let's talk.

1. Let's talk about friends who send packages full of Christmas cheer. They are the best friends. Thank you, Sam! This made my homework filled Saturday ten times better. And it also helped me cope with the fact that I literally forgot about a blog meet up I was supposed to go to. Oops. I still feel terrible about that.

2. Let's talk about Monday mornings. Has anyone ever had a good one? I woke up feeling anxiety-ridden and stressed over things I just need to calm down about. I took a shower, did my hair, and noticed James hadn't gotten out of bed even though it was 7. I woke him up, thinking his alarm didn't go off, and he looked back at me bleary eyed and said "Michelle, I have the day off, remember?" Sucker punch to the gut.  I had totally forgotten. He has a use-it-or-lose-it day, and he worked overtime on Saturday, so he totally deserves this day off. But seriously? There is no worse news at 7 on a Monday morning that someone has the day off and you don't. My only consolation is that it's a short week.

On a totally unrelated note, does anyone know of a place that's hiring that won't make me suicidal?

Also on an unrelated note, I'm having a moment where I wish I was a stereotypical blogger who sold handmade pillows and necklaces on Etsy only because they get to work from home.

Scratch that. I refuse to drive a minivan.

3. Let's talk about Black Thursday Friday. Back in the good 'ol days (like the days my dad went Black Friday shopping to buy me a furby), stores opened at 5 or 6 in the morning. Now we've gotten all the way to 8pm Thursday night? And last night I saw a commercial for a local chain that's opening THURSDAY MORNING. I have so many problems with this! Maybe I'm just super traditional, but can we not have one day set aside for family? It's practically a miracle we get Thanksgiving off work. And now we're expected to cook a huge Thanksgiving meal AND spend time with family AND go shopping ? No. This is greed and consumerism at its worst. Retail stores do not need to be open on Thanksgiving. Let the employees and shoppers be with their families.

4. True life: I'm addicted to Lifetime/Hallmark Christmas movies. I hate most cheesy movies, but if Christmas is involved? Sign me right up and hand over the popcorn.

5. Let's talk about my "granny chic" sweater. Well! I got to work this morning and PFF said "Guess what! Guess what! I bought the same sweater over the weekend! We have matching sweaters!! Yay! I'm so excited!"

I now have to live with the fear of us both showing up to work wearing the same outfit.

Hold me.

6. Let's talk about how I might have busted out a few Christmas decorations last night. Not the tree. That will probably happen Friday or Saturday. But the mantle and a few other areas are looking pretty spiffy.

I totally made this garland. Hire me? Thanks.

I hope your Monday isn't full of nightmares.


  1. 1. This Monday will be the last one I'm spending in this horrible place. So I refuse to let it be a bad day, refuse!

    2. PFF buying that sweater KILLS ME. I know how annoyed you would be if she showed up in it the same day you had a it on, but it would make a great photo op. And would definitely need to be put on the blog.

    3. That Christmas cheer package from Sam is TOO CUTE.

  2. My parents made a promise to each other when they got married (in addition to their vows). No minivans. Ever. Andy better make me the same promise.

  3. i am determined to make this monday a good one because its technically wednesday. technically.
    and there will be no minivans here. ever. ever ever ever. even though i love the ones with the tables and the spinny chairs.

  4. I don't even have to wake up to go to work, but my Mondays still stink! I have never been able to determine what it is about Mondays, but they just are destined to be bad. Unless it's a 3 day weekend. Then Tuesday just turns into Monday!

    I was itching to put up Christmas decorations this weekend, but we were much too busy. That of course made my hubby happy, because he'd rather we wait till after Thanksgiving.

    Hope your week goes quickly!

  5. BAHAHA! You and PFF are twins?! Oh, this is too good.

  6. 1. Super sweet :)

    2. Justin had 2 days off last week and I wanted to cry both mornings. Totally unfair. Also, I can solve your etsy problem for you...

    3. Ditto. So ditto.

    4. I can't...

    5. Send me the sweater. Problem solved. I am such the problem solver today.

    6. Etsy problem? Become a felt balls garland maker. Because I would totally buy that hipster shit. No mini-van required.

  7. I hate the anxious feeling you get sometimes, I've been having a little bit of it myself this morning =\ No fun! I'm stressing about the holidays and I DONT want to, but it's happening! AHH!

  8. 1. What a sweet box!! I love the Christmas word search, haha. I hope that nixes your Bah Humbugs!

    2. Uhhh yeah. Isaiah has this WHOLE WEEK off, along with next Monday. Granted, I have Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun off too, but...today and tomorrow? And next Monday? I'm stuck at work. Although, he IS painting our kitchen cabinets, so...at least I'm getting out of that. Heh.

    3. GREEEEED!!!!!!!

    4. I don't have television, but I can only imagine I'd be the same way. Cheesy Christmas movies are the bomb.

    5. I can't believe she bought the same sweater. WHY? Who really WANTS to be twins with someone else?? That girl is not right in the head...let's hope she doesn't EVER wear it to work!!

    6. I've had that little snowman dude on our tv stand for weeks now...no guilt! Haha.

  9. I want to watch cheesy Christmas movies but Angel won't watch them with me! It's such a problem. I won't be shopping Thursday for sure...but quite possibly Friday. Last year I went out on Black Friday and bought black tights and a $10 headlamp for Angel. Clearly it's not really worth it financially but strangely, I like it, so I'll go out if my aunt and uncle are going like they usually do.
    Working on holidays sucks, though. Angel has to work holidays because he's in a hospital...but there's no reason for people in stores to have to work. A friend of mine who's working at Younkers has to work from 11:30 pm on Thanksgiving to 1:30 pm on Black Friday this week!

  10. Aww, this is so sweet! Thanks for the little shout-out :) A shortage on Christmas spirit is considered a 911 :p

    Check out Starbucks! I interviewed there today and feel shitty about it. But I'm sure they are hiring everywhere, and offer benefits at 20 hours. I'm sure the pay isn't as good.. but, the stress trade off might be worth it just while you're in school! :)

  11. LOVE the sweater! I bought almost the same one this weekend- it's fantastic! Don't feel bad about missing Saturday girl. I missed ya, but nothing to beat yourself up about.

  12. same about the movies by hallmark...oh man.

  13. Monday mornings really are just the worst, blah haha

  14. that garland is so cute! oh, and i totally have to work black friday every year...and this year a good amount of ppl have to go in on thanksgiving evening..even though we're an ecommerce company, not retail. black friday and cyber monday are the two busiest days of the year for my department. my main job on those days? make sure everyone has plenty to eat. professional pizza orderer, that's me.

    and, i totally wish i had some creative talent that allowed me to WFH and have an etsy shop...unfortunately i think the creative gene is something i'm lacking.

  15. 1. I have SUCH a problem with this whole Thanksgiving/materialism thing getting all mixed up. It just feels so wrong to me! And life is about so much more than possessions and shopping.
    2. I find myself watching Lifetime movies way more than anyone should. And I secretly like them, even when I'm laughing at the terrible plots/acting.
    3. That garland. I'm dying. I'm totally stealing the idea and making one!

    At least Monday is almost over now. We can rejoice!

  16. 1) I feel so conflicted about PFF. I mean, she tortures you, which is terrible, and thus, I hate her. However, she provides us with so much to talk about all day. Which makes her at least semi-useful. We would find other things to talk about, but she's just so easy to bash.

    2) One of my co-workers buys every pair of shoes I buy, one week later. I end up twinning with her more often than not. It's obnoxious.

    3) I would happily twin with you.

    4) Today was a no-good, very bad day.

    5) You and James should move to CO. Or we should move to the midwest. One of these 2 needs to happen. Then we need to open an In-N-Out franchise and start our farms. Eff off, corporate America and crappy co-workers.

    6) I think PFF is trying to be your Dwight Shrute. We should prank her.

  17. I hate that black friday is now on Thursday. I worked at Target during college and it was hard enough having to be at work at 5:00 am after Thanksgiving.

    And I LOVE that you and PFF can be twins at work. You really are up on the fashion trends.

  18. How adorable is that xmas package?! Jealous. I love all things Christmas too. I don't like when PJ has work off and I don't. So not cool.

    I can't wait for pics of your tree!
    Twin matching sweaters? I can't even..

  19. My Monday was awful. A total.. fail.

    At least it's over.

    At least I had this to smile at.. my favorite part? "spiffy" you USED the word spiffy. So ridiculous. And "hold me" oh it got me.

    Short weeks. short weeks. short weeks. I'm sure target & wal mart are hiring due to the black friday.. why am I working on Thursday-ness.

  20. You're hired.

    The SAME sweater? Ugh! That is so annoying. I bet you'll never be wearing that sweater to work anymore.

    I have to admit that I've never watched a Lifetime movie...but in last week's PEOPLE magazine, they had an ad for 5 different ones and I was so intrigued!


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