just another wednesday morning

I couldn't decide what to wear this morning. I scanned my row of sweaters and stripes, looking for something not skin tight, since it's a billowy shirt and loose pants week. If you know what I mean. My eyes stopped when they saw my granny chic sweater. So warm. So comforting. So inviting. A hug I can wear all day long. I reached for it when all of a sudden, a feeling in my gut told me to veer my hand to the mustard cardigan on the right instead. Call it intuition, call it too much dinner last night. I didn't understand it, but I didn't question it. And good thing.

I walked into the office building this morning, bleary-eyed and hands full of coffee mug and lunchbox. I looked up as I opened the door to walk upstairs, and what did my little eyes see but PFF. Wearing my granny chic sweater. I murmured a quick prayer of thanks for my mustard cardigan. My worst nightmare had nearly come true.

I sat down at my desk, turned on the lights on our poorly decorated office Christmas tree, and thought about the best way to waste my time this morning. Not ten minutes later did I get the news.

The news.

The news that all my 225 calls that took me three days to finish had been in vain. The event I had been calling people about, which is tomorrow morning, has been postponed. All 225 people must be called back. Today. I bit back the tears and wails and screams and dug around in my purse to find the chocolate I was just sure I had stashed in there for moments like this. Apparently I had forgotten to stash it. I bit back more tears and wails and screams, and made the best choice I've ever made in my life. I designated the 225 calls to PFF. And then I turned on my Christmas music.

Life was sparkly again.

And then I was accused of stealing a binder from someone 6 months ago. I didn't, by the way. It's all cleared up. That was a super fun conversation.

And that all happened by 8:30 this morning. I'll be spending my lunch break at Target.

How are you guys doing?


  1. Oh my gosh. This post was hilarious-- sorry for the ridiculous morning! YIKES.

  2. Ugh. I want to punch PFF.

    In my work life, week two of being closer to Cray is making ME cray. Since blogging and social media are blocked on my computer all I have is online shopping. My credit card hates me.

  3. Goodnesssss. I'm glad you went w/ the mustard cardi, but your morning sounds ridiculous! =\ Hope you can find some chocolate!

  4. Amen to whatever intuition made you go with the mustard sweater. Seriously saved you life this morning. Even though everything else went to hell. Way to delegate those horrid phone calls to PFF by the way! I laughed out loud on my commute to work when I read that. Here's hoping your day gets better from here on out.

  5. A higher power was looking out for you this morning-- I can't even IMAGINE how PFF would have reacted if you walked in with the same sweater on. I wish I could go to Target on my lunch break.. by the time I got to the closest one, I'd have to turn around to come back to work before my break was over! ANGST

  6. Sending chocolate your way! I too was struggling this morning looking for a comfy warm sweater to wear because the one I had picked out was laying on my bed while I was in the shower and Tank decided to pull it off my bed and use it as a pillow. Needless to say he had dog hair all over it and I decided it needed washed. Is it Friday yet? enjoy your lunch break!

  7. Delegation is the best medicine....oh, and chocolate. Better buy a stash for your desk drawer. :)

  8. I honestly don't know who in their right mind buys the same sweater as someone they work with, ON PURPOSE, and then WEARS that sweater to work. Buy it - fine - but don't wear it to work. You know she's just dying to be "twinsies" one day.

    Your morning sounds about like my morning - before I even left the house.

  9. Screw chocolate, you need a drink! Aren't those "granny chic sweaters" the best?! Also I just heard about this Columbus Bloggers ugly sweater XMAS thing on the 14th. You interested?! I don't have a ton of deets yet though.

  10. Somehow, I don't envy your job!

  11. PFF, what a fruitcake. i'm so glad you made her do it, what a gift.. those calls. My mouth dropped during that paragraph for the record, then I started smiling like a new moon.

    Target, that place I keep going broke at. B.R.O.K.E. lets see if I can come up with an acronym.

    B.. banishment
    R.. required
    O.. or
    K.. killing
    E.. everyone

  12. I just know that there will be a PFF Twin Day with that sweater in your future. I just know it! Aren't you excited? ;) No?

    Well done on assigning those calls. I'm telling you. She sounds chipper enough to call everyone twice.

  13. Thank EVERYTHING you did not wear that sweater. That, combined with the awful news and task at hand, would've ruined everyone's lives. Your next mission in life is to somehow destroy her sweater.

  14. I like that your morning turned around pretty much as soon as it started. Glad to hear it.

    And that whole matching sweater thing is whack. I'm trying to think of a time when it would ever make sense to buy the same sweater as a coworker and wear it to work. There aren't any.

  15. Shay is



    But really, PFF? PFF! I'm so glad you made the decision not to wear that sweater. I'm even happier that she had to make all of those calls! Well played, my friend..well played.

    I spent my lunch break at Target, too! Second day in a row... uh oh!

  16. Good work on delegating the calls! And even better work going for the mustard sweater. I've been having a lot of flowy shirt days lately

  17. am so proud of you for delegating the calls! And for not twinning with Passion. Good job.

    I hope Target was a good cure today, and that the rest of the day wasn't so bad!

  18. oh I've missed you! Not that you've been gone, but I have. I haven't had time for blog reading for the last couple weeks! Just got all caught up on your posts. :) ALSO, I had to tell you: a package arrived yesterday from Amazon, which I thought was something I had ordered... I took a peak in the box and saw BMW entire series in there!!!!!!! Darnit that I spoiled my Christmas present, but oh my gosh! After months of asking for it, Skyler got the hint and bought it for me!! YA YA YA!!!! Cannot wait for Dec 25th, when my BMW marathon will commence. :)

  19. That e-card just read my mind ;D

    OMG!!! PFF was wearing the sweater?!?! Thank the good lord that you picked the mustard one. Oooo I would've been so PEEVED!

    And you reacted WAY better to the news that I would have. You would've found me in the bathroom, in the last stall, crying my eyes out. SOLELY out of pure frustration and anger. I know this because it's happened..maybe once. (or maybe a couple times more than that)


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