mondays, man

You guys. Yesterday was awful. I woke up with a schedule and an outfit picked out for my new job. I woke up, showered, got dressed, and made breakfast. My phone rang at 7:45. It was my new employer. I panicked. Turns out, someone important is in the office all week, so we have to dress up extra nice.

Cue panic mode as I reconfigure my outfit and barely have time to snarf down my toast. I pulled my black pants on and noticed that they're actually not black...they're white. White with lint and cat hair. No problem! I'll just use the lint roller. Except....I can't find the lint roller. Oh! James and I traded cars today, and the he took my car with the lint roller.


But thankfully, I found some packing tape at the last minute. So picture me rubbing my pants all over with a roll of packing tape. It was a hot mess. But hey! It worked. My pants were as good as new.

And then! I got on the highway on my way home from work. It was snowing like crazy, and traffic was bumper to bumper. That happens sometimes, but typically it doesn't take me more than 30-35 minutes to get home in rush hour traffic.

An hour later I drove down the road 1/4 mile from home, and there was a detour right before the entrance to my apartment complex. I screamed. I followed the detour into a neighborhood and realized there were no signs, and I had no idea where I was.

30 minutes later, I finally got home. So yes, it took me 90 minutes to get home. Just in time to reheat my Chipotle before James had to go to his class. No gym or home cooked meal this Monday night!

Oh! I haven't mentioned my job, have I? Well.

It was good. Very good. It was the first time I haven't wanted to run screaming on the first day of work. At my last job, I called my mom nearly crying during my lunch break on my first day because I hated it. Today? That wasn't even a thought. I mainly just did a bunch of paperwork and orientation and training stuff, but it was good. I have a good feeling about this, guys.

My favorite part of the day was probably my first time in the bathroom. Let me explain. I was washing my hands and saw someone creeping toward me out of the corner of my eye. Some girl with brown hair and a green shirt. Why was she so close to me?!?! I had no idea. I was scared. She was just about to touch me when I turned to look at her and realized it had been my reflection in a floor length mirror the whole time. I stifled a blood curdling scream. In a very full bathroom. Let's just say I made an interesting first impression to everyone near me, but really, would you expect anything less from me? I wouldn't.

So that was my day. I spent 4 hours alone doing online trainings that only took me 1 hour to finish. And I sat in a cubicle! I never thought I'd be so excited for my own cubicle. I can tell you one thing: If it weren't for my last job, I wouldn't be appreciating this one quite as much. I wouldn't be basking in my little corner of the cube farm.

But let's just hope it doesn't take 90 minutes to get home anymore.


  1. Found you from The Random Writings of Rachel :) great story! I'm going to quit my job in June to work FOR MYSELF *squeee* so I know how you feel! I'm glad you like your new job

  2. I hate when everything gets thrown up in the air last minute.. always seems to make me go from being confident to a bit of a mess!
    Am so happy for you though that you had a good first day - well the bit at work anyway!!
    And I will tell you a secret... I have a job interview Friday!!

  3. The image I have of you with the packing tape is amazing - and I've done that before when I couldn't find a lint brush!

    I'm sorry to hear that it took so long for you to get home last night, but I'm glad you enjoyed your first day. When you didn't send me any SOS text messages, I had a feeling you were enjoying it!

    I hope day 2 goes well!

  4. Sometimes I have to wrap my hands in scotch tape and just kind of touch myself everywhere.

    I don't know how else to really say that without it sounding even weirder.

    Your posts always make me laugh! (:

  5. I want my own cubicle so bad it hurts. My desk is in a giant u shape that cray sits in one corner of the u and I in the other. It's basically like sharing a desk. I had my own office at my last job. Thinking about it makes me teary. Congrats on your first day!

  6. The oldddd packing tape trick-- we've all done it! I chipped my (self-done) French Mani at my office once and professionally filled it back in with a white-out pen. Way to go!!! I'm so, so glad your first day went well, commute aside! :)

  7. Every time I'm at the story and I see lint brushes I think, "I should buy one of those." But I never do. And more often that I would like to admit, I find myself with packaging tape. haha

    glad you had a good first day. I'm experiecing a little cubicle envy here. Even though there isn't a cubicle for miles around here. Just a lot of rocks and dirt. haha

  8. I found your blog through The Random Writing of Rachel. New follower! I really like your blog because you actually WRITE about stuff! Can't wait to read more!

  9. OHHH sounds like a Monday, for sure. So glad about your new job! I have already cried because of my new job... :/ Pray for me. haha so happy for you :)

  10. I'm glad it went well! From the title of your post I was a little concerned. Isn't there just something so grown up about having your first cubicle?

  11. Holy commute home. I hope today is a much smoother ride home. Glad your first day went well despite the bathroom creeper. ;)

  12. That sounds like a good day! Except for the commute. Yikes.

  13. Ugh, the one downside to owning a cat. The constant lint rolling and then hoping you make it out of the house without somehow acquiring another shirt/pants full of hair, haha. I'm glad your first day went so well!! Here's to an awesome 2nd day, WITHOUT an evil commute home.

  14. SCARY LADY IN THE MIRROR. Oh goodness, Michelle. That is too much to handle.

    I am glad you at LEAST had a good first day at work. That is a step way up in the right direction!

  15. yay! So glad it went well! And you freak - you freak of nature. ;) I did that one time...well sort of. My sister is 5 years older than me and growing up, people would always ask if we were twins. I never thought we looked alike and would get so ticked at people when they asked us. One time, shopping together, I saw my sister, turned and started talking to her, only to realize I was talking to myself in a full length mirror. And then I had no one but myself to be pissed at. ;)

  16. congrats on your first day of work darlin!!!

  17. Glad to hear the first day went well...I hope the second one was too, and that the commute was better!

  18. I lint roll like no other. I'm glad your work day went well, and I hope that today went a little better!

  19. Most people would think that you and I are crazy for craving the cubicle. I want it so badly that I can taste it.

    I'm glad that at least 8 hours of your day was pretty good! I am so glad that Beckham is a black cat... my black, brown, and grey pants never look crazy. You're going to have to hide your pants from Noelle from now on!

    The best part of Mondays? They only happen once a week!

  20. i hate scrambling for a better, dressier outfit. sigh. like those nights sometimes when we're going swing dancing and my sister calls me out for a too-casual outfit and she makes me change into a cutesy skirt and better top. :P
    that only happened once, btw. i'm a big girl. lol.

    yay for the new job!!!!


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