day 2: utter annihilation

I'm sorry that all I've been blogging about is work lately. I do realize that I'm basically live blogging my new job the way one might live tweet a football game, but hey. That's what my life is like right now.

Day 2 was hard. Very, very hard. Mentally hard, that is. I really haven't had to use my brain in the past 14 months, so suddenly having to focus and do some critical thinking for 8 straight hours is quite an adjustment. Plus, I had to sit through 3 hours of meeting with department managers and learning about what they do. I was genuinely interested in what they were saying, but oh. my. goodness. I could not stop glazing over 5 minutes into each meeting. I could not focus on anything anyone was saying. I was telling my brain to shut up and pay attention, but it was throwing its fists up and fighting me like I was pulling a kid out of bed for school. It's refusing to listen and quite frankly, I don't blame my brain one bit.

My ears did perk up, however, when one lady casually threw out words like "egregious" like it ain't no thang. I had to make a serious effort to not throw my arms around her neck and hug her tight. I mean, I can pretty much guarantee none of my former (!!!!!) coworkers has ever heard that word, and it's an even smaller chance that any one of them could spell it.

But anyway. It was a long, hard (that's what she said!)(sorry) day. You know that feeling you get after you take the SATs or the ACTs? That numb/sore brain from thinking so hard for so long? That's how I felt today. My brain literally hurt like I had been making it do pushups all day. It's pathetic. I guess that's what happens when you had a job that paid you to blog all day. I mean, the only things I really had to worry about were whether to respond to texts from Angi and Alissa first or to their emails. Brutal stress.

For the next few weeks I'm working later than I did before, so my whole evening routine is thrown off. I managed to make it to the gym AND cook some killer veggie fajitas for dinner last night, so I basically have taken over the world. I don't know if I can do it again, though.

But enough about me! How are all you doing?! I miss you guys! Can you believe gmail is blocked at work?? When they told me that I nearly cried, even though I knew chances were slim I'd even get a second to use it. BUT...I have my phone, and I'll be able to interact with you guys on breaks and during lunch, and more once I get comfortable at work. So hang in there with me for awhile.

What's going on? What's new? What did you eat for breakfast? Anything exciting? Tell me everything. Also, I love you.


  1. oh gosh, i can so relate to this. i started my new job about a year ago and i was in the EXACT some boat! its funny how your brain can actually hurt from thinking so much. utter exhaustion! good luck to you. and i ate an english muffin with blackberry jam for breakfast :) xo

  2. The mental exhaustion is tough, but such a good feeling, isn't it?! I'm so glad you found a job that's such a better fit!


  3. You crack me up. I'm glad you're at least getting some mental stimulation now! (and taking over the world) I'm afraid my life is like 20 times less exciting than yours. All I have to share is that my alarm was accidentally set for PM this morning so I slept like an extra hour and missed my work out time. And I had cereal for breakfast– wheat flakes to be more specific. Wow, I can't believe how fascinating I am!

  4. Listen, always answer the texts first. The emails take too long to respond to. :)

    I hope your brain isn't sore today - nothing like having to pay attention for 8 hours straight to new information! My first week at my new job consisted of, "Wait. Can you say that again?" And I'm still learning!

    My co-worker had me try some of her vegetarian chili yesterday - it was really good. I'll pass along the recipe when I get it!

    God, now I know how you feel when it happened to you.
    I am gonna go take a minute to calm down.

    Yup, feeling better/more rational now. But I do think that it is because I have big hands and havent been trained "properly" to touch type.
    Anyway, what I said was, cute post, totally think I will have the same problem of brain hurts if I get a new job, had a croissant for breakfast and tonight I am going to eat the chocolate gooey treats I made last night.


  6. MENTAL EXHAUSTION I feel you girl! Welcome to working at a law firm!! Some nights when I get home, even though I have homework and assignments to do for school on the computer, my brain cannot physically stand to look at a computer screen or think about anything AT ALL. This is my excuse to crawl in bed with my iPad and watch fifteen episodes of The Office IN A ROW. (because that doesn't hurt my brain... only my stomach from laughing)

    I MISS YOU!!!! Can't wait to hear some more details about this new gig this weekend when you've got a few minutes to yourself!!! xoxo

  7. The gmail block is a killer. I miss my endless gchat days so much. I totally know what you mean about getting the brain drain at work, I work with so many smarty pants engineers that some days I'm just like blerg. So glad you're loving it though!

  8. I don;t know f I could live if blogger and gmail were blocked at work. HOWEVER, I don't have a super awesome job like you do.

  9. haha I can't imagine what I would have to do if I was put up against some serious critical thinking right now. Winter time around here is mindless. But tomorrow I have a Mine Safety refresher that lasts from 6:30 am until 5:30 pm. And it's an hour away from my house, so basically I have to wake up at 4:45. not looking forward to this. talk about mind numbing.

    also, I had a bagel for breakfast.
    also, I love you.

  10. I've always felt like it's better to be mentally stimulated rather than bored. Even though it's only your first couple of days it sounds as though you're enjoying it thus far, which is a huge plus I'm sure!

    As for me, right now I'm watching my daughter chew on the rubber soles of her shoes and continuously bring me her wind-up clock when it stops playing. I had my usual for breakfast; coffee, 2 over easy eggs, and 2 pieces of sprouted grain bread with butter and one with honey. Right now my life is pretty unexciting, but seeing as though excitement tends to stress me out/lead to feelings of anxiety I'm ok with that, ha!

    Love you too friend!

  11. I used the words exorbitant and fruition in my post today... I figured you would be proud... then I used a #... oops!
    I am glad you are being challenged! It'll take a while, but I bet you will love your new rhythm!
    Prayin for you and your gmail blocked ways!

    Also I had a capresse egg muffin for breakfast... thanks for asking!

  12. I agree with Alissa - texts first. ;)

    I can't believe they blocked Gmail! Seems like if they want to block something it should be Facebook or Twitter or Blogger or something...or maybe they did block all those as well?

    I hope you get acclimated quickly! I'm sure you'll be a pro in no time! The first week is always the worst...

  13. Hahaha, oh man, your thoughts on the word egregious were hilarious! love it! speaking of push-ups, i went to the gym yesterday only to have them confirm what I already knew to be true...i can't even do 1 push-up. Sad! Gym- 1, Katie-0. dang it!

  14. Awwww Michellesss. Hang in there, lovely. I imagine going from a b-shit job to a real thinking job is tough!

    I do miss your tweets. Which sounds perverted, but I mean, you know, let's not be weird about this OKAY I MISS YOU SO MUCH!

  15. Learning a new job is always hard but I'm sure it'll get easier! :-) It's too bad you can't blog at work anymore. ;-)

  16. I had two ingredient cookies for breakfast and then cereal later at my desk. Because cubicles allow that kind of behaviour.

    It took me a couple weeks to get over the EXHAUSTION of the new job. That's the worst thing. Ever. The best thing ever is getting over it. Which you will. And then you do some sort of happy dance.

    I want to use egregious in a sentence now to impress the world but I'm afraid I'll misuse it. And that would be freaking egregious.

  17. air proxy will get you past the internet filters. I learned that from my students :) Probably don't do that though in your first week on the job.

  18. I hate that your gmail is blocked at work. Who is going to entertain me all day, or talk me off the ledge???

    We need to google chat sometime soon. I need to tell you about the shit my boss is pulling. It's epic. You will die. I wish I could blog about it, but she reads my blog. I miss you terribly. I'm glad you have a great job.

    None of those sentences made cohesive sense. But I know you get what I'm saying.

  19. I love that you pulled a that's what she said on your own post. Love it.
    But it is lame that gmail is blocked. D-U-M-B.
    I hope work becomes less stressful asap! (but then again, i'm a few weeks behind, so hopefully its turned around for ya!)


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