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Today I'm going to talk about things I'm loving right now. This will not include anything related to makeup and clothes and purses. Go to any other blog for that. These are just things/ideas that I'm into at this moment in time. Maybe you are too!

1. Catfish. It is theeee coolest show on TV right now. If you don't know what I'm talking about it, it's two guys doing a documentary(ish) show about online dating and relationships. They find people that have met over the internet and introduce them in real life. The majority of the time, the people they meet aren't who they said they were. Like a girl who thought she fell in love with a guy online to find out the it was all a fake profile created by an 18 year old girl. It's crazy stuff!

2.  Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas. It's my favorite Christmas album this year, but then again Ella Fitzgerald could sing the phone book and I'd buy the song. Plus, whenever I listen to this, I feel like I'm in an episode of Mad Men. 

 3. All things retro/mid century. I. am. obsessed. Especially with the 1960s at the moment. Especially retro Christmas decorations. I was meant to live in another time. I just know it. And I think it helped me finally nail down my design style.

I tried to link to the source but my work computer won't let me. I'm not a heathen.

4. The Black Keys, Of Monsters and Men, and Leagues. These have been my go to bands the last few months. The music I'm constantly listening to. I get sick of music quickly after listening to it too much, but I don't think it's possible for me to get sick of any of these.

5. Christmas candles from Bath and Body Works. This one, in particular. Actually anything pine scented. I can't get enough. It smells like you stuffed a Christmas tree up your nose, just much less awkward.

6. This coffee from Trader Joe's. The spices! The scent! The flavor! It's a hug in a cup.

What are you loving lately?


  1. 1. That is my favorite new show! Even Chris is into it. Then he said he's going to start talking to some random girl on Facebook. Then I said I hope she turns out to be a cow. He also has me hooked on Duck Dynasty. Ever watch it?

    2. I love Ella, but Frank plays in our house the most. Frank and um...oh shizzle, Johnny Mathis.

    3. I will send you pictures of how my great-grandparent's decorated their house (aka my house) when they first moved in the 60's. Amaze. I wish it still looked like that.

    4. Mumford & Sons, Florence + The Machine, and Fun. have been on repeat in my car lately. Oh okay, for months.

    5. Out of all the candles I stole from my mom, none were from Bath & Body...I'll have to pick one up.

    6. I've never stepped foot in a Trader Joe's. Truth.


    I literally CANNOT get enough of that show. Side note, I would fake an entire online relationship just for the chance to hang out with Nev and Max. BABE ALERT.

    And STFU about the Bath and Body Works candles... I HAVE ONE IN EVERY ROOM OF MY HOUSE. The one in my bedroom is called "French Baguette" and it literally smells like warm bread and butter.. and I feel like I live in a bakery... and it's the best purchase I've probably ever made.

    1. Nev and Max...SWOON. Fingers crossed they are both actually straight.

  3. Do you listen to fun. at all? They are my most favoritist ever.

  4. 1. YES!! CATFISH! new favorite. how crazy is that show? also, i want to watch the documentary they made now.

    4. of monsters and men is THE BEST. (again with the caps). also, you should check out the Wombats and Kevin Devine if you don't already know them.

    5. my new absolute favorite is BBW "fireside marshmallow". so good. so so good.

    1. I'm being a creep, but I smelled my friend's BBW "Fireside Marshmallow" for a soild three minutes the other night. Right after I stuck my nose in her REAL tree.

  5. I think I am going to text Ben and ask him to download Catfish for me to watch this weekend. I could do with some carcrash TV to watch!!!!

  6. You know that Catfish was a documentary first, right? Have you seen the film? WATCH IT. Another blogger told me to watch it earlier this year, because she had this crazy dream about meeting me, and then the movie happened to be on TV. It's crazy.

  7. 1. I am LOVING Catfish right now!!! That first episode, how could she not know?! The "guy" sounded like a girl or it it really was a guy, he sounded like he was 12.

    2.I must get that album!

    3.1960's retro feels like it could be you. I wish I was that cool.

    4.Again I am not cool enough to listen to any of those CD's, but I might check them out.

    5.Love B&BW candles!!! Also I almost spit out my drink when you said "It smells like you stuffed a Christmas tree up your nose, just much less awkward."

    6."It's a hug in a cup" This is why I love you. I love everything you write!!!!

  8. That Catfish show sounds interesting! I also love the Black Keys but sadly don't even own a cd by them. I guess I haven't figured out which one I want...

  9. 1. I need to watch that show...I wonder if I can stream it somewhere online as, sadly, we don't have cable...

    2. Definitely looking up that CD, too. I love me some Ella!!!

    3. LOVE. That is all. Nope, one more - LOVE.

    4. Love, love, and love. I am so excited that Leagues will be putting out a full CD in January!!! Also, I think I may have found another good new band. I'll keep you posted on that one.

    5. Next time I order candles...I'm getting that one. You're like the 4th person this week that's recommended that one!

    6. I am sad we don't have a TJ's. Sniffles.

  10. Listen.


    Amy & I our last night? what did we do besides eat & look at Christmas lights? I introduced her to CATFISH. For an hour she didn't move. It blew her mind. Best show. Horribly depressing, yet the best show.

  11. The catfish documentary creeped me out so bad, but I'm still sad I can't watch this on the cable television.

    #3-5 we are twins. I want fresh balsam year round. Up my nose.

  12. I'm seriously considering watching Catfish, just so I can be in the know. I think as bloggers, this is something we should all be aware of. What if our "BFF blogger" is not as they appear to be???

    Now I'm paranoid. Great.

    Holiday coffee is the best. I am thinking about stockpiling cases of it. Especially the Dunkin Donuts Gingerbread Spice coffee.

    I always find the most amazeballs retro serving platters at the thrift store. So far, I have 2. I will keep an eye out for some that we can send your way so that you can be retro chic too.

  13. I love the 60s! Sooo much! I really think I was meant to live in a different time period too! Matt and I always joke how we're like such a traditional 60s couple who are "going steady" haha. And that little retro Christmas printable is too cute.

  14. I think I need to download Catfish.

  15. I was meant for another time as well...hmph! Catfish sounds amazing!

  16. All of these things!!
    I didn't realize what the Catfish show was about. I saw the movie and wondered how the heck they made a tv show! But that sounds really interesting!
    I have a 3 CD compilation that's Christmas oldies and there's some Ella hits on there and I love it so much! Be bopping like in Mad Men, you're right. ;)
    I want to steal your candle. . .

  17. I love Leagues and The Black Keys. I've only heard one song by Of Monsters and Men but I really like them so far.

    I'm also loving decaf instant coffee with eggnog in it. It's my drink of choice these days.

  18. That show Catfish is awesome! I saw it for the first time the other night and loved it.


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