does anyone really know what time it is? does anyone really care?

^^if you know who sings that song, I love you. I declare it the theme song of Daylight Savings.

James was in North Carolina over the weekend to be in his friend's wedding. I would've gone, but I can't use my paid time off for another few weeks. And since spending the weekend alone in our apartment would obviously mean all the rapists and murderers would come visit, I stayed with my parents for the weekend. Being able to hop in the car and drive through the pretty Ohio countryside for 45 minutes to see my parents is one of the best parts of living in Ohio again.

Friday night is Mexican night in my parent's house, so I got home Friday night and had a fajita quesadilla from my favorite sketchy Mexican joint. As I ate, we watched Alaska reality shows (hi, Angi!) and analyzed our favorite episodes of Seinfeld. Just normal stuff. I brought my sewing machine with me so my mom could help me turn into Martha Stewart. On Saturday morning, we sat down at the sewing machine and quickly realized that I had forgotten the power cord. And the foot pedal. It was what my parents call a "classic Michelle moment." So yes, I'm more like the dingbat Martha Stewart. If you need more evidence, see here. I'm a mess. But don't fret! Things got better. My mom and I planted ourselves in the living room with popcorn and murder mystery shows until midnight. You know, since I escaped my empty apartment and all the murderers surrounding it, I figured I'd watch other people get killed. We also watched hours of news coverage of that Jodi Arias murder trial. How have I not heard about this?! She's like the new Casey Anthony. I love a good murder trail. Is that bad? I want to be on the jury of one of those. I already sit at home and dissect every shred of evidence and every twitch of the eye. You might as well stick me in the courtroom and let me use my talents for the greater good.

Another good part of being home is that my mom always has some delicious food (as in she understands my deep need of falafels). She is also amazing at knitting. There's gorgeous yarn and hand knit goods all over the house. Speaking of which, on Sunday I discovered my new career: a yarn model. My mom is an insane knitter. Like, she whipped out a hat while I was home. She also knitted this cowl and made me model it for her for pictures she needs for a knitting conference.

Please enjoy these horrifying pictures of me in my natural state: sans makeup, a hoodie, and squinting into the sun.

Look at this! She knit this! And it's mine now. And I will be wearing it every day. Aside from the cowl, the best part of these pictures is that I was outside and it was 62 degrees out. SIXTY TWO. Glorious. It is now 6:51 on Monday morning. The snow has melted, the rain just stopped (for now), and there's a bird chirping outside the window. I dare say it's nearly spring. I also dare say I will not make it through this day without my head hitting my keyboard at some point. Daylight Savings is a jerk.

Don't I lead such an exciting life? How was your weekend?


  1. Shhh....don't scare away Spring.
    I mentioned it on my blog last week and we have SNOW today. SNOWWWW!!! What the giant fuck???

    Looks like you had a nice weekend at home though!! xxx

  2. Wow, what a beautiful beautiful cowl. I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend! sounds fun :)

    I'm LOVING the weather. I am SO TIRED of being cold!

  3. That cowl is ADORABLE (as is the model)!!!! Tell your mom my neck is feeling a weeeeee bit cold. ;)

    I am semi-thankful for daylight savings. I read a book, OUTSIDE, until almost 7pm last night! And I didn't even need my book light!!! I was NOT thankful for daylight savings when it was super dark this morning when my alarm went off. NO THANKS.

    HAPPY MONDAY xoxoxo

  4. I love a good murder trial too! I'm glad I'm not alone in this. I always feel bad because someone (obviously) died, but I get right into that kind of thing!

    Um, your mom is amazing. I need her to teach me how to whip one of those up! I bought one from Target, but to be able to make my own would be amazingggg.

    How wonderful that spring is right around the corner??

  5. Wow, your weekend sounds a lot like mine... except more fun. Confession: I had to google "Jodi Arias murder". Maybe getting Netflix after a year without it is not good for my knowledge of current events.

    Oh, and thanks for getting Chicago songs stuck in my head.

  6. That cowl is gorgeous! I love that you spent the weekend with your parents. If I could, I'd do the same thing when Justin goes out of town (this particular time I just came with him :p).

  7. Run your good weather in a little more why don't you? We got a surprise 8 inches of snow yesterday. I love going to my parents house because they always have the best food. All the chemically processed shit I won't buy for my own home, but I deem it okay to eat at my parents. It's like the holy grail of junk food.

  8. Interesting...it's snowing here this morning. For only like the 3rd time this winter. Highly unusual...

    I haven't heard of this Jody Arias trial! I must go look it up...

    Beautiful cowl!!! I want to hang out with you and your mom and play with yarn....

  9. That girl who done and killed her boyfran' (ex) is absolutely insane. It's fascinating, I haven't missed a beat.

    I watched TV all weekend too, how cute of us, just bonding, bonding, bonding.

  10. I've only heard of this Jody lady on blogs. I do kind of get sucked into those things, so I am glad I don't really know the story. I don't need another time suck. I kind of wish my husband would be gone for a weekend. Mostly so I don't feel guilty about not doing anything.

  11. I love your knitwear modeling skills. You have a gift.

    I'm obsessed with all things Alaska. I watched the entire Sarah Palin mini-series about Alaska, and when we had cable I religiously watched every episode of Flying Wild Alaska and Ice Road Truckers.

    I find any excuse to stay at my parents' house too. The food and the beer are free. It's the happiest place within a 30 mile radius.

  12. Murder both real and fictitious to unwind, with knitting as a high point? You've got the most unique peaks & valleys. :)

  13. Murder trials are my FAVORITE. I'm pissed I miss all this amazing Jody Arias business while I'm earning a stupid paycheck.


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