please be kind, november

October is one of my favorite months. The weather changes, fall sets in, and the holiday excitements starts flying around.

But this October was the pits, man. It was just not a good month. My grandpa died, I started the online class from hell, Passion for Fashion became a permanent fixture in my work woes, and my best friend had a cancer scare that shook me to the core.

It was another month of anxiety and stress and deciding it was finally time to quit my job, only to second guess myself and still be here. It will probably be a miracle if I make it through the week without shoving a letter of resignation down someone's throat. I keep telling myself if I can make it through the week without doing that, I'll let myself buy Christmas decorations this weekend. I was thinking Hobby Lobby, but since it's November, they probably have their Easter stuff out.

But November will be better. Has to be better. Here's why:

+ Thanksgiving! (aka FOOD) (aka TIME OFF WORK)
+ Christmas music!
+Colder weather (which I love. Hate me) Which means coziness and fires and hot chocolate.
+This horrible class ends (but then another starts. let's not talk about that. I'm in denial)
+ Going to see White Christmas
+Christmas everything

Christmas is getting closer.Which is what I have to tell myself to avoid a Teresa style table desk flip at work.

What are you looking forward to this month?


  1. I AGREE!! My October was a clusterfudge of what I like to call "THE WORST 2K12" (I've been known to call everything even slighly bad 'the worst' but this time I mean it) and I am SO looking forward to the holidays, time off of work (even if it's only the day before and after Thansgiving-- I'LL TAKE IT), and the last two weeks of my first session of online class to be done. We are in the same boat, sister!!!

    I can't wait to see how PFF decorates her cubicle for the holiday season.

  2. I really thought October was going to be great, too. Nope. Not even for a second. Not ONE second.

    I'm hoping November treats us both well in the job department, even if that means shoving letters down people's throats...

    I really hope November brings some sun, but I know what it's really going to bring - Christmas decorations.

    And music.

    Oh wait, that's already happened ;)

  3. Our jobs SUCK. But with two days off for Thanksgiving + two for Christmas Eve/Christmas + two for NYE and NYD, we'll hardly be there. At least that's what I'm telling myself to make me feel better.

  4. I see a trend in your "why November should be awesome" reasons ;)

    Oh how I love Christmas!!

  5. Husband and I love Thanksgiving! This month, it's official that the holidays have arrived. :) So excited. We go all out. Buy our tree Thanksgiving weekend, white lights, watch all the clay-mation Christmas classics, bake, and watch Meet Me. in St. Louis. And Elf. And Fred Claus. :)

    We started listening to Christmas music in the car last week. I've been listening to my Christmas Pandora stations for two or three weeks.

    Also, I love the cold too. TWINS!

  6. I am looking forward to GETTING OUT OF TOWN for a long Thanksgiving weekend! I haven't been off this island in a year, and I am beyond stir crazy. And after that...Christmas!!!! My favorite holiday alongside 4th of July!

  7. CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! And moving. I just want to move, immediately.

    Annnnnd Christmas movies!

  8. i am THIS CLOSE to asking if we can get a christmas tree so that our place can smell of wintery santary goodness. i don't think those are words but i know you won't judge me.

  9. October sucks. November is usually great. If all of the bloggers just believe, then November HAS to be great. It just does. Besides, there are few holidays that are as awesome as Thanksgiving. It's such a happy holiday.

  10. Aww, I hope this month is much better! Happy November :)


    I am also a lover of the cold and of the Christmas.

    I do hope your month is much better than last.

  12. Looking forward to the holidays; also, up here, once it's Novermber it's usually too cold to snow anymore. Weird, but I'm looking forward to more even terrain, once the snowplows are allowed to catch up.

  13. October was tough month for my best friend.

    October was tough for a lot of people.

    October was kinda boring in my world, minus a 5k..

    I'm glad October is over for you.

    That stupid passion for fashion, I just wish she would sell clothes at Kmart or something.

    November.. aw november.. I simply would like it to be over, because December 4th as South Carolina written all over it.

    Holy novel, sorry.

  14. Yikes, what an October for you. Here's to a more cheerful November, aka Christmas preview season. I love Christmas soooo damn much it should be illegal. I have a lifelong dream that one day my room will be clean enough to properly decorate.

    Eagerly awaiting the end of the online class. I feel like we have a lot of the same struggles in life this semester. Work. School. Not enough Christmas or cold weather cheer this early in the season. We must stick together!

  15. I'm ready for 2013. I have never wanted to skip out on the holidays, but I am ready for a new start

  16. So excited for everything Christmas! Was in Target today and they were playing Christmas music :) Love this time of year. New follower....Just moved to Ohio and found your through the blogger meet-up link up :)


  17. What class are you taking online?

    So you are getting closer and closer to quitting? You almost did, so maybe this is the week?! awww what a trooper you are...

    I had an awful October too, I mean I always look for God's goodness and Truth
    and what He is trying to speak if He is...but i need a break too, I hope November is easier, for me, AND you!!!


  18. I want to quit my job atleast once a week. Is that unhealthy? Pretty sure it is...so I feel ya sister.

    I can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas...it's the BEST time to go to Disneyland! :D


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