your Haikus! I didn't get enough sweet potatoes this year either, so...I made candied yams for dinner last night. Yep, that's all I had for dinner. I'm not ashamed.

    Noises are the WORST. I have a relative who shall remain nameless who is CONSTANTLY making noises...pen clicking, foot tapping, knee bouncing, pen TAPPING ON THE TABLE...constantly. Awful.

  6. My browser won't let me see that picture and now I'm really upset.

    I just went through my email to make sure I didn't lose the poem you wrote me about turning 30! So talented, you are :-)

    How many more work days? I screwed up the countdown...

  7. "Stop clicking your pen
    Or I will break it in half
    and stab you with it."

    You are a lunatic
    you christmas loving fool
    but I wouldn't have you any other way.

  8. I think you should quit your job and get paid to blog. This is brilliant.

  9. These haikus are fantastic. I'm not sure what else there is to say.

  10. I love your Haikus. They rock my socks. Can you write a haiku about PFF?

  11. hahaha! I should of called upon you as I was putting up my Christmas shit. I dreaded every second of it.


    I'm slacking...I'm so glad you're not.

  13. Your cat is so cute in that photo.

    I love everything about Christmas, except the egg nog. THAT, I can do without. ;D


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