I interrupt this tuesday morning to bring you my thoughts

+ Yesterday I wrote all about my crazy Ikea experience and how my mom and I ate Swedish meatballs Saturday. You know what else happened yesterday? THIS. Horse meat in Ikea's Swedish meatballs. THAT PLACE IS OUT TO GET ME. Also, that was maybe the second or third time I've had meat this year, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to try a meatball or two. SERVES ME RIGHT.

+ Speaking of Ikea (again), my friend Meg commented a few weeks ago that she thinks God  purposely puts me in crazy and awkward situations just so I'll have something to write about one day. I'm convinced she's right. But as long as I get a chicken pillow out of it, I can't complain.

+ I spent my tween years head over heels in love with Nick Carter. I was obsessed. Like, giant poster of his face on my closet door obsessed. The Backstreet Boys made a recent comeback which set my soul on fire until I realized Nick Carter ain't what he used to be. It took some time, but I made peace with it. I found closure. It just wasn't meant to be. And that was confirmed again when he announced his engagement last week. But more troublesome that his engagement? His tweet about it.

Yes, he purposed to his love. Quit playing games with my heart? More like quit playing games with the English language.

(Nick, if you're reading this, I still love you.)

+ Speaking of men I love (I really do love my husband, I swear), I rekindled my love for Jamie Cullum at the gym yesterday. I've loved him since high school, and my iPod was on shuffle, and before you knew it I was doing lunges in time with I'm All Over It. I love his music. I love his piano playing, I LOVE THAT HE'S BRITISH, and I don't understand why there are only 5 other people in the US who know about him. GET IT TOGETHER, AMERICA. 

Also, it's a scientific fact that reading Nicola's blog while blasting Jamie will make you think you're in London.
That's all I have today. Back to your regularly scheduled programming


  1. Their first album was the first CD I ever bought myself. MEMORIES. And I always loved AJ, so we totally could have been friends in 1997.

    Do you remember a few years ago when the Carters had a reality show on MTV or something? I think I saw five minutes of one episode and then cried myself to sleep.

  2. I literally love being a scientific fact.
    SO. MUCH.

    p.s I don't know if I even care about there ebing horsemeat in their meatballs.. I literally love them so much. Is that gross??

  3. Jamie Cullum's "All At Sea"... love every minute of it.

  4. NICK CARTERRRRRRRRRRRRR you dumb dumb.. why must you butcher the language that I love so much??

    I was always more of a Brian Littrell fan (I MEAN HE HAD A HOLE IN HIS HEART!)

    I will need to check out this Jamie Cullum lad. I am deeeeep into a never-ending playlist of Avett Brothers right now.. can't believe I have gone this long without knowing how wonderful they are!!

  5. I love Jamie Cullum! My husband introduced me to his music and we played a few of his songs at our wedding ("But for Now" comes to mind but I think there were a few more...) so count me as one of your five and look for the other three!

  6. Nick certainly needs to quit playing games with the English language. And start playing games with good hairdressers and the gym. He no longer lives up to my TigerBeat ideal of him. And since Lance Bass is a no go, I need to know that Nick is always there. Doesn't he understand his responsibilities as a former teen idol???

  7. Purposing? That hurts me. Hurts. Then again, he just had to read lyrics and sing them... can't be that hard.

  8. One of my friends posted on her Facebook the other day that she had eaten Ikea meatballs recently too, and was grossed out by the fact that there might have been horse meat in them.

    My response was simply, "But did they taste good?"

    Evil, I know.

    I need to pull my Jamie Cullum back out. I used to listen to him YEARS ago, early college years, and then I completely forgot about him. Shameful.

  9. The British people are the ones eating horsemeatballs. So, you know. The British...I'd like to purpose that you don't eat meat in London when you visit.

  10. Rekindled?! You mean, your flame for Cullum actually fizzled?! BLASPHEMY.

  11. I wish my husband would have purposed me.

  12. Oh man, you don't have very good luck with meat/Ikea then. Beware!!! haha

  13. Jamie Cullum is AMAZING. I love him.

    Nick Carter's got nothing on him.

  14. Horse meat AND incorrect use of the english language?? get me out of here right now!

  15. AHHH I forgot about the chicken pillow PLEASE DO AN UPDATE POST I want to know where he is and if your cat has torn him asunder yet.


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