ootd: acid wash jeans and overalls

Yesterday, Alissa posted about her history with belts. And it jogged some pretty unfortunate memories for me. Memories of glitter belts. Yes, glitter belts. Like this, except chunkier, light blue, and with star shaped cutouts:

What made the glitter belts even worse was that I often paired them with acid wash jeans, which you can kind of see in the picture below. I'm not wearing the glitter belt in this picture, however. But there are pictures, and I will find them.
2002 was not kind to me
Acid wash jeans, an Ocean Pacific shirt (I was clinging to my West Coast roots) that literally had glitter all over the back, a hoodie from my 5th grade softball days (why was it so big?!), and braces. I ruled the middle school.

This picture was taken on my 7th grade spring break in Reno, less than a year after we moved to Ohio. Please notice that my two friends are wearing overalls, and the girl on the left has a shirt on from Limited Too. Remember that place? I had silky pajamas and a yellow training bra with blue and green flowers from there. Good times.

I can't get over the fact that I wore those jeans. And one of the more popular girls in middle school complimented them. What can I say? I was hot stuff. Just kidding. I wasn't. I played the clarinet


  1. I think her compliment was more Regina George... "where'd you get that skirt?" "vintage, I love it!" "that is the ugliest effing skirt I've ever seen"

    You look precious no matter what!!!! :)

  2. Kelsey and I had a convo yesterday about Limited too! It's all about Justice these days...

    I'm looking forward to a picture of the glitter belt - I can't wait.

    ALSO, I used to think OP was the coolest brand in the entire world. Now, you can buy it at Walmart. What happened??

  3. oh dear, middle school fashion. good times.

    and who didn't have silky pajamas from limited too!?

  4. I remember wearing overalls a lot in middle school... I don't think I'm ever getting my daughter overalls.

  5. Ha!! I had overalls...and OP shirts (West Coast represent!)...and braces...but no glitter belt, sadly. I always refused to wear belts...and I still refuse to wear belts. Much to my husband's chagrin, who unexplicably thinks they're cute, or something.

    However, remember bottle cap belts with the seat belt buckles? I was *thisclose* to buying one of those at one point. Momentary insanity, I suppose.

  6. Confession: I'd probably wear that skinny, glitter belt up there...oops lol
    Annnd Limited Too...I can't even. You were IT if you wore Limited Too. But then it's like once 8th grade hit, you better know to STOP wearing Limited Too. Haha!

    Last thing, if anyone can rock the acid wash jeans...it's you ;)


  7. Limited Too was after my prime, thank goodness. I would've tore that place up, for real.

    College made me stop wearing jeans with the thighs washed out. Thanks for something, college.


  8. This is one of those days when I remember just how big of a gap in age there is between us. I was 17 in 2002. However, I wore very similar things to what you did between 1996 and early 1999. Lots of overalls, Ocean Pacific... and for some reason, Sesame Street stuff was really popular at my school. So everyone wore that. And Winnie the Pooh. I think I destroyed the photographic evidence. Or as much as I could find. You are braver than I am.

  9. HA! i had a pink glitter belt with star cut-outs. TWINS. oh, and i wore it freshman year of COLLEGE (2001). paired with shirts from hollister. the coolest.

  10. I was totally into glitter belts, too! Except I was 16 and rocked it with a track jacket. Considering I never played any sports that was all part of my "seriously cooler than you" look. What a pink headed nerd I was. I still have my sparkly silver belt, on the off chance I ever need to hold up my pants again, instead of wearing slip-on mom jeans without actual zippers or belt loops.

  11. Michelle I love your blog! You're just too funny! I hope you're doing well!

  12. This belt business is really becoming a trendy blog subject at this point.

    I still hate my belt. AND acid washed jeans.

  13. I just found your blog today, and am so excited to follow along! :) I love it! I totally had one of those belts, haha! :) Hi from your newest follower! :)


  14. Oh my gosh, I was obsessed with my glitter belt from Pac Sun. And I thought I was so cool. Good lord.

  15. Acid wash jeans and glitter belts are almost as good as a chunky girl wearing neon colored bike shorts.

    Oh man...these ugly trends from the 90's are bringing back too many unfortunate memories.


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