my life, in parks & rec gifs

Tonight, at approximately 5:30 when I can finally leave:

I cannot stop watching this. 
At my last job, while sitting at the reception desk: 

Blogging about work: 

When people use the word "hubs" or "hubby":

To myself, in Target:

On my period: 

During PMS: 

Yesterday, when I thought I was in the men's bathroom, only to run out, make a scene, and then realize I had been in the women's bathroom all along:

When I'm home alone with the musics pumpin': 


  1. You have given me the biggest smile on my face!!!!
    Literally the best thing I have seen all week :)

  2. GRRR...some of these will not show up on my computer!!

    But I love the PMS one...I can definitely relate to that.

    Here's to 5:30! Boo, it needs to be 5!

  3. !!!!!!!!

    I knew this was coming, and still it is better than I ever dreamed. This depicts my life, every aspect of it. ESPECIALLY the Jean-Ralphio dancing one.

    xoxoxo LOVE IT.. and you! Happy Friday!!!!! :)

  4. oh parks & rec. perfect :)

    have a great weekend!

  5. I love that show so very, very much...!


  6. So i recently just started watching this show on Netflix after I ran out of episodes of 30 Rock (R.I.P.) and I am loving it so far! I freaking love these GIFs so much, especially the PMS and on my period one– so so accurate!

  7. I really need to start Parks & Rec. It sounds incredible, and I don't know why I have never gotten into it.

  8. Ha! So fun. Love me some Jean Ralphio.

  9. Hahaha these are great. Love treat yourself. I'm pretty sure all of us could use the reminder/excuse from time to time. Especially my hubby hubs ;)

  10. Dang...i guess you roll your eyes at me a lot because of my use of hubby.
    TREAT YO SELF. I say that everywhere I go ;D


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