a social media snarkfest

Sometimes there are things on the internet that drive me crazy. There are probably things on the internet that drive you crazy, too. Erin did an amazing post on her social media pet peeves last week, and I thought hmmm. I should do something like that too.

Let me just say that none of these are actually a big deal. These are just things that get on my nerves occasionally, and I wondered if I'm the only one. And for the record, nothing is directed at anyone in particular. I see this stuff everywhere. If you do these things, I still love you. If you do ALL these things? I probably don't still love you, and you make me do things like this: 

I hereby declare myself queen of the internet for a few minutes, so allow me to step on my soapbox.


1. Not changing captions before you repin. This has become a huge annoyance of mine lately. Not every single caption needs to be changed when you repin, I totally get that. I don't always change them. But when I see a 20 year old girl I used to know pin something with the caption saying "I made these last night and my husband Joe and our three kids devoured everything and said it was the best thing I've ever made!" I get really confused really fast. Seriously, how hard is it to delete that?

And when I see this caption on every pin "One pinner says this is the best thing ever and will change your life blah blah blah I'm an idiot" I get really suspicious really fast. Who said that? How do we know? Why is everyone believing this? Maybe I'm just easily annoyed.

Or you know, the infamous "do this 5 minute workout everyday and drink this nasty detox smoothie and lose 30 pounds in a week!" If you're one of the people that pin these ridiculous weight loss tips, I judge you. Hard.

Also, why are people pinning parenting tips when they're single?! I really doubt several years down the road when you're having a kid, you'll think to yourself  "I'm not sure how to handle this, so let me look at those parenting tips I pinned 5 years ago."

2. Pinning recipes that link to nothing. I'm not one of those people that agonize over finding the original source to every image on the internet (calm down, people), but I've seen so many things repinned hundreds of times, yet when you click on it it links to flickr or tumblr and has no recipe/tutorial/whatever. Just check out the source real quick before you pin. It will save a lot of people a lot of frustration.


1. Live tweeting. If it's not a show I'm watching, it's just the most annoying thing in the world to me. Live tweet football? I will unfollow you so fast (ok, I won't if I actually like you. We'll just be in a fight whether you know it or not). Live tweet Downton Abbey/The Office/Parks & Rec? I will love you forever. Live tweet award shows? We are mortal enemies. Unless you're Kelsey, in which case your tweets are hilarious and you can live tweet the phone book and I will probably laugh until I cry.

2. Celebrities who retweet compliments from their fans. If we're following you, chances are we probably like you already, so no need to tell us why everyone else thinks you rule the earth. This is why I don't follow celebrities, except I can't seem to make myself unfollow Bethenny Frankel.


1.  #Enough #with #the #freaking #hashtags #already. Erin already did an awesome rant on those. And like she said, no matter how delicious that picture of your dinner looks, I refuse to "like" it if you hashtagged the living daylights out of it.

Hashtags I would like to never see again: #yolo & #sorrynotsorry

2. Constant baby pictures.  Look, having a baby is a huge deal. I can totally understand. And I really do want to see pictures of the fruit of your loins, but I do need to tell you one thing real quick: you are not the first person to have a child.. A difficult concept to grasp, I'm sure. We all know what they look like. We've all seen baby toes before. And I know you want to take millions of pictures of your screaming kid (which is great!), but not all of them have to be made public.


1. Recapping things from a long time ago. There's nothing necessarily wrong with this, but when it's mid-January and I'm finally crawling out of the post holiday blues, your Christmas recap is bringing me back to square one.

2. Sponsor posts. I hate them. There, I said it. I know your sponsors pay money and blah blah blah but I followed your blog to read about you, not them. And I know there's this new tactic to ramble on about something you did over the weekend just to use that as a segue into a sponsor post, but I will not STAND for such TRICKERY.

3. Instagram only posts. A lot of people have blog posts dedicated to their instagram pictures and then give their handle begging people to follow them. Not that there's any thing wrong with posting your instagram pictures, but you don't need to post all of them. Here's my thing: why would people follow you on instagram if they're just going to see all your pictures in a weekly blog post anyway? There would be no point. The same goes for posting links to all the posts you wrote throughout the week. What's the point? If I read your blog, I've read those posts. No need to regurgitate information.

Agree? Disagree? What would you add? Do you hate me now? I still love you.


  1. PHEW. I don't do any of those things.

    Since you HAVE TO have a caption for a pin, I always delete whatever it says (something dumb) and hit the space bar. It works. My pins say nothing.

    I think I said this on Erin's post, but I'll say it again - I hate passive aggressive FB posts/tweets. Cmon guys, let's be adults, shall we?

  2. Oh my gosh, these made me laugh so hard! I get so mad when I actually get up the energy to make something on Pinterest then there's nothing there. Or even worse (to me) when it links to the general blog and there is no search bar. I know it's out there... but I'm not going to search through your 3 year blog history to find it!

    If you don't mind, I am definitely going to link to this post the next time I talk about pet peeves.

  3. I miss Pinterest. These monitored work computers suck. I also feel like I personally watched the Bachelor last night even though I didn't thanks to twitter.

  4. Oh my gosh I love this! Thanks for the shutouts too :)

    Unfortunately I've done three of these:
    1) Tweet live shows. An award show and one of the dumbest (but best) shows The Bachelor at that. Although I do realize how annoying it must be and was so close to tweeting something last night about how I should shut up but nope. I think I might continue to do it. Just hop scotch over them and love me still.

    2) Sneaky sponsor posts. I like money. Sponsor money is like free money. I like free money even more than normal money. Sneaky sponsor posts sprinkled once a week it is.

    3) Instagram posts. Even though this also annoys me too. BUT what's more annoying is when you just have your normal weekend recap filled with lots of text and then every single picture is from Instagram. Leave something to the imagination shall we? I've only done a couple here as there Instagram updates which is just all the pictures with captions. And I say in the post because I'm lazy. So at least you know that's all your getting just by reading the title?


    I ADORE THESE MICHAEL SCOTT GIF's (especially the one from the Dundies)

    I have successfully avoided Pinterest. Not because I don't WANT to use it, I just in my heart know I have no need for another black hole of a website that will prevent me from doing what I need to do.

    And UGH HASHTAGS literally make me want to jump off a roof sometimes. Want to post a picture of yourself? That's fine. But there's NO need for this to be after it "#me #selfie #nofilter #nomakeup #allnatural #yolo #girl #beautiful #instaSexy #teamSingle"

    And THANKS FOR THE SHOUTOUT about my live-tweeting :) YOU ARE TOO KIND. I will try to keep it to a minimum from now on..but no promises! xoxo

  6. agree on most - though some are necessary evils. I will say if I see another shoe mint giveaway I may yell at somebody.

    the overuse of hashtags is ANNOYING.

    I am super guilty of live-tweeting, though. #sorrynotsorry ;)

  7. good news.
    I'm only guilty to like, two things.
    and it's only because sometimes I'm laying on my side when I'm pinning and I don't feel like sitting up to change the caption on my pins. But 75% of the time, if the caption isn't something I would say, I change it.

    And I have done some sneaky sponsor posts too.
    Free things and money are all my middle name.

    but I agree to all these.
    and when I am guilty of doing them, I hate myself a little more.

  8. Yup! The only thing I don't care about are Pinterest captions. I'm only looking at the picture most of the time, anyway. YOLO, live tweeting of any TV show, and endless strings of hashtags get annoying really fast.

  9. I'm only guilty of a few of these things.... and only from time to time, whew! ;)

    "Sorry I'm not sorry" is probably my MOST HATED PHRASE EVER. It's ridiculous, I do NOT get it!!! So so annoying!!

    And I do crack up sometimes at people who don't change pinterest captions. Some single girl I know pinned a boudoir photo and it said 'totally doing this for Dave' .... Uhhhh!

  10. I agree on a lot of these! I am an offender of doing Instagram posts once and a while, but its usually when I'm lacking total creativity. I'm sorry that you had to see mine from today, but I know you still love me, right?

    I really dislike tons of hashtagging, and I thought I was the only one who got annoyed by people not changing captions on Pinterest! I'm really glad you do too because I pretty much was convinced that I'm a psycho.

  11. Hahaha, Pinterest can get really annoying when done wrong. I HATE mislinked pictures and copied captions. I used to be guilty of it when I first started, but now I realize how silly it actually is because I go back and think "did I really write that caption?" No.

    A million hashtags? Ugh. I have good friends who are SO guilty of doing it. It's awful.

    I could go on and on with blogging things that irritate me. Like sponsor posts or constant product reviews or doing a linkup EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Not that linkups aren't cool, because some of them really are and they have a good purpose. Also, blog hops. There are way too many blog hops these days. Everyone should just combine it into one big massive blog hop.

  12. Agreed! Guilty sometimes, but agreed ;)

  13. UGH. I wish I had written this. ALL OF THIS!!!!!!

    My SIL doesn't change her captions on Pinterest, and the only way I figured it out is because a while back she pinned a recipe for something that was 90% made from vegetables. The caption said "Made this last night, and it was amazing!!!! Totally making it again ASAP!!!" And then I knew it wasn't true. Because she refuses to eat vegetables.

    Do not EVEN get me started on live Tweeting things like award shows and The Bachelor. I am *thisclose* to unfollowing at least 3 different people because of this.

  14. I can't stand when people Instagram their cat all the time :)

    Michael Scott is my hero.

  15. I don't think I've ever found a blog I loved through a sponsored post. Through a periodic guest post that's actually about something? Sure. But not when they're introducing themselves and giving link after link to their greatest hits. I'm pretty sure the big bloggers themselves write those sponsor posts, because most of those girls aren't half as witty, thoughtful, funny, etc as they seem in the guest post.

    Or, I'm just paranoid about it.

    I would agree with most of your blogging pet peeves. I would like to add in the people who only use their twitter for tweeting giveaways. I don't give a flip about the 85,000 giveaways you just entered. Seriously.

  16. Ohh, Pinterest captions. Some don't need to be re-captioned, like you said. But if its blatantly obvious you did not write the caption....DELETE!!!

  17. I also can't stand blogger guest posts or whatever. I never ever ever read them. So lame.

  18. Amen times a thousand. Those pinterest things drive me nuts. I don't mind a couple of sponsored posts every once in awhile, but if that is all your blog is... I am out. And there should be a two hash tag limit to anything. Period. Choose wisely.

    I also hate live tweeting since I am on the west coast and its all kinds of spoilers!

  19. This could not be more true! Unfortunately I am guilty of the majority of them :(

  20. This is so true. I'm not even on pinterest but every so often when I check out a recipe and it doesn't go anywhere I feel instantly superior but also full of rage.

    I don't mind baby photos if I actually know the baby, but otherwise it's like dog photos. I don't freaking care about your dog, just like you don't want to see a million photos of my husband doing nothing stuff either.

  21. I will live tweet awards shows. It's in my blood. #sorrynotsorry

    Also, blogging 1-3 TRUTHS.

    And hashtags are killing me. They no longer serve a purpose!

  22. You are hilarious and I want to be your friend. Yes. Sponsor posts. Hate them!! And the live tweeting drives me nuts, especially when it's a show that I won't be watching until tomorrow on Hulu. Stop ruining it for me people!

    One comment about celebrities retweeting compliments. I love following Michelle Malkin and Steven Crowder because they retweet all the hate tweets and death threats that get. It's pretty awesome (and yes, I am a political junky :)

  23. I RARELY SAY HATE, but I HATE hashtags they drive me INSANE and people think they are SO cool. ahahahahahahaha DRIVVES ME!!!

  24. Man. Agree with all of them. Although probably guilty on the kid one. But still agree lol.


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