I'm not even about to apologize for all these pictures

Last week was the worst. I mean, the worst. All my job hatred and anxiety had been building up and reached a fever pitch last week. The majority of my close friends and family received some sort of hysterical email or phone call. If it weren't for Thanksgiving, I don't want to know what would've happened. And Thanksgiving was awesome. It brought me back to my sanity. 

Thanksgiving was also the day I finally solved the mystery of the girl from high school I saw at church. My best friend came over after dinner, and we flipped through our high school yearbooks. After thirty minutes of scanning, I was starting to think I was crazy and made it all up. But THEN! I saw her picture. We went to high school together after all. I will now plan my hiding spaces accordingly. 

Oh, and speaking of those yearbooks. I'm still recovering from the emotions and angst they drudged up for me. It was a constant cringe fest of bad and embarrassing memories. And yes, of course I'm sharing them with you.

For instance: This shot is from my very last choir concert in high school, probably a couple weeks before graduation. By that point, I was FED UP with high school and everyone there. I could not wait to get out. I was not taking anything seriously. Point in case:

This picture may not look embarrassing, but the memories are. I was pulled out of 4th period choir to get this picture taken. For whatever hair-brained reason, I decided to wear heels to school that day. As I stepped out of the choir room and into the cafeteria in front of all of study hall, my heel slipped and I went flying backwards.

And then this picture from my freshman yearbook. Clearly, the person on yearbook staff who posted this was not a fan of mine. I have no idea what my hands are doing. I did, in fact, know how to dive.

James and I stuck around at my parents house on Black Friday, aka our Christmas decorating day. My parents aren't allowed to decorate their tree without me. I mean, who else is going to hang my tissue paper ornaments from elementary school?

While we were decorating, sipping on egg nog, snacking on pumpkin pie, and listening to Christmas music, I remember thinking the only thing we needed was snow. But there was no snow in the forecast, just lots of wind and cold. A little while later though, it started snowing! And kept snowing. It didn't accumulate much, but it was perfect. There is nothing more Christmasy and cheery than egg nog, pie, Christmas music, and tree decorating. Nothing. It was the absolute best day, and I felt like a giddy kid again. I always wish I could move back into my parents house for the month of December. Their house is so Christmasy and cozy.

Saturday was the day I had been waiting months for: White Christmas. And it snowed while we were driving and walking to the theater. Perfect. I won't go into detail, but the play was definitely not as magical as the movie, which I assumed. And I'm not a fan of the way the story line and characters were twisted. Not cool, Broadway. But still fabulous. The last scene was amazing. Exactly like the movie, and fake snow blew all through the theater.

And then we had a giant Christmas tree fiasco yesterday while trying to put ours up. But that's another story for another day.

Can you believe I waited this long to put my tree up?

Me neither.

OH!!! And I have an announcement! Kristen and I are planning a virtual Christmas party on December 7, 2012 at 7:30 EST. Visit Kristen here for the details, and let us know if you're interested!  It's going to be awesome. Egg nog and sweaters are involved. 


  1. That mischevious look on your face in the first picture cracks me up!! And that Christmas tree at your parents house-- so gorgeous! I need to visit!!!

  2. The picture of you on the diving board just made me laugh out loud at work. I am sure that must be like the FOURTH time this has happened when I have visited your blog. My sister has just broken her leg so while she is bed ridden i am trying to convince her to put together a post including LOTS of bad pictures of me for her amusement... you have inspired me lady!!!

  3. High School yearbook editors are the people that grow up to be PFF's. They're just straight up evil, heinous women.

    I really want your parent's tree. Ours never look that good. Magical.

  4. I can always count on you to find embarrassing old photos AND post them. :) Glad you got snow this weekend too! Jealous! And I agree. They need to find a way to revive EVERYONE from the film version of "White Christmas."

  5. I have been denied a new Christmas tree. I'm having a really hard time getting excited to decorate a tree I hate. Wah wahhhh.

  6. I SO LOVE all your photos.

    Don't feel bad about your tree...we haven't put ours up yet, either. It's on the menu for tonight, though.

    And as if we weren't similar enough already, we have the same middle name.

    Not joking.

  7. Um, that idea is bangin', and I SO wish I could attend. Wah. I will be slaving away at work that night :(.

    That tree looks FAB! And just picturing it starting to snow while you were decorating was giving me warm and fuzzies. Snow is, without sounded corny, magical. It can instantly make everything feeling ultra Christmasy!

    Also, CACKLED that the special needs swim team part, hehe.

  8. Oh how I've missed you. I never ever ever want to look at my yearbooks. EVER. You are so brave...

    And that sounds like a PERFECT decorating day! We are decorating this next weekend, but there will most def not be snow :-/

  9. I am the queen of bad yearbook photos. Ugh. Can't wait to show my kids THAT mess.

  10. Gang signs...you look like you're throwing up gang signs in that one picture.

    Ohhh, high school photos - my favorite!!

    Since December 7th is a Friday, I can't promise that I will be around, but if I am, I will join!

  11. It does look like gang signs! I know there are a lot of homeboys that are throwing signs up at swim team practice :)

    I want to go to a Christmas play. We saw the Nutcracker a few years ago. LeAnne Rimes is doing a Christmas concert near us next weekend. I'm on the fence about that one.

  12. hahahahah special needs swim team! I can't handle it.


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