I need more coffee if you expect me to come up with a creative title

Yesterday I was planning to write a stellar post all about the office Christmas decorations (including but not limited to PFF, blue trees, and singing hippos), but then I got an email.

And email telling me to call 225 people and ask a bunch of questions. TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE PEOPLE. I got the email at 10. She wanted it done by the end of the day.

If you're wondering if it got done, it didn't. Not even close. Something about the stack of work also needing to be done yesterday. Not to mention my major telephone related anxiety. Something about working at a call center for the 5 worst months of my life.

So that was yesterday.

But today is Wednesday, and I get to leave work at 3. Which sounds like light years away, but still. Tomorrow includes pumpkin pie, so I think I can handle anything that happens today.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, I thought I would get into the thankful spirit a little.
I am thankful for people who wear velour track suits to work, making me feel much better about my mismatched outfit.

I am thankful I have the sense to stay in bed and read like a granny while people get trampled in WalMart Thursday Friday morning (seriously, is there a worse way to die?)

I am thankful I have yoga pants that expand with each bite of pumpkin pie.

I am thankful James woke me up last night talking in his sleep, yelling at someone to stop putting guacamole on their phone.

I am thankful for this song that allows me to do as much of the Napoleon Dynamite dance as you can do while driving down the highway.

I am thankful for instagram and its ability to show the world what a red Starbucks cup looks like. I don't even need to go to Starbucks now!

I am thankful there will be no more thankful posts after tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving from the littlest pilgrim. Try not to get trampled.

Before my 1st grade Thanksgiving play!


  1. I love that picture!! I was supposed to dress up as Pilgrim for a play in second grade, but my mom forgot to pack my outfit. I was in jeans. Totally out of place!

    I'm thankful that today is my last day at this terrible job. And I don't even know if we are getting out early (wouldn't that be nice?) but it's okay, because I'll never have to come back here.

    I'm thankful for you!

  2. As always-- your throwback pictures are the best. I feel your pain about the phone anxiety- remember all that cold-calling I had to do last week? I have to do it again today. I have a script to read off of, because when I get on the phone with a stranger I apparently totally forget how to communicate like a human being. Also I am equally as thankful for yoga pants- I cannot wait to get out of work and slip into those suckers for the next four days. :)

  3. HAHAHA! you seriously have the best throwback pics! and, 225 calls in one work day? excessive. at least you get out early today, woot! i am hoping to get out early since i have to stay late on black friday and cyber monday...but at least it's OT! hope you have a happy thanksgiving! :)

  4. I'm glad you stood your ground, and did your other work first. Like I said, that unemployment case should be coming along nicely. But can we talk about how I ave to work until 5pm today?????? I'm feeling really sad, because you'll be leaving work when I'm going to my 30 minute lunch break. I don't even get an hour. 30 minutes. At a salaried job. I digress.

    I hate calling people. It's a huge pain in the you know where.

  5. Hehe cutest lil pilgrim ever! I LOVE all your old school pics- they seriously make my day(s)! :)

    I'm trying to figure out what top I can wear w/ my yoga pants tomorrow, that will make it NOT look like I'm wearing yoga pants... hmmmm ;)

  6. I can tell you're especially happy and perky today... ;)

    Can't wait to Skype! However, it won't be until later in the night, because unlike you, I have a full work day. Awww, nuts. At least I'm not my boss who is coming in on Friday. And Saturday. Probably Sunday. Crazy South African man who doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving even though he's been here for over 20 years. Silly, silly man.

    Love you!

    Also, I met a man with the last name Feeney this morning. :)

  7. Seriously. Same brain wave. I'm starting to wonder if you think I'm a giant copy cat because every time I come here I say "I was going to do something like this too!" I swear I have them scheduled, you just beat me to it! Lol

    LOVE the picture bahaha too cute. Please wear that as your Thanksgiving outfit tomorrow. Do it for the bloggers.

    Also, I would die if I had to call 225 people. I could never work at a call center. It must be the most thankless job besides the ones we already have.

  8. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate your ability to be snarky without coming across as mean and judgmental? Because I almost wrote a long paragraph the other day about how photographing your Starbucks cup every.single.day is ridiculous...but you captured the sentiment in two sentences. High five.

    225 calls in one day is ridiculous and I think much too high of an expectation for a holiday week. Your boss needs a lesson in holiday-week-laziness.

    I had an almost identical costume in Kindergarten.

  9. and now I'm wildly thankful for james.. for making me laugh for the first time today. it's ten for the record.

  10. no joke, I wore that SAME dress for a wedding I was in. Is that not creepy? The worst part?I was in 7th grade and KNEW that the dress was horrible and pilgramy. The Best part? I had a SHWEEEET Halloween costume in 8th grade as a pilgram, won a bunch of awards! hahah...love this post girl! happy thanksgiving! love Katie

  11. 225 people. Might as well be 2 million. That task sucks ass.
    Your instagram quip made me go 'HA' out loud. I am still at work. Had to cover it up like a twat...now my co-worker is looking at me funny.
    What am I thankful for today??
    I am thankful for you posting that picture.
    I am thankful that I now know too that Starbucks are doing their red cups. Do you think people realise they are excited over PAPER CUPS????
    I am NOT thankful for the fact that the aforementioned co-worker just informed me that she gets up at 5AM (that is 5AM PEOPLE) to work out before work. This is insane. I am thankful that I am not mental.

    AND that is that. You made me smile for like the billionth time :D

  12. I am thankful that once you dressed up like a little pilgrim. And I am also thankful for chapstick because my lips hurt real bad (not really, I just needed a napolean dynamite reference).

    I am also thankful that you get to quit that job soon because you deserve better!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. aw, you were a cute pilgrim!!! i've never been a pilgrim...i've been an indian though. lol:P


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