how blogland is a lot like mean girls

1. On Wednesdays we wear pink. Or do a Pinterest link up.


Bubble necklace, anyone? I'll admit, I thought it was cute the first time I saw it. I bought one really cheap. And now I hate it.

3. Stupid made up rules.

Everyone in blogland is an expert, apparently, and does a blogging 101 post with their own made up rules. Don't have sponsors/do have sponsors/pay for a design or people will hate you/blog designs are a waste of money/post tutorials/don't post tutorials, they're boring/do giveaways to get followers/don't do giveaways or people will hate you.

I rest my case.

4. Glen Coco.

A lot of bloggers are famous that definitely shouldn't be. No content, nothing interesting, just a lot of followers.

(But I still love Glen Coco!)

5. Expectations

I used to think you just grabbed a bottle of nail polish and painted your nails. But did you paint a statement nail? And your house isn't decorated well unless you have 17 chevron pillows. Oh, you took that picture with a point and shoot and not a Cannon Mark III? Tsk, tsk.

6. The Plastics of blogland.

Lots of followers, lots of hate. They stick to their own little circle of blog friends. We all know at least one of these.

 7. Stop trying to make fetch happen.

A lot of people are tying to make fetch happen. New link up parties, a new series, new group giveaways, new photography sites. A lot of things trying to happen that shouldn't happen.

8. A whole lotta bad poses.

Seriously. Go to nearly any fashion blog and see what I mean.

9. A burn book.

Or in blogland's case, GOMI.

10.  The Junior Plastics

It's just going to keep happening.


  1. Hahahaha oh my god this is absolutely hysterical. Spot on. This is genius.

  2. AMAZING!!!!

    I read the freakin title and started cracking up...seriously. Amazing.

    And I totally bought one of those necklaces last night because it was on sale, and I'm going to wear it, just to make fun of myself in a blog post. Just you wait.

    Can I add #11? ...11: This is why we're friends.


    Really laughing out loud during really serious parts of the Anne Frank movie playing in my classroom right now... SUPPPPER appropriate.


  4. This is way too funny! I actually just loled at my desk...thank god no one is here today!

  5. Well, I've never seen the movie. But from what I can tell of the movie through the pictures....your comparison seems reasonable. And I've hated bubble necklaces since the first time I've seen one, but I'm also so stubborn that pretty much anytime something is done by everyone else I don't want to do it. Stubbonness like that is probably a bad thing in itself, oh well. And as you know, I did my own blog rules type post last week but I hope you still love me. :P

  6. I'm in love with this post. You seriously nailed it girl. These are the reasons I'm so on and off with blogging!

    Have a great day :)

  7. Love this! I couldn't agree more. That is why I blog merely for myself and try to stay pretty far away from all that nonsense.

    Christmas is only 5 days away! Hope you're having a good week so far!


    I am laughing so hard. The combination of three of my favorite things ever (Mean Girls, Blogland, and You) is making my heart soar with joy. This is PERFECT!

  9. bahahahahahahaha I don't even have anything witty to say other than this is so hilarious and so true! Well done, well done.

  10. Hahaha yes. I think I'm going to share this on my FB ;)

  11. This was hilarious! Going to share! =)

  12. hahhaha- AMAZING. I mean, anyone who can come up with this many similarities and use that many Mean Girl references is basically a rockstar. Best movie ever ;)

  13. hahaha YES. This is so spot on!

  14. You, my friend, are a freakin' genius. This was hilarious. And so, so sadly true...

    I was going to say "My favorite is #3!" but then I read back through the whole thing and I can't choose a favorite number. They're all the best.

  15. So many damn Glen Cocos...I have too many things to say. Let's just stick with, YOU GO MICHELLE BELLAMY!

  16. I'm the band geek of the blogging world. And I love it. All of these are true. I wish I could say I laughed out loud, because it's damn funny, Michelle. I just suck at laughing lately. This is the most spot-on commentary on blogging I've seen in a while.

  17. Amazing, loved this, I was laughing at the entire thing, but especially the bubble necklace!

  18. LOL! I love you. And Glen Coco! You go, Glen Coco!

    Also, cackled at the bad poses thing.. SO true. They definitely think they are models. Or moguls.

  19. This is so funny! Glen Coco and the bad poses. Those are my favorites. Although your fashion posts never have bad poses. They are just awesome.

  20. I don't even dare to do a fashion post because I know there will be no good poses. Even the "looking down" shot I get like, a triple chin. Also, I'm guilty of the accent nail. But that is not my doing. The girl who does my nails is responsible for everything. But I guess the fact that I GET my nails done is enough.

    This is probably in my top 5 favorite blog posts of all time.


  21. PREACH! I can't stop laughing. I had to let a few blog "friends" go awhile back because they were too cliquey. You somehow managed to make me love Mean Girls even more with this post. I didn't think it was possible.

  22. yep...yep....yep.

    too many tutorials seriously ARE annoying/boring though.
    i do search for them on purpose once in a while! ;)

  23. I think I might just love your blog a little bit more now.

  24. This might be the best post I have ever read.

  25. Hahahahaha, this is amazing. And perfect. And right on point. Thanks for the laugh!! I am new to blogging and feel like I just transferred to a new high school...seriously! Haha.

  26. hahahaha! LOVE it... I was walking around the mall with my friend and I said if I was fashion blogger I would hold the purse like this... it's so silly!

  27. oh my gosh. Spot on. seriously. Great work, my friend. Great work. :)

  28. oh and seriously, GOMI?! Yikes, I didn't even know it existed! What a sad life for whoever runs that site!

  29. This is a brilliant post. Everything, yes. Thank you!

  30. this is amazing and so unbelievably true. thank you for putting this out there!
    p.s. i love glen coco.

  31. Too funny!! Well done!! You hit the nail on the head!

  32. This is GOLD. Most of the photos weren't showing up for me for some reason?


  33. Bahahaha I love this! I was just going link to link to link on blogs and I'm glad I came across yours!


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