the bah humbugs

The good old days of cutting down a Christmas tree in the mountains.

I think I lost my Christmas spirit.

I know. I know. Who am I?

I don't know what to do. I've picked out Christmas cards, I've fondled all the ornaments at Hobby Lobby and Target, I have a brand new stash of decorations sitting on my closet floor eagerly awaiting their debut on the mantle, and I've listened to my Merry Christmas playlist on my iPod. Nothing seems to be working.

What doctor do I need to see about this?

It's only been about a week or so that I've been feeling this way. So not long. My body is clearly still fighting off the case of the scrooges. It takes time, I know this. Plus, since it is the season for getting sick, I could've picked it up anywhere, including but not limited to: the hellish and stressful last few months, my sleep deprivation, my job, the frequent meltdowns regarding life and what I'm supposed to do with it.

Between all those things, my lights just aren't twinkling the way they used to.

My 6 inch ribbon curls are falling flat.

My snowmen are melting.

Santa's sleigh wouldn't be flying with my level of Christmas cheer. 

You get the picture.

Just stick me on the island of misfit toys. 

And yes, I realize it's not even Thanksgiving, but I've been giddy for Christmas since last Christmas September. Please understand. Christmas is a part of me. The ginger to my bread. The egg to my nog. The cotton-headed to my ninnymuggins (?). 

I think part of the problem is the real world and it's desire to crush the Christmas spirit. Gone are the days of Christmas break and three glorious weeks of ice skating and Christmas shopping and tree decorating and gift wrapping and glory in the highest, peace on earth, goodwill to men.

Gone are my days of cutting down our Christmas tree in the snowy Sierra Nevadas like the Griswolds. Adios to class Christmas parties. Sayonara to dressing up as a shepherd for the children's Christmas program at church. Aurevoir to looking for Santa's sleigh in the Christmas Eve sky. Enter the days of sitting under the fluorescent lights, unjamming the copier, budgeting for Christmas gifts, and yelling at the cat to get out of the tree and seriously! stop batting at the ornaments! They aren't toys!

What I'm trying to say is that I need therapy. In the form of Christmas movies, pine scented candles, twinkle lights, eggnog, ice skating, and snow.

Also, please invite me to your Christmas party. I want an excuse to wear a pretty dress. Or an ugly sweater. Either one, really. Or both.


  1. "Between all those things, my lights just aren't twinkling the way they used to." I can't even handle that...I can't. I'm dying.

    I blame it on the real world - it really sucks the fun out of every single holiday. I've had the same terrible feeling about my beloved Halloween ever since I started a "real job" - it's just another day here in corporate hell.

    Don't let those jerks steal your Christmas spirit! Don't let PFF ruin your favorite time of year with her desk full of pink glittery crap.

    But I know what you mean about the cat in the tree. Do I ever...

  2. Just watch Elf (cotton headed ninny muggins) forty billion times! :)

    love you and your Christmas blues :)

    at least you're not in TX where it is 70 degrees right now thats what is dampining my holiday spirit!

  3. Seriously! The real world has no understanding of how Christmas really ought to be celebrated or the time necessary to celebrate it. But stay strong! It will still be fun, even if you have to get up early the day after parties to go back to working again!

  4. Being an adult sucks. I got all bah humbug yesterday because I though, "oh it's about that time of year where I get to clean up after everyone when food is streaming endlessly through the door". Maybe of we stick together, we can rid ourselves of the humbugs.

  5. My Twitter profile says: "MBA student. Modern hippie. Aspiring vegan. Singer (in the car). Cotton-headed ninny muggins." :)

    Hope you can kick the blues! Texas sucks. A lot. Today is a cold day, and it's 70. I also think I'm over the people, but it could be residual "bleh" from the election. Who knows?

  6. I think I may have accidentally stolen your Christmas cheer. I normally have very little, and this year I have a lot of it. I've even purchased several tacky sweaters. If you come to CO, I'll return your cheer.

  7. I hear the bah hum bugs are contagious. Lucky for you my birthday is Christmas, so that makes me an expert on all things Christmas. For your illness I am prescribing the n*sync Christmas album on repeat, an egg nog latte and a viewing of Elf and A Christmas Story.

  8. Christmas doesn't feel the same now that I'm older and have to spend my own money on gifts, or make the dinner myself...

  9. Well this is a total killjoy. but laws, you'll find it. you will. i know you well enough to know you will.

    you should also know that i took a sleeping pill last night and as i type this my hands feel as if they have gained 45 pounds each. so clearly i drank all the nog and ate all the gross christmas foods.

    I need december 4th. so i can see my best friend. i don't need christmas. if it's here it means i've come and gone from her world already.

  10. I vote for the entire month of December off. That would be glorious.

    I've had to force myself to be in the Christmas spirit the last few years. It's crazy what stress can do to you! Hang in there, though...my guess is all the gingerbread and eggnog and twinkle lights and snowmen will seep into your soul sooner or later. :)

  11. dang it, come back out to california and we'll go cut down our tree! (my family does that too...still does! up in the sierra nevada's!! hot chocolate in thermos included!). and ps- you're invited to my party. another reason to hightail it back out to CA. haha! come on! love Katie

  12. CANCEL CHRISTMAS. I hereby cancel Christmas until Michelle is ready to celebrate with so much disgusting Christmas cheer we will want to throw things at her. Because a Christmas season with a Michelle is not worth having.

    Also, eggnog is disgusting. Maybe that is the problem.

  13. Oh man, that sounds bad. :( I hope things will turn around soon! Fluorescent lights seem to kill just about any good mood anywhere. But, Thanksgiving will be here soon, and maybe that will jumpstart things for you! May your December be overloaded with joy, and may your holidays be extremely above par this year. :)

  14. I totally feel you. As excited as I am for Christmas, I'm just not REALLY feeling it yet. I'm just hoping it'll start sinking in once I decorate and do the usual Christmas activities! If I throw a Christmas party, you'll be the first to know, don't you worry.

    PS- You should go to the tree lighting at Easton! I saw a sign advertising it over the weekend and so wish I could go! That would get me in the Christmas spirit for sure.

  15. I hear you. I've decided that Christmas must come to my house before December 1st this year because I'm grumpy, stressed out, and need a break. I will immerse myself in sparkly ornaments to make Christmas and the Christmas spirit come early. And I will not even think about my stupid, hateful, budget (okay, I will).

  16. Awwww maybe don't "worry" about those things at all? You don't need them for Christmas! Take it easy on yourself, find new ways to get excited. Maybe make something. Maybe do less. Shop less. Shop homemade. Maybe read a new book. I think staying out of the rat race is better anyway, everyone is always striving to get get get. And then struggling to keep keep keep--I am so wanting to be done with that cycle!!!

    Thinking of you and hope your chin is up more now...


  17. Everytime you talk about Christmas ornaments, I LOVE how you use the word fondling. It's so hilarious! Which, speaking of ornaments at target, i still need to go look at them! I am slacking.

    I honestly want to start my own company that has a summer break, a christmas break, a spring break and a thanksgiving break. You in? Let's be partners! ;D


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