ootd: the purple people eater

Purple sweats, purple Land's End coat, killer sneaks, and bedhead. Just another day taking my chihuahua (his name was Muffin, by the way. I still cry when I think about him.) and my rubber ducky (?!?!?) for a walk.

And also, because it's Friday and I'm just a giving person, I would like to introduce you to the world's greatest photobomb. Courtesy of yours truly.

I came across this picture a few months ago, and I still have no explanation. I showed it to my dad, and I have never seen him laugh so hard. I have no idea why I'm making that face or what I'm doing. All I know is that I think this needs to be framed and prominently displayed.

You're welcome.

I hope your weekend consists of cheer and eggnog.


  1. That really is one of the greatest photo bombs of all time! I love it hahaha..

    Um, was that your kitchen? Reminds me of what my parent's kitchen looked like growing up!

  2. Bahahha- Why were you the COOLEST kid ever?! I love your face in the second one. My mom has a picture from Easter when I was maybe 11, that cracks us up anytime we look at it. All dressed in Sunday best, but making THE scariest face I've ever seen. Must dig that out! Lol

  3. You honestly have cheered me right up. Like I actually am about to show my co-worker this post as she is looking at me strange as I am laughing so much!!!
    Oh you are fab!

  4. YOU WERE HONESTLY THE COOLEST KID OF ALL TIME. It actually looks like you may be praying in that picture. I am praying now because of how thankful I am to have seen this. Full circle.


  5. That made me laugh. Your blog makes me smile, just so you know :) I'm glad I found it!

  6. Bahaha...that outfit is AWESOME! Once again, I had something similar - of course - but my purple pants were stirrup leggings...worn with a sparkly purple sweater, purple scrunchy socks, and white/purple/pink hi-top LA gear sneakers with purple laces. NATURALLY. Hahaha.

    LOVE your face in that 2nd photo!!!! It looks like someone told you to smile, but you were afraid of the flash or something...haha.

  7. Oh dear lord. I just love you. I feel like we HAVE to be related because of the awkwardness of our childhoodness.

    Happy Friday, Nipster! You made it through another week!

  8. You are the best little grape ever. And muffin is such a fitting name for a little dog. Perfect.

    I always had Land's End stuff, even backpacks, and I hated it, because it was nerdy, and everyone else had cool stuff. Now I'm obsessed with Land's End stuff. I wish I could have shaken my 7 year old self, and told her to love those clothes, because when you're 27 and poor, you will want that stuff and won't be able to afford it.

  9. These are the best posts. I hope I can find some pictures of my awesome sweat shirts and matching sweat pant outfits circa 1988

  10. This post is made of LOL. First, the leash double fisting... I'm assuming the ducky was on a leash as well.

    Second, the abundance of purple. Love it.

    Third, the photobomb is epic.

    Lastly, a couple days ago marked a year that we had to put one of my dogs down. Totally feel you on that. </3

  11. I think that bottom picture really needs to be your twitter profile pic.


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