*dramatic sigh*

unimpressed with all the things

This week has been rough, guys. Like, just so rough. And it's my birthday week! Aren't birthday weeks supposed to be like carnivals (minus the creepy carnies) and heaven all rolled into one? I mean, that's what I've always been told.

But no. The universe is trying to ruin my last week as a 23 year old. For instance, I made chili and cornbread for dinner on Monday. Sounds delicious, right? Not when you ruin the cornbread...from a box. I know. I know! I've made it a million times. And I am a snob and never use boxed mixes, but Trader Joe's has the best cornbread. It's not even cornbread. It's cake. And it was so awful I couldn't eat it.

This morning, in my state of early morning anger and unconscious, I washed my hair with conditioner. Not shampoo, conditioner. And since I thought I had already washed it, I then conditioned it. With conditioner. I was terribly afraid I had double conditioned and hadn't shampooed when I was in the shower, but I figured surely I am not stupid enough to do that! Well, sure enough I am. I'm already prone to greasy hair, so just imagine. My hair is greasy jungle right now, and the day hasn't even started. On the bright side, I think I solved our nation's oil/energy crisis. Just drill for oil in my hair! You're welcome, Obama. I'm also wearing a shirt I fear might be a little too grandma chic. I just have so many problems right now!

Other things currently happening:

+ I'm reading this book. I'm usually very wary of missionary books, since most of them bash anyone who doesn't follow their footsteps and move to some remote part of the world and hug all the children. But I don't get that vibe from this book. It's fascinating. I can't wrap my mind around the fact that she moved to Uganda at 18, and she's currently my age and has adopted 14 kids. Just wow. Also, very ironic that I'm reading this book and simultaneously super dramatic.

+ Eating. I'm eating everything in sight. I'm not pregnant, just PMSing. Never have I felt so ravenous before. I can't stop eating! I'm constantly hungry! If this keeps up I will be the next star of whatever show that is where they cut you out of your house.

+ There is a zit in the corner of my mouth. It hurts. It's ugly. I look like a leper. My life is horrible.

+ Daylight Savings is still tripping me up. I've been so exhausted from losing an hour of sleep this weekend/not getting enough sleep anyway. I'm a zombie. A starving, pms-ridden zombie. Now do you understand?

Please pass the coffee. And also a muffin.


  1. My birthday week is usually kind of blah. It's in three weeks... now I'm not looking forward to it!

  2. I am having the same exact kind of day. Except not so much greasy hair but a whiny toddler who doesn't like to share, and not so much a zit, but trying to wash a million dishes with same said boy trying to climb in the dishwasher. But YES on the lack of sleep and YES on screwing up meal-making. And now my boy wants me to dance in the living room. Sigh. Maybe a little dancing will help....

  3. oh, dear. Go get some coffee and zone out on pinterest for awhile! It will get better girlie, hang in there. We all have these days. they pass, and while our husbands/significant others look on in amusement.

    I tried to make Brussels spouts yesterday and hubby and I couldn't even eat them without gagging. I undercooked them.

  4. Dude, you have my permission to eat all the cake you can find today. Hang in there, all bad slumps come to an end.

  5. You crack me up! Washing the hair with conditioner-- I'VE DONE IT! Dang bottle sets where the shampoo and conditioner look IDENTICAL except the conditioner opens from the bottom and the shampoo opens from the top-- THE WORST! I always have to double check in the morning because between the 6am haze over my brain plus the fact that I can't see anything without my glasses ANYWAY-- mornings are usually a recipe for disaster.

    I am ravenous ON THE REG... so don't worry about it. It's your birthday week, eat whatever you want.

    SEE YOU.. (virtually).. TOMORROW!!! :D <3

  6. Zombies are so in right now; just think of yourself as a trendsetter! And I will be getting TJ's cornbread mix this weekend but I will let my husband cook it since I ruin everything.

    Also, hope your week gets better! It can only go up from here, right??

  7. If it makes you feel any better, I have messed up boxed bread mixes before. Your cornbread tragedy reminded me that I need to make some this weekend to go with the chili I'm making.


    I'm sorry you're having a bad week. I hope things start to turn around today. Well, besides the hair. And I'm curious as to how grandma this shirt you're wearing is.

    Cheer up - tomorrow is Thursday! :)

  8. How much Jeni's should we consume on Friday?? Because I'm SO on the PMS-y, ultra-ravenous train, too. Also, I heard greasy hair was totally coming back. At least that's what I've observed at my office over the past year. That and ramen noodles are acceptable as both meals and snacks... and consuming them 3+ times a day definitely won't make you look like a beach ball. At all.

  9. I don't even try with corn bread.
    I just, don't.

    Hope your day gets better! and just think, we're having a party day after tomorrow! yay! I have absolutely cleared my schedule, made sure the internet is rock solid and threatened Landon with his life if he tries to interupt. so....I'm really excited. :)

  10. Well I feel you about the birthday thing. I don't remember a birthday where I haven't cried in quite some time. My husband says my expectations are too high, yet I downgrade my expectations yearly and still somehow end up in tears at some point. Hopefully for you though things start took look up and become more like a carnival before your actual birthday.

    I'm sorry about your cornbread! I must admit that when it comes to messing up food of some sort I usually break down in a sort of adult tantrum. I don't know if it's because I can't handle the failure or if it mostly has to do with hating to waste food. Either way it usually takes my husband a good while to talk me down from pouting and refusing to eat at all.

    If it was possible I would bring you coffee and donuts!

  11. I hated to tell you that you made me laugh but you did. Bless your heart, I hope your week turns around VERY soon
    Oh and FYI, my hair is a greasy mess too and I'm not sure what happened to mine. Maybe I used conditioner twice, who knows!

  12. I just ate two brownies for breakfast so I feel you on the food front. I also once messed up boxed cornbread and I thought I could fix it by adding more cornmeal. Turns out that made a bad thing even worse. You are not alone, grasshopper.

  13. Drill your head for oil, that was aboslutley disgusting, yet I am still laughing.

    Oh my best gave me the katie book, oh she did. She is a wonderful human being, who does extraordinary things with her life, right? But I confess: I stopped reading it because she made me feel like I am doing nothing with my life.

    My boobs are killing me this week.
    I have eaten a house worth of food.
    My skin and I have been fighting for a solid week now.

    I feel like we're universal twins, granted you didn't divulge boob pain level.

    1. SHAY. Blasphemy. Corn tortillas and cornbread? What the heck...

  14. Not to one-up you, but we're still without heat, hot water, and all appliances that require heat (oven, stone, hair dryer, etc.). :/ Can I join your pity party? I'll bring yummy food.

  15. I've done the conditioner + conditioner thing before! Except I was so paranoid I'd done it (I had) that I re-shampooed my head just to be sure I didn't look like an oil slick.

    I'm sorry you're having such a nasty week!!! I hope your birthday is MUCHO better.

    OH and I'm glad you're loving that book. It's in my top 10 now for SURE.

  16. I have a zit in the corner of my mouth too. Sigh.

  17. Hard to be you today :)

    Don't expect too much from birthday weeks anymore...folks over 21 don't really get much more than a "Oh, it's your birthday? Happy Birthday," from the world. The week-long parade just doesn't seem to be able to find your address like it did back in the day.

    Just making life nice for yourself - maybe indulging in some pre-made yummy corn muffins, like from a local diner, to ensure quality - might turn it around. The 92 year old diner waitress that calls you Hon doesn't care about mouth zits - actually, she can't even see it. :)

    We can't see it either, here in blogland - happy birthday, O clear-skinned angel!

  18. I've ruined cornbread before too. And I once tried to wash my face with conditioner. :) Happy birthday week!

  19. I have been eating so much lately too. I feel like a giant hog. Ugh. You are not alone friend!

  20. oh no! I'm sorry - I totally know how you feel though, for some reason my birthday week always sucks haha - hope it gets better though!

  21. It's a hard week so that you have a wonderful birthday! Can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow... and I'm so sorry, work has been nuts and I forgot to mail your birthday card. But I will. So let's just pretend your birthday week starts the day of your birthday and extends 7 days after, alright???

  22. wow you are SO young!!! I mean that in all goodness, Happy belated birthday , I am a March birthday gal myself, on the 1st I turned......................39. See why I think you're young!

    Oddly enough, your week sounded like MY birthday week, I have the same thoughts about how it's suppose to so not be that way, it was maddening, but I ended up having a good birthday, did you?

  23. Birthday weeks really should be like carnivals. I'm already feeling somewhat sorry for Angel, because he will be spending his birthday this year in an airplane over the Pacific Ocean. But he's just a boy so it's okay if his birthday day isn't the awesomest.

    Daylight Savings has also been rough on me this time around, I don't know why.

    And my Mom read us SO MANY missionary books when I was a kid that I was convinced that at some point we were doomed to get "called" and have to move to the jungle and eat grubs and never have electricity ever again. Turns out I was only half wrong....but I love those missionary books now!

  24. I didn't know kisses from kate was a book! I used to read her blog before I joined the Peace Corps. You'll have to tell me how you like it when you're done. Oh the good ol washing with conditioner. I don't know how many times I've done that, or almost done that.

  25. Dang, I still need to buy that stinkin' cornbread mix! You keep raving about it and I always plan on buying it the next time I'm at TJ's, but I always forget.

    Oh, the PMS emotional eating stage of every month. It's a blessing, yet a curse! I'm going through the same thing.

    p.s. I'm sorry that I'm SO late on this post and it's past your birthday and I'm a horrible blog friend!


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