a very 90s Christmas

On a scale of one to scrooge, how sick are you of me talking about Christmas? 

Oh....you want more?

Perfect. Because I have a treat for you today.

Christmas pictures AND little Michelle in the 90s pictures. I mean....does it get any better?

So sit back in your inflatable chair, throw your hair up in a scrunchie, and enjoy the show. And then go check out Alissa's.

Christmas '93. Where can I get that sweater in my size now?

These next few pictures are the epitome of a 90s Christmas. Notice the Lisa Frank stuff that was in my stocking! And Samantha the American Girl doll. I wanted her SO BAD. I remember this Christmas well.

Sporting a pink Barbie Christmas nightgown. It was itchy.
This next picture is pure gold. PURE GOLD. My onesie pajamas! The Christmas socks! THE FURBY. 

Oh, and PLEASE tell me you remember the Taco Bell chihuahuas? My childhood dog, Muffin, was a chihuahua, so one Christmas morning I came downstairs to all the stuffed Taco Bell Chihuahuas. One said "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" when you squeezed the ear. One said "Viva Gordita!" The others said some version of those things. I kept those things forever. I loved them.
Yo Quiero Taco Bell. Also, can you spot all 3 Beanie Babies in this picture?
Speaking of Muffin, here I am helping him with his stocking!

Did you hear that the Furby has made a comeback? And there are a bunch of different colors? I'm hoping for a purple one this year. 


Or am I ?


  1. I love 90's christmas' really they just warm my heart.
    A Gordita would also warm my heart ...errr my stomach right now.

    I am convinced there was some sort of psychological damage inflicted on me as a kid for not getting an American Girl doll! Super jel!

    merry CHRISTMAS... also I pray to sweet lord baby Jesus that your office is having a christmas party and you are secretly filming it!

  2. This is a FANTASTIC post! It definitely made me want to go through my parents old albums. Felicity was my favorite American Girl... I think I just wanted to be difficult/different because everyone had Samantha haha. I love your Christmas posts!

  3. Haha this is hilarious! Keep talking about Christmas because I don't think I could get sick of it even if I had to live in Santa's sack.

  4. I.LOVE.THIS. I know I say it every time you post little Michelle pictures, but you were honestly the cutest little girl I've ever seen. I DIE at your shoes in the first picture. Seriously THE most adorable ever.

    A good majority of pictures of me from around that age consist of jacked-up teeth, horrible bangs, and a Tamagatchi around my neck. Yes, I wore it on a chain around my neck. UGH

  5. All of these little Michelle pictures are the reason why I think you're shorter than you actually are!

    I can't even handle all of those dogs in that one picture! I'm counting...four? That's awesome/crazy. I love it.

    And your shoes/sweater/jeans/hair combo in the first picture is to die for.

  6. I was going to say, "she isn't kidding.." but then you beat me to making fun of yourself.

    Girl, I am entirely convinced you had the perfect childhood. convinced.

  7. The real question is where can I get those red and white saddle oxfords in my size. :)

  8. Ahahahaha.....all of this.

    RED SADDLE SHOES!!! I had pink ones - they ruled.

    Those nightgowns were ALWAYS itchy! Why!?!?! I had a My Little Pony one (or maybe it was Rainbow Brite...now I can't remember).

  9. Furby is supposed to be the most popular toy this year. Am I a kid again? Did we go back to 1996?

  10. I wanted that doll soooo much. I didn't get it. Now 90's me is mad at 90's you for getting it.

  11. MUFFIN! Oh my goodness. This is just great. I am doing it tomorrow because I like to copy you guys and because I finally found some ridiculous pictures via my mom's facebook.

    I loved saddle shoes. I think I still do.

  12. all these hilarious looking-back-on history posts of yours are good for me and my perspective of blogging. it sure loosens things up because there are unspoken expectations for certain things to be seen and said on blogs sometimes. lol. :P

    you're awesome.

    oh...and i was 2 when that first pic was taken in '93.
    also, my siblings and i got beanie babies from our grammy when we were kiddos! oh my.

  13. I want all of this for Christmas this year! Is there something wrong with that? Oh the 90s. They were just so good

    Great post! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  14. I also wore Barbie nightgowns AND I got the Samantha doll too. I still have her. But I thought Furbies were horrible the first time they came out!

  15. lisa frank and samantha the american girl doll... dang a trip down memory lane!! awesome :)

  16. Okay I am dying. I had that same exact American Girl Doll! Samantha, right? A while ago I had to go through my old stuff in the basement and I found her and all her accessories and outfits. I had the most ridiculous stuff for her too– a horse AND a car. Who needs both methods of transportation?!

  17. My brother got a Furby once. He spilled something on it during Christmas Eve dinner, so he decided to go clean it up by giving it a bath. I've never heard something make such awful noises before. He just left it in the sink with the water running and ran. Poor Furby.


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