how very myspace of me

This post is really stupid, but it's Friday, so it's ok. I took it from Angi. She's not stupid.

ABC's of Me

[A] Age: 23. But my birthday is one month from today! MARK YO' CALENDARS.

[B] Bed size: Queen. A king is a MUST someday, especially when your husband twitches in his sleep and your cat insists on sprawling out between the two of you.

[C] Chore you hate: I refuse to clean the toilets. Won't happen.

[D] Dogs: I love them and I want one.

[E] Essential start to your day: Don't speak to me until I've had at least 1 cup of coffee.

[F] Favorite color: It's a tie between royal purple and turquoise. And sometimes green.

[G] Gold or silver: Silver all day.

[H] Height: 5'8''. Yes, I'm a giant. And I still wear heels! Sometimes.

[I] Instruments you play: The piano. The first love of my life. And I had a stint with the clarinet from 5th-12th grade.

[J] Job title: Legal Assistant.

[K] Kids: Baaaaaaabyyyyy feeeeeeeevvveeerrrrr.

[L] Live: Columbus, Ohio!

[M] Married: It will be 2 years in May. Dang.

My all time favorite wedding picture

[N] Nicknames: My favorite is "Smish" that my best friend calls me. There was a boy in high school who used to call me smelly shelly. He had the worst dandruff I've ever seen.

[O] Overnight hospital stays: Nope.

[P] Pet peeve: Basically everything these days.

[Q] Quote:

Kidding! Something more like this.

[R] Righty or Lefty: Seriously? This question? Are we 13? Apparently. And I'm right handed, by the way.

[S] Siblings: Only child! And so is James. Our poor children will have no cousins. Or aunts and uncles.

[T] Time you wake up: 6:20ish. 

[U] University attended: East Carolina University. Playboy's #4 party school in the nation. They party so hard they burned a frat house down a few blocks from where I lived. Just to clarify, I was the nerd writing her papers on Friday nights.

[V] Vegetables you dislike: Peas. Gag. 

[W] What makes you run late: TRAFFIC. Don't get me started.

[X] X-rays you've had: This is a dumb question. Other than my teeth, who knows.

[Y] Yummy food: This. All day every day.

[Z] Zoo animal favorite: ELEPHANTS.

And now, because it's Friday and I'M STILL LAUGHING AT THIS:


  1. haha don't you miss myspace sometimes...just a little? mostly i miss typing something as my "headline" or "tagline"..and by "something" i mean an emo indie rock lyric...

    i love that someecard, i wanted to give up coffee for lent..but i decided against it for the sake of everyone around me. also, baby fever? YES, same here.

  2. My favorites: JOB TITLE!!...the quote, OF COURSE... and that final gif-- never NOT hilarious. Also, I want to hear your piano skillz. Stat. Vlog it.

    That picture of you and James is so beautiful. It reminds me of those stock-photos that come in the frames when you buy them. PRECIOUS.

    HAPPY FRIDAY!! xoxo :)

  3. MY CALENDAR HAS BEEN MARKED! I marked it the day I was reading Vintage Michelle and I came across your birthday post from last year!


    I also had a stint with the clarinet from 5th-12th grade.

    I love my king size bed. Get one! Get one!

  4. THAT FOOOD.....oh my god, I want it so bad.
    Calender marked, don't fret pet!!!
    oh yeah, and that food.. seriously.

  5. I play the piano too. though it was never the love of my life and now I wish it had been.
    I've been having a stint with the guitar, a ukelele and three different harmnonicas for the last five years. sometimes all at once.

    and peas? I love peas. I'll eat your peas.
    why does that sound gross?

  6. hahahhah!!! March birthdays are awesome...mine's the 9th! And glad to know you are 5'8 and are right handed. I'm a better person now:) haha, love you!

  7. Calendar is marked for your b-day! It'll be easy to remember anyhow, it's 5 days before our wedding anniversary. ;)

    I highly recommend a king sized bed. Although your bed/lamp is super cute.

    I love peas...and do not like dogs. I'm not sure how to handle this difference between us. This has never happened before.

  8. so myspace of you, and so awesome.

    have a great weekend!

  9. YOURE 5'8... I dont believe you. You are lying you must be Catfishing me.
    Also you make me laugh. The end.

    Unless you are catfishing me on being funny. Then this is not the end, this is just the beginning

  10. 5'8" is gigantic. You're taller than my husband, Michelle. And he's taller than me. But I love Royal Purple and Turquoise. Never green, though.

  11. awwwww, no cousins or aunts or uncles...i never would've thought about that before! wow. well, do your parents have any siblings? because then your kid/s will at least have great aunts...lol

  12. Oh I hate to clean toilets too. HATE IT. I'd rather fold a million loads of laundry than clean a toilet!

  13. Do you remember the days before myspace when these used to come in your email, and you would have to scroll to the bottom to see who had already been tagged?

    No? Damn, I'm getting really old.

    And for the record, I'm a lefty. And I'll be a surrogate aunt to your kids. That way they can have cousins. Cousins are the funnest.

  14. Did I know your birthday was so close to mine? HAVE WE TALKED ABOUT THIS? March 15th? Because I'm really putting it on my calendar. I'm sending you an Ostrich.

    YOU ARE NOT GIANT. My little sisters, are literally little, like 5'6, and they call themselves giants and don't like to wear heels and it makes me stabby. Maybe they shouldn't date such shorties...

    The wedding picture is so lovely! It almost makes me want to have a wedding. ALMOST.

  15. there was a small stint in junior high when a couple of my friends called me 'mitch' (one still does to this day. thankfully she is the solo survivor) i thought it was waaay cool. my mother on the other hand cringed everytime she heard it.
    stupidly, during my short time as a server i was talking with the cooks and mentioned that i was once referred to as mitch.
    enter: mitch the bitch.
    of course they were calling me a bitch with as much love as possible. whenever i see them they still bring it up, 4 years later.

    and im with ya on the height! 5'-9" here! my boyfriend hates it when i wear heels.. sucks for him!

  16. We can be giants together. 5'10 over here girl.
    I love that teal(?) pillow. I want it.
    Can you move to Cali and teach me how to play piano? Thanks.
    I'm now hungry for some mac and cheese.

    this is how far behind i am on my blog reading. it's 8 days until your birthday.


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