meet high school michelle, part 2

In light of the recent horrors of high school memories finding their way to me, I thought we might as well get to know High School Michelle a little better.

High School Michelle (HSM--not to be confused with high school musical) helped start a knitting trend in high school. HSM's mom taught her friends how to knit on Saturday nights. Most kids spent their weekends partying. HSM and her friends spent weekends knitting and watching old movies. And sometimes, when they were feeling crazy, they'd stay up till midnight eating ice cream.

Homegirl was pumped UP about some knitting.

High School Michelle played snare drum in the marching band. Yeah, she was pretty bada$$ (mom, those dollar signs means I'm not swearing, ok?)

This one time, HSM went to band camp. And did skits with her friend. And somehow, this happened. It cannot be explained. Or unseen.

HSM hula hooped in Walmart on Friday nights.

HSM and her mom went took an impromptu long weekend trip to LA in the name of a "college visit." HSM's friends went to Florida for their senior trip. HSM went to Disneyland with her mom. And it was awesome.

HSM took a lot of pictures with her mouth open.

HSM needed to quit the kissy face.

Hi, Laura! Don't kill me for this!

HSM also needed to quit the accidentally seductive senior pictures. Picture #2 we forgot to send to the grandparents.



  1. YESSS!
    HSM and I would have been friends... mostly cause I was in marching band to ( colorguard, to be fair!!

    I spent a good portion of last night looking through old FB pics (from college) and was DYING!

    Happy Weekend!

  2. THESE ARE HILARIOUS. I would have absolutley been right beside you knitting if we had gone to high school together-- because while my classmates were probably out canoodling and drinking, I was with my friends playing Guitar Hero.

    PS. Your seductive senior picture almost just made me snort hot chocolate onto my desk. The best.

  3. the overly seductive HS pictures are the best. hilarious!!

  4. I have no idea how I missed part one, but thank you for linking, loved it!I definitely would have been friends with high school Michelle. I can't believe how many groups you participated in. How old are you in your senior pictures? We finish high school at 16, please tell me you are older than that ;)

  5. hahaha HSM is awesome if you ask me. i didn't drink/party at all in high school..so i can definitely appreciate a friday night in walmart. that seductive senior picture is the best. "peekaboo" had me dying laughing.

  6. ohhh goodness the seductive one. love it.

    and the hula hooping?

    and that skit with another person under you in an odd fashion? me and my cousins and siblings did that on holidays. omg.

  7. HAHA...I would have totally been friends with HSM. My friends' and my idea of a good time was dumping M&M's and Skittles in one big bowl and watching the same chick flick over and over. Maybe going to the mall, getting a giant pretzel, and laughing at weird people. CRAZY times!

    That seductive senior photo...I just...WHO MAKES A 17 YEAR OLD POSE LIKE THAT!?


  8. THAT LAST PHOTOS. It's killer. Or you look like a killer? Femme Fatale HSM. Hahahaha!

  9. HSM and HSK so would have been BFF. HSK went to band camp 3 years in a row. She played flute AND piccolo. She went on all of the bad trips out of town. She spent her free time writing, because she was convinced that was where her true talents lay. She couldn't knit to save her life, but she did (and still does) embroider. A really exciting night meant watching the Disny *NSYNC special she and her best friend had taped while drinking Dr. Pepper and eating Peanut butter m&m's.

    HSK did NOT take pictures like that last one though... she was a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and that would've gotten her booted in 10 seconds or less.

  10. Errrr, the band trips, not the "bad" trips. Although many would argue that they are in fact the same thing.

  11. I'm laughing out loud! This is such a cute post. I wish we knew each other in high school we could have been friends (god knows I needed some!).

  12. Reading about high school Michelle made me think of high school Anna. I'm not ready for the trip down memory lane yet.

    Accidentally seductive HSM photo and the attached caption killed me. I don't want to be remembered as the person that sat at her desk laughing all alone. Now I probably will be.

  13. HSM seems pretty awesome to me.

  14. Love that last photo lol. Man, I miss high school sometimes!

  15. oh gawsh! this is great:) and that senior picture? what is UP with that? wasn't that like suuupppeeerrrr awkward? hahahahha

  16. High School Musical is the first thing I thought of with the initials HSM. I guess I'm just that generation! And the accidentally seductive senior pictures???? You cracked me up! I hope the senior picture tradition never dies....they are always interesting in some form or other.

  17. How did HSM not fall over with those drums attached to her? That's what I would like to know!

    Listen, HSA was a hot mess. She kind of still is. But I'm a HUGE nerd at heart, which is why we are friends. Among the many other reasons!!

    Can you mom teach me how to knit?

  18. I read this on Friday but couldn't comment because I was on Justin's account and that would've been weird.

    The last picture...well let's just say I have a very similar one...nice job, senior portrait photographer PERVS!

  19. hahaha!!! I love you! This is amazing! I think HSM and I could have been friends. Even though I suck at all thinks knitting and school activities. You rock!


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