11 things I have learned in the past three days

1. It is possible to crave a certain meal all day long, make that meal for dinner, take one bite, and decide it's the last thing in the world you want to eat. And no, not pregnant. Just picky.

2. It is possible to get lost on your way home 2 out of 3 days, even though you know exactly how to get home.

3. It is possible to think your own reflection is someone else, thus causing you to stifle screams at work. More than once.

4. The coffee at work tastes best with 2 regular creamers and half a french vanilla creamer. But it still won't necessarily taste good.

5. Having a job that keeps you busy all day can seem infinitely longer than a job where you have nothing to do all day. This one was major news to me.

6. Watching The Proposal can make a rough day seem much better.

7. No, it is still not Friday.

8. Sometimes ovulating (yes, ovulating) can make you crave gluten free bagels. This is just a hypothesis, but so far it has no evidence to suggest this isn't a scientific fact.

9. Lunch time is my favorite time of day, not for the break from work, but because I finally have time to talk to you guys.

10. Law/court/whatever lingo is like it's own language that I don't understand. Is there a Rosetta Stone for this?


Now pass the gluten free bagels, please.

Actually, just kidding. I don't think I'm craving those anymore.


  1. The best part is definitely the fact that the name of your blog is in the Bible. Now I'm sad because I'm pretty sure that the name of my blog is not in the Bible. And it's seriously true that the days where I do 8 haircuts and 2 colors can seem way, way longer than the days I only get two clients. I have no idea why.

  2. Ugh I just love you! And that your name is in the Bible?!?? JACKPOT Y'ALL

    I keep a cheat sheet of all the legal jargon I don't understand right on my desk (re: anything I haven't heard on an ep of Law and Order). Also, last night I screamed running up my basement stairs because I thought someone was chasing me-- turns out it was just the echo of my own footsteps bookin' it up the stairs in a state of panic. It happens.

    1. Classic. Or it was me lurking in the darkness.

      KIDDING. I'm too scared to do that.

  3. #5 surprises me, too! Who knew??

    I love that I hear from you during lunch, and that you are scarying yourself daily.

    I wish it was Friday - Friday at 5pm to be exact.

    We need to REALLY catch up this weekend!

  4. The coffee at work makes me gag. It is so gross. Even with a million cream and sugars. Hence why I drink tea at work for my caffeine fix. I think every office should have a Keurig.

  5. Is it bad that I think your reflection scaring you is hilarious? No.

    Is it bad that I am disappointed that I haven't seen any electrocuted weiners today? Debatable.

  6. cute cute. good luck finding a gluten free bagel, or is your town more GF friendly then mine?

  7. Girl, you're in the Bible? You're big stuff now.

  8. I LOVE that your blog name is in the Bible! AND they say it in White Christmas. Does it get any better??

    #1 - I've totally done that before. Multiple times.

    #8 - What fun is a gluten free bagel!? The more gluten the better! ;)

  9. I LOVE THE BLOG THING. hilarious. and everything else. I love you!!! It's almost friday!!

  10. Oh my god I do that with the cravings too! How is that even possible? Especially when it's some extravagant thing that you spend hours on or go out of your way to the specific place to get it and then bam...you'd rather barf.

  11. I vascillate between work going faster when you have a lot to do, versus having nothing to do. It depends on how much I loved my blog post on a particular day, and how desperate I am to see if everyone else loved it too.

    Work coffee tastes like crap no matter what. It's the one place where you need lots of decent coffee, and the one place you can be assured you won't be getting it. That and the hospital waiting room. Their coffee is worse than office coffee.

    Lunch is the brightest 30 minutes of the day. 4:30 is the worst time of day (it's 4:30 right now), because those last 30 minutes are the slowest of my life.

    Don't get lost tonight going through the detour.

  12. the proposal is a good one!
    have you seen "the switch"? i like it. a lot.
    as far as rom-com films go with the plot of a woman wanting to have a baby and doing what she has to to accomplish it, i MUCH prefer this one over "the back up plan"....lol.

    ahhh! i love how you mentioned ovulating. my older sister and i talk like that all the time, so i'm used to it and it cracks me up :)

  13. I love that your blog name is in the Bible :p

    The route I take to/from work has been torn up for a long time. I got lost 5+ times trying to find a new way to go!

    1. I should also add this started when I had lived in this town less than 4 months.

  14. So you're like official business now, being in the bible and all. HOW CAN WE COMPETE WITH THAT?

    #3 is by far my favorite. #2 is a close second.

    It is almost Friday. Peace & Blessin's

  15. Wow...I didn't think anyone every craved gluten free bagels.

  16. #3.... happens all the time!
    The Proposal is 9 times out of 10 the best cure. Love that movie.


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