I seriously need a hug

1. Did anyone watch Downton Abbey last night? Anyone? Anyone?

I need to talk to someone about it. Maybe even a therapist. I don't want to give anything away, but if you watched it, I need you to talk to me about it. We need to talk this out. I think my life is forever changed. I'll leave it at that.

Also, hold me.

And bring me donuts.

2. There might be a vlog this week. It might involve my high school senior yearbook, inspired by Alissa. I will leave it at that. I hope you will still love me after you hear my awkwardness.

3. This is my last Monday at this horrible job. People are getting nosy and wanting to know every detail of where I'm going and why. No one seems the slightest bit disappointed that I'm leaving. Normally, that would make me feel awful, but it's going to make Friday at 5:00 even sweeter.

4. Oh, and did any of you watch The Office last week? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY TV SHOWS?!

Now about that hug. And the donuts. I wasn't kidding around.


  1. I don't know about the hug, but I can definitely give you a donut. Consider it done.

    I'm excited for this vlog...very excited.

    The countdown till Friday is the best countdown ever.

  2. ((((((VIRTUAL HUG)))))))

    1. My twitter feed went bonkers last night over whatever happened on Downton. I will pray that you all survive whatever the eff went down.
    3. Tell those little witches to get-to-steppin. None of their biz where you'll be. Tell them you got a job working for the CIA and you can't reveal anything else about it.
    4. UGHHhhHHh JIM AND PAM <////3 that's my heart in a billion pieces on the floor. I know they'll work it out, but it gives me anxiety regardless. Also, hot sound guy that came in to console Pam...WHERE YOU BEEN HIDIN' BOY? meow.

  3. Awwww! I totally hear you- I cried so hard, and my husband and I both dreamt about family members dying. I think it's safe to say that I'm officially scarred. Hang in there, lady!

  4. I don't watch Dowtown but I do eat donuts. I have a very specific craving for some homemade ones I had at a farmers market in Portland. I watched them make my donut. It had half maple glaze and half cinnamon sugar. So I'm going to go cry over the memory of donuts while I eat my protein bar.

  5. I just wrote a whole long snazzy comment about Downtown and The Office and lost it.

    Moral of the story is, I'll hug you.

  6. HUGS NOT DRUGS. I would give you all the donuts if I could. Actually, my work was giving away muffins this morning and I almost cried because I wanted one but my hips don't lie so I can't have muffins right now.

    I am so behind on Downton. UGH.

  7. Still only seen season 1 of Downton...NOT HAPPY.

    And I'm behind on The Office, too. I hate not having television sometimes.

    Excited for the vlog, though. I might have something in the works, too. NOT high school yearbook related. Because my yearbooks are in another state.

  8. A FB friend posted what happened and I haven't even seen that episode yet! AH! Seriously?! :(

    I still have yet to do a vlog. Someday I'll find something to encourage me to share my wonderful voice.

  9. First of all, hi. I FINALLY got a new computer and yours and Alissa's blogs were my first stops. Seriously. I'm like an addict who was just released from the detox ward. I need my fix dammit. Also, if I knew what Downtown Abbey was I would be more understanding, but I'm always offering hugs :). Anyway, I miss your blog, and OMG CONGRATS ON THE JOB!!!!!!!!!

  10. I really need to start watching Downton Abbey! Everyone was talking about it last night, so something major must have happened!

    But I HAVE been watching The Office, and was so depressed after Thursday's episode! I legitimately cried. They better fix this!

  11. How do I hop in on this vlog... I need to interject some commentary on high school, stat. :)

  12. I missed Downton Abbey because we just finished season 2 and don't want to skip ahead, but now I'm super curious! Saw the office...what the hell jim halpert?

  13. I'm guessing the Downtown you watched last night was out Christmas special because everyone went crazy over that.
    Looking forward to the vlog and I hope 5 on Friday comes around quickly for you.

  14. I've seen the entire season and it's KILLING me! I've wanted to talk about that episode for ages. All I can say is, WOW! It was the most emotional episode. I couldn't stop crying after the show ended.
    If I could send some light and fluffy donuts your way I would! Just remember you have NO MORE Mondays left at your job!!

  15. If I thought donuts would keep in the shipping process, I would send you some. Maybe instead I should just send you a gift card to Krispy Kreme?

    Please do your yearbook vlog. I posted mine today. It's awkward to read out loud the things people say. So Awkward.

    You're going to stay the whole day on Friday? Pshhht. Leave early. I have left early on every single one of my last days. Nobody cares. At my last job, my boss told me halfway into the day that I could leave at any time. Put your party hat on and do what you want, girl.

  16. good on ya! a vlog will be good for you ;)

  17. Goodness, I know just what you mean by Downton Abbey and The Office! Things are going crazy. I'm not a fan of them!!!

  18. After reading your blog post today I stayed up late to watch the latest episode of Downton Abbey that I had recorded. Seriously so sad. Especially since I am 7.5 months preggo and have crazy pregnancy hormones and can't imagine having to give birth that way. Thank God for modern day technology and hospitals is all I can say.

  19. Um, I was a crying mess last night. Not even gonna lie. I was a wreck. THIS IS NOT OKAY.

  20. I watched D.A. last night. I was so sad and pissed all at once I didn't know what to do, so I called my Mom lol. OMG how could they do it?! How?!

  21. and bring donuts AHAHAHAHAHAHA
    i am just starting season 3, can't wait for the wedding!!!


  22. I haven't watched the last episode of downtow yet but I've heard it's brutal. I might be back to talk about it.

  23. Wow.
    I am so bummed that I'm so behind on my blogs! What is happening?? You're leaving your job(well, you're already gone, but still!)I'll bring lots of donuts and even more hugs!

    I need to watch Downton Abbey asap! Everybody keeps talking about it!


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