hell has frozen over

Something else scary and exciting happened this week. Not only did I get a new job (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but we got some new wheels last night!

Yes. Yes. Even after the car dealership disaster of 2013, we got back on the horse and made ourselves a deal. And my dad didn't even have to come!  Look how grown up I am! Well..more like look how grown up James is. I just showed up to give my final approval. He did all the work.

A new job after months of searching and a new car after our previous train wreck of car shopping. Hell hath indeed frozen over. 

Unfortunately, Aunt Flo doesn't much like it when I'm having fun, so she joined the festivities. So while all these wonderful things happened, my hormones were simultaneously telling me it was the end of the world.

You understand.

Don't you?

Is this a taboo blog topic? I don't care.

But back to business. We got an awesome deal. Awesome warranty. Awesome interest rate. And no one had to yell, call us stupid, and most importantly? I didn't cry. I was so excited about all this that I drove this sucker through the Steak & Shake drive through and ordered a strawberry milkshake before I even realized what I was doing (Aunt Flo's fault. She had a gun to my head.). But if this doesn't deserve a celebration, I don't know what does.

Ttwo people are coming in today to interview for my job, and I can't wait to scope them out. I'm way more excited about this than I should be. Plus, it's Friday, it's snowing, and I conquered the big bad car dealerships last night. It's a good day, my friends.


  1. Reading your post just put me in a great mood! I love the car - congrats :) And what is a Steak & Shake? I feel like I've been missing out on something...

    OHH PFF...I was waiting for her to find out! Trip her. Do it. Just do it on your last day there.

    The kraken strikes again!

  2. ME YOWWWW look at those wheels!!!! Such a beautiful car!! Congrats!! :)

    I agree with Alissa-- Steak and Shake? Is it similar to Shake Shack? I don't get out much.

  3. OH YOU FANCY! Those wheels are niccce, girl!
    I'd be terrified of dealing with a car dealership without my grandparents' help so good for you (well, James) for conquering that ;)

    And Aunt Flo is the devil. I'm convinced.

    Happy weekend!

  4. I feel like you need to mail Alissa a strawberry shake from Steak & Shake!!!

    also- YAY ABOUT THE CAR! SHE IS A BEAUT :) I am smitten.
    I am so excited for you to do some more training with PFF... I am excited for the stories.

  5. Ah you give me hope.
    I read your blog post to Reese at Starbucks while I was having a panic attack about going to look at cars.
    His response you ask... "oh she's funny" awesome.
    Well I am glad that hell hath frozen over and your celebrated with a milkshake!

    also only because I am in the market... what did yall end up getting? Obviously its a SUV crossover thinggy and black (see Im realllllll technical when it comes to cars... im a gem to have at the dealership)


  6. I miss reading for a week and look what happens!!! You go and get a new job & a car! Congrats lady!!

  7. Aunty flo sucks some serious ass.
    Thank god I don't have to put up with any of that crap anymore!!
    PFF needs an Essex Girl slap = I would be glad to give her one.
    Congratulations on the car. What a beast!!!!!

  8. Yay for finding a car! I like it!

    I love Steak & Shake, but we don't have any around here. There might be one in Omaha, but Lincoln isn't as lucky. Now I'm craving a strawberry milkshake and it's only 11 in the morning. I may have to make my hubby venture out into the cold tonight after Evelyn's asleep and get me one. (Even though that doesn't really fit into my gestational diabetes diet, ha!)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. STEAK & SHAKE? I feel like I need to go there. Good job, Flo.

    A new job AND a new car? AND BANGS? What is going on?!? So much good stuff for you, and you deserve it all!

  10. Hooray! New job! New bangs! New car! 2013 is your year, my dear.

  11. Your new car is beauuuuutiful and I LOVE IT!

    PFF...good riddance to her. She'll see what she's missing when they hire some other incompetent moron and she ends up having to do their work too.

  12. NEVER feel bad about Steak 'n' Shake. I flippin' love that place, and haven't been able to go since college. I hear that there is one 2 hours away, and I am seriously considering making the trip. Their shakes were a large part of my college survival.

    Your new car is pretty! It's the perfect thing to go with your pretty new job, and your pretty legal assistant wardrobe. You see what is missing from this? Crazy co-workers. They are not pretty.

  13. That Aunt Flo. She often drags me to fast food joints and force feeds me junk food too.

    Congrats on the new job and car!....do you congratulate someone on a new car?? Idk. Anyway, I'm happy for you!

  14. Fancy shmancy! But you had me at steak. And then again at shake.

  15. yay for the new job and new wheels!
    last week i had aunt flo over. it sucked. bad.

  16. My neighbors totally have this car and I love the way it looks! And some super cool girl came rolling up in one of those cars one day in high school and I was pretty jealous in my used '04 Chevy Cavalier to say the least. Congrats on the new car and (again) on the new job! :)

  17. Cute car! I love it when all the good things happen all at once. Buy a lottery ticket!

  18. congrats on the new car, looks fancy! i felt so grown up when i bought my current car without Tim OR my dad. so proud. (and i got a great deal too!) we're looking for an SUV in the next 6 months to a year (Tim's car is on borrowed time)...mostly bc we need a car big enough to hold Henry and our potential future kids. not that we'd buy a car based soley on our dog or anything... that would be crazy...

  19. Hurray for getting a new car that you like! I so dread the thought of car shopping one day. At this point I hope my 17 year old Lumina lasts me the rest of my life. It's possible!

  20. whoahoo!! nice wheels, wowza!!! and I'm anxious to hear about this new job? PTL!!!

  21. We finally bought our new car too (mine was a 99, husbands a 2000) and the process did nothing but suck until the final dealership we ended up using. One saleman wouldn't even speak to me - and he barely looked at me. I would ask a question and he'd either ignore it or he would turn to my husband and answer. I wanted to be like - dumbass - I'm the one who knows more about cars and is going to probably make the decision! We were not pleased.

    I seriously enjoyed the homebuying process more, but we had a pretty good experience with that.

  22. Congratulations on the new car! I love how excited you were about the purchase. You definitely deserve to celebrate. Don’t celebrate too much though; you don’t want to get the interiors all messy, especially with a car that beautiful!

  23. I’m not sure what happened in the incident you’re referring to. I haven’t read that post yet, but I’m glad that you were finally able to get a deal for that great car. I don’t blame you for celebrating at all. It’s really a different feeling when you know that the car you’re driving is something you bought yourself.


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