a walk down facebook lane: the evolution of a picture

I deactivated my facebook back in April. I still stand by it as one of the best decisions I've ever made. However. There are times I log back in just to scroll through the pictures. Last night was one of those times. 

Except this time I noticed a startling trend that stuck out to me for the first time. I've always had....personality in pictures, but I finally noticed I've gone through weird smile phases at certain times in my life. Except none of these "smiles" were actually smiles. None of this was planned; it just happened. And luckily, facebook (and now instagram) was there to capture it all.

Allow me to share with you a few examples. Oh, and trust me. There's a lot more where all this came from. 

High School-The Kissy Face:

I hate myself.

College-The Fake Growl:

Oh, the sepia. I know....

More College-The Fake Scream:


And now. Post grad life. According to Instagram (since I gave up facebook), I present to you The Smirky Deer in the Headlights:

Apparently I'm also very in to black and white pictures these days.


  1. I love the smirk. I'm such a fan of the smirk.

    Now you have me wondering if I also went through phases...I'm going to check. I know I used to smile a lot more, but that might be it.

    My favorite these days is the half face. I do it a lot, a lot.

  2. I always just try to look as ugly as possible.
    because it's better to look ugly on purpose than ugly on accident.

  3. This is pretty funny, I also dig the smirk. I'd stick with that one.
    I won't go back and re-live my photos because I'm horribly un-photogenic and when someone whips out their camera to take a picture, I smile a lot like Chandler.
    If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can see that face here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eq6br4KU9e4

    It's unfortunate, but. . that's life. Lol

    The kissy face: we've all done it. No need to be ashamed. Just be lucky you weren't like me and my friends and added the sideways peace sign to that duck face. I retroactively hate myself so much.
    The fake growl: HILARIOUS. I can't believe how many pictures you found yourself making that face in. I'm going to have to try that one next time I'm looking to ruin a picture (re: always)
    Smirky Deer in the Headlights: My favorite. I am guilty of this. Almost as guilty as I am of the Robert DeNiro face.

  5. Ohhhhh my lawdy. I'm pretty sure these need to be run by me next time!! But really... we were pretty awesome, terrible faces aside. I wonder what the next phase of face-making will be.

  6. So Facebook IS good for something, after all!!! ;)

    I think you should bring back the fake scream. In every picture. It could totally catch on and be the new duck face!

  7. Most of my photos have me with my mouth open... I can't help it.

  8. hahahha the fake growl is my favorite! my bff and i always do "picture face" which is basically the same as the fake scream.

  9. This is hilarious. You are on to something here. I wonder if I do such a thing.

  10. LOL I love you. I did all of those... shamefully. haha! I go to the smirk lately, though.

  11. I think Angel is always doing the open-mouthed "Fake scream" pose--though with him I always think of it as more of a "look how large my teeth" are type of pose. I'm never, ever done the kissy face. I'm a strict smiler, or, if I don't want my picture taken, I look angry. Only 2 options for me!

  12. ha! I love it! I think everyone has a go-to pose/face. I have noticed I am a hand on the hip kind of girl lately.

  13. Oh, the kissy-face/fake growl... I'm no stranger to those faces, embarrassingly. This was hilarious though. I'm going to have to look back at my facial progression over the years now!

  14. The fake growl. My sisters did this for YEARS. They are only a little bit younger than you. Totally your generation thing!

    You are so damn cute, Grams. I love the smirk!

  15. These made me laugh. I love taking funny-face pictures :)

  16. The fake growl is a classic. And oh my god, you are that girl, Michelle... the girl who can't smile normally in a picture. It's okay, I'm the girl who has to pose for every picture, and can't take a "normal" picture...

  17. Smirky Deer in Headlights is my fave.
    And everybody looks better in black and white..you didn't know that? ;D Atleast I think I do! hahaha


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