the ghost of NYE past

I've never been a fan of NYE. I always felt that if I wasn't wearing a sparkly dress at some glitzy party, then I was totally failing at New Years, and the new year would be the worst year of my life and all hell would break loose. Rational, no? I'm so level headed sometimes. But I had a string of disappointing New Years Eves as a teenager and into my 20s. For starters, I never wore a sparkly dress and went to a glitzy party. 

I did go to some parties, though. I remember going to one in high school, and it was miserable. I was the lone freshman among a bunch of juniors. I don't remember what happened that night (not because I was drinking, it was just a long time ago), but I went home and cried to my mom in my Paul Frank pajamas. The next year I spent NYE on a charter bus in the middle of Atlanta after performing in the halftime show for the Peach Bowl. I'll admit, that was kind of fun. But I think it was more fun because we were finally leaving Atlanta. One week in a hotel with fellow high school girls was enough to make me come unglued.

One of my more memorable NYEs was my senior year of high school. I was with the same crowd as the party my freshman year, but they were in college and I was dating one of them, so it was a little better. In fact, the guy I was dating hosted the party. The one memory that sticks out more than anything else that night is when I got to his house, and I found him and his best friend blasting Spice Girls in the kitchen and singing along while making no bake cookies. The night somehow ended with me discussing the intricacies of music theory with a girl I had never met before. It was weird.

The next NYE was one of my favorites. I decided that day to throw my own little party. It's the time I hid from midget stalker in the grocery store. Here's a picture from that night that most of you have seen before. But this duck face needs to be seen again. You're welcome.

Nothing special happened for the next few years. NYE 2010 was spent reading an Amish book by myself because my friends had failed to invite me to their respective parties. It was a low moment after a rough year. I was asleep by midnight.

2012 was sent off with flannel pajamas, my mom's hot artichoke dip, and an 80s music jam session in my parents' living room.We cheered and toasted at 10:30 and went to bed. And you know what? It was perfect. No dresses, no parties, no makeup, no fireworks. Call me elderly, but I loved it. 

And if that doesn't make you think I'm elderly, then the fact that I spend the first day of 2013 knitting by the fireplace will. I've missed knitting. It's the perfect thing to do when The Holiday is playing and there's over a foot of snow outside. 

If I learned anything from 2012, it's that I love nothing more than low key, calm life. And now I will embrace that.



  1. Wait a minute...is the guy who was blasting Spice Girls, the same one you told me about? I question him. I question him a lot!

    I also love a low key, calm life. I am excited to have more low key nights in 2013 :)

  2. Umm, hello?! You knitted that?! You've got skills, girl. I can only crochet, and I definitely cannot do any cool designs. I'm impressed!


  3. Also, NYE is always low-key for me too! *high five*

  4. That picture keeps reappearing and haunting me! That was probably my best NYE, also. :) It's always more successful when it's low-key and with people you love. Also, that cabling. I'm just such a proud bff!

  5. My NYE was low key too! Get together in an apartment and then snuggling in my bed. The clubs are long gone in my book. But how in the hell do you remember all of these past years festivities. I couldn't tell you what I did in 2009. I mean maybe it's document in Facebook land but goodness you've got some sort of memory.

  6. I have always wanted to be a sparkly dress wearer on NYE, but I am now coming to terms with the fact that I won't be one. And I am okay with that. :)
    Happy New Year!

  7. Honestly, this NYE kinda sucked. I don't care *too* much just because I've never really been into it all that much (another year, just like the last 29 and the future however many I live through...) but it could have still been better. New Years Day? Yeah, same here. We went to breakfast (lunch...it was 12:30 by the time we got out of the house) and then I spent the rest of the afternoon crocheting while Isaiah read a book. Then we watched back to back episodes of Heroes and went to bed. Super exciting. ;)

  8. I always feel like such an old person come New Years. Starting up until midnight is getting harder and harder. I think it's great that you hung out with your parents and went to bed early. I always feel like I'd be missing out on something if I did that. I think that comes from being the awkward kid that only got the occasional pity invite growing up. Now I take full advantage of social invites, even if I'm not super stoked on it.

  9. You are my favorite 87 year old 20-something year old. I shall call you Grams. With love.

    We had a party and it was fun, but at about 10:30 I was like, okay we are done now! But we weren't because it wasn't midnight.

  10. This is perfect! I told Matt that I wouldn't have been opposed to just chilling in our jammies with cocoa watching movies and New Years Rockin' Eve. We ended up hanging out at a friends house instead, but it wasn't overly exciting or anything. More proof that grandma ways are the best! Hopefully next year I'll get my low-key NYE :)

  11. I'm kind of jealous of your NYE this year. Had we not had everything else going on, that is exactly what I would have picked. Also? You are one heck of a knitter. You and I need to knit/google chat sometime like old ladies.

    I want your polka dotted shower curtain, btw. Best duck face backdrop ever.

  12. You don't want to know what I was doing at midnight. you don't.

    You know I'm mad at your Ghost Of New Years Eve Past "friends" for not inviting you. I would have invited you.

    I love a simple, quiet life. So long as I have cheese, and I know you know what I mean.

    Oh the midget stalker. it makes me so sad.

  13. I prefer low-key NYEs. I spent some sitting on the roof of a building in downtown Denver, watching the fireworks explode all around. Those were memorable. But nothing was better than sitting on the couch with my husband, watching movies, falling asleep by 10:30 and then waking up at 11:55 to kiss each other and drag ourselves to bed. That was this year. The year before that? I was up with a 2 week old baby, in a fog of sleeplessness and newborness. That was a wild year.

  14. See what my New Year's Eve looked like? I'm so lame. :) But I enjoyed it... what can I say. :)

  15. Happy belated NY's! I love the pics you snapped and yay for knitting girl!


    Do you like your hoop I sent you??

  16. Great photographs! :)


  17. Wow..NYE was NOT good to you for awhile, but I think 2012 made up for it.
    I love the low-key NYE's...I'd rather hang out at home in my comfy pants than be uncomfortable in heels and a sparkly dress.


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