things I don't understand

(I stole this idea from Angi. Angi, I hope that's ok! You're in Alaska and sleeping right now, so I can't ask you.)

+ Why I was using the bathroom yesterday at work, minding my own business, and I looked up and saw CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Someone hung Christmas lights over the bathroom stalls. It's festive, yes, but a little weird.

+ Why I keep having really awkward dreams about my coworkers. It makes work that much worse.

+ Inflatable Christmas decorations. You can tell a lot about a person by how they decorate for Christmas. I'm telling you.

+ The weather. It was in the SIXTIES last week. I haven't even listened to Christmas music in a week. I know! But it's hard to listen to Christmas music when it's April.

+ Why FIFTY (50!) people found my blog by googling Melissa Gorga's engagement ring. You will find no such thing here. But I will show you mine!

Purdy little thing, ain't she?

+ Why my mom has a menorah ornament on her tree. Actually, I know the reason. But it still makes me giggle. A menorah on a Christmas tree. The fact that someone made HANUKKAH ornaments for a CHRISTMAS tree. Maybe I'm just easily entertained? Where can I get a festivus pole ornament?

+ This dude. He works in the building next door, and he drives this truck. His license plate says "SPORK," there's a spork hanging from his rearview mirror, and there are stuffed gophers on the dash. I wish so much that we worked in the same building. I feel like we would get along great.


  1. The Spork truck!! I really wish I knew the story behind that one!

  2. SPORK! Really? Weirdddddd. There has GOT to be a story there!
    Don't you just love google searches... they always entertain me!

    Happy almost Friday!!

  3. It would be creepier if you were sitting on the toilet and looked up and saw someone looking back. Just sayin'

  4. Our neighborhood is full of those dumb inflatable things. And not just for Christmas. For Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Easter. I hate them.

  5. First of all-- that first picture of you is hilarious/adorable. The celing of wherever you are looks quite majestic. Second, your RING. I DIE. I want one. Third, when I see inflatable Christmas (or any other holiday) decorations I have to resist the urge to pull their plugs or pop them. I am just filled with holiday joy!!!!

  6. I don't know that I've ever seen your ring before. It's beautiful!

    Also, you should try to hunt down Mr. Spork Man. He might be easier to find than you think. Or not. But really, how can someone with a truck like that (Stuffed gophers?) not stand out in everyday life?

  7. You must learn more about Spork, immediately.

    And you must tell me why your mom has a menorah ornament...

    I need to blog about my dad's christmas decorations. You can tell that he is, well, old and crazy. So many inflatables...

    I have HORRIBLE dreams about work sometimes. Horrible.

  8. Haha, of COURSE it's okay that you "stole" my idea. I'm flattered. ;) I was actually thinking of doing Things I Don't Understand, Part II today, so feel free to steal/borrow/copy that as well. Anytime. :)

    Christmas lights in the bathroom???? The heck....whoever decorated our office for Christmas made it look like Christmas just threw up everywhere, but at least they kept it out of the bathroom! Sheesh.

    I.LOVE.YOUR.RING. That is all.

    And Spork dude? Track him down. Wait by his car. Follow him on lunch. Get to know the dude because seriously, that is awesome.

  9. PFF needs to lay off with the decorations already. I'm surprised the bathroom doesn't have motivational kitty posters all over the place too. Because nothing screams privacy in the bathroom like Christmas lights and kitty posters.

    Your ring is fantasmagoric. That Southern guy you wrangled did a darn good job.

    Having dreams about work is a sign you need to take 3 or more vacation days. It's a fact.

    Spork dude sounds like a super-hero. I hope he has his own blog, and then we could stalk him. That would be awesome.

  10. WTF is up with giant inflated Christmas decorations? Especially the animated ones. Brrr - that shiver is not entirely due to the cold.

    I recently had a dream in which my office's fusty dusty old geologist Howard kidnapped me because he was a part of this secret organization trying to prevent a bear with a bomb on its back from swimming the Strait. I had to break out, and tell the world. How many vacation days do I need, Kristen?

  11. Festivus pole Christmas tree ornament...hmmm might have to work on that one. I love it!

  12. Christmas lights in the bathroom is just plain weird haha

  13. Nope.You're not the only one to think the Hanukkah ornament is hilarious. Makes me think I should start putting out Easter bunnies with my Thanksgiving decorations! ;) And your ring!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! If I didn't love mine so much I'd want yours! ;)

  14. Oh my gosh I love ALL of this: the menorah, the spork truck, and of course your BEAUTIFUL ring!!! I found you through Angi's blog and can't wait to follow :)


  15. I've been having really weird dreams as well. 3 days in a row now...WHAT DO THEY MEAN??

    Christmas lights hanging on the bathroom stalls is a BIT creepy. Why can't they hang above the bathroom mirror? That would be a little LESS of a creepy place. Am i right?

    Your engagement ring IS gorgeous!! You probably blind people when that thing hits sunlight.


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