in which I become a cat mom blogger

I have a cat. I don't mention her that often because even though I am 68% cat lady, I pretend that I'm not. I love dogs, too, but a dog in our apartment just wouldn't work. So James got me a cat for Christmas last year. But I think it's time you met this very important fixture in my life. Mom blogger style. (with a heavy dose of obnoxious sarcasm. please note)

Allow me to introduce you to......

Noel Squeakers Bellamy
24 months (estimated)

+Weight: 9.8 lbs. 

+Favorite food: Purina Natural something or other. You're such a good little eater!! 

+Sleep: You sleep a full 20 hours at least. You're such a good sleeper, and you've slept through every night since we've had you. I'm just so proud of you. You're also a great napper. I don't think we'll be taking away any of your 27 naps any time soon.

Noel, you are just so fun at this age! You're not a girl kitten, not yet a woman crotchety old cat. Everything is still new and exciting to you, except people. You are terrified of everyone except your dad and me. If there's a knock on the door, you hightail it upstairs and burrow under the covers until they leave. Every time. Just like your momma.    

If I look at you and say something, you'll meow right back. It's the cutest thing. Cuter than all the other kitties. It probably also means you're a genius and the next kitty Einstein. 

You're turning into such a daddy's girl. You love to snuggle up next to him before he goes to work in the morning. 


+ Sleeping in the laundry basket. It must be empty, though, or you won't get it in it. 
+ Taking up 1/4 of the bed every night and meowing if anyone even dares to think about moving. 
+Begging for whatever meat or fish I'm cooking with like you'll die without a taste of it, and then refusing to eat it when I give you some.
+ Scratching the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of your litter box after you do your business. You go to town like it's your scratching post.
+ Scooting your water bowl all over the kitchen floor. 
+ Sneaking into mom's closet and burrowing under the shoe rack or wherever else you can't be located.
+ Burrowing. Most days when I get home from work, you're snoozing under at least 3 blankets.
+ Your mousies and all my hairties. 
+ Nosing around in the fireplace and covering your face in soot.


+ People. You're the shyest kitty I've ever seen.
+ Being held for more than 5 seconds. 
+ The thought of water that is not in your water dish. If I walk by a sink while holding you, you dig your claws in my shirt.
+ The outdoors. I once walked out on the balcony with you and you FREAKED.

Your words at 24 months:
+ Meow
+Angry meow
+Whiny meow

Awaiting Santa Paws

We just love you so much, Noel!


  1. awe I love this! and she is so pretty, I love the picture of her laying on the yellow bed sheets!

  2. How could I love you anymore?!!!
    You literally just made me smile like mad! I might even do this for my little cat. Can they be cat friends?? Pretty please!!??

  3. I love this post. My cats love the ring off milk cartons. They're like kids, whatever isn't a toy, they want.

  4. My favorite part:

    + Meow
    +Angry meow
    +Whiny meow


  5. Cute kitty! Love this post!! My cat is also a fan of sitting under the Christmas tree. He thinks we put it there for him. Just like the Pack-n-Play, desk chair, and any time I lay down my yoga mat.

  6. I had to shove tissues up my nose and in my mouth to keep from laughing out loud in my office. Honestly...

    How do you have Noel sleep all night? Do you have a noise machine? I've been trying to get Nico to sleep all night, but he wants to get up and feed every few hours.

    Speaking of crotchety old cats, I'm going to shower Moosh the Douche with love when I get home. She's mama's best girl, she deserves it.

  7. I'm glad nobody is in my office yet - they would have asked what I was snickering at.

    Brilliant post - I felt like I was really reading some weird mom blog post...but with a kid who isn't quite...developed, or something. Haha.

    On a serious note, Noel is seriously one of the prettiest cats I've ever seen!! And I don't feel bad saying that because my cat is a boy, and while I do think he is pretty with his green eyes and long gray fur, I usually tell him he's the studliest cat ever. I might show him a picture of Noel tonight when I get home - I'll let you know if he thinks she's cute.

  8. You did not even just write the best mommy blogger post in the world. Brilliant!

    Wtf is it with the pushing of the water dish? There are so many things I don't understand about the meowws. Like the 5:30 am visit for cuddles and then biting the hell out of my hand.

    Noel is precious. Congratulations to you two on having such a gifted child!

  9. amazing mum blogger post. I wish Shadow only liked water from his bowl, however it is practically the only place he doesn't like water from, if he wants a drink he sits in the bathroom sink and waits until someone turns the tap on.

  10. Such a cute little mommy blogger :)

  11. love this! noel is so cute! we give all our pets middle names too. i started a whole mommy blogger style series for our pup, they're our children..i see nothing wrong with this. :)

  12. You're the best cat mom blogger ever. Beckham and Noel have a lot of similarities, except that Beckham is a boy, and he loves strangers. Seriously, he does. It's so random.

  13. Too funny. But your kitten is adorable and I expect monthly updates similar to this one. To make me smile. Which you are quite good at doing with your posts. :)

  14. Such a precocious puddytat. You must be so proud.

    And that picture of kitty-spooning + laptop? So precious, and so familiar!

    Also: It is one of a kitty's secret perogative to initiate a really precious snuggle right before the human needs to get up and get ready for work.

    Fellow fledgling cat-lady props! As long as little Noel doesn't have a Facebook page, it's still okay.

  15. This is amazing. I have thought about doing a post like this before too :-) My cats are kind of my babies :-)

  16. From Keno "Noel, Call Me. Maybe"


  17. This is the best mommy blogger post ever. I usually see them pop up on my reader and get annoyed, but this post blows them all out of the water.

  18. What a great post! Noel is a beauty. I am a cat person but I don't like dogs much. Cats are so much less trouble in my opinion. I had a cat once that loved water. I'm not kidding. She would try to get in the bathtub while you were bathing. It was the oddest thing I'd ever saw. I had no idea "ANY" cats liked water.

  19. This is the most hilarious post I've read in ages!!! Oh man. Seriously. Brilliant. Maybe now it's time I because a competitive cat mom blogger and brag about Narcan and Morphine. Like, they are not shy at all and aren't scared of the outdoors (good thing, that's where they live) and their favorite toys are the cows and the dog that lives next door. :P

  20. Love this post! My cat freaks out outside too. It's like, he wants to go, but when we bring him, he's like noooooo

  21. oh, your cat is adorable. love this :) I found you from the Random Writings of Rachel!


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