in the morning, we're makin' WAFFLES

Oh you guys. You made me feel so loved on my birthday. Thank you! It's good to be 24. Even though there's something about 24 that sounds so adult. With 23, I still classified myself as being in my early twenties, and I was only a few years out of angsty teenagerdom, therefore I was allowed to have no clue how to handle adulthood. Now I'm mid-twenties and I feel like I am supposed to know something about something. So I guess I should work on that.

On my actual birthday, I walked downstairs to leave for dinner looking ridiculous yet amazing in my purple tights, when what did my little eyes see but a mint green BIKE. A MINT GREEN BIKE! People, you have no idea how badly I have wanted a bike. I haven't had one since high school, and every spring and summer and fall I desperately want to go on a bike ride. So, needless to say, I flipped my lid in the very best way. 

James got a enough brownie points to last a lifetime with this bike. He is the absolute best. And so are my parents, because they got me other awesome things including a TURQUOISE cast iron pan (oh the things you get excited about when you're 24!) and....wait for it......A WAFFLE MAKER.

I KNOW. I can't even handle myself right now. And do I dare even mention the cardboard antlers and the Gene Kelly shower curtain?!? DO I DARE?!?!?

These people, they know me so well. And so does Alissa when she sent me NOTEPADS and pens and paperclips (oh the joy!) and Kelsey when she sent me a RON SWANSON shirt that had my entire family cracking up. 

I don't love these people because they get me great presents (and I do mean great). I just love them in general. But I'm fangirling right now because my birthdays all through college were MIS-ER-A-BLE because North Carolina was evil and I had a limited amount of friends who did not care about my birthday or the fact that I was spending it without my family. So instead of sobbing in my car on the way home from class, I was spending it with REAL LIVE PEOPLE who love me and who I love. It was something I yearned for and prayed for. It's the little things, people. Little things like my coworkers decorating my desk and just acknowledging that I'm there, unlike my former coworkers. Little things like having all my favorite people in my very small living room eating delicious cake (praise the Lord for cake!). However my mother's fantastic cake and my best friend getting the night off work to spend it with me and presents do not hurt one bit. No they do not. 

And to continue the festivities, I got my hair cut on Saturday, church on Sunday was so good it made me cry in the middle of hundreds of people, and James went grocery shopping for me. And now it's Sunday night and a Duck Dynasty rerun is on. Basically, 24 has been good to me so far. Just don't quote me on that, because when you read this I'll be sitting at my desk on Monday morning trying to not to cry. And in a concerted effort to fight off the Monday blues, I'm going to go hand all my money to Modcloth.com. 


  1. My heart is so happy to hear how amazing your birthday was! So glad you had such a special day with special people. Everyone deserves a birthday like that :)

    1. Also, I NEED to see this Ron Swanson shirt. ASAP.

  2. Bikes are awesome. Of course it's still a little chilly...but that's my favorite thing to do in the spring and summer. IT's pretty much the only physical activity that I will voluntarily participate in.
    It's true that 24 does sound very grown up. Angel was 24 when I met him, I thought he was old. :P It really is nice to actually have a fun adult birthday!

  3. That bike. I'm swooning over it. I keep trying to convince Andy I need a new bike but he says mine is "perfectly fine". If "perfectly fine" means I got the bike when I was 12, there sure.

  4. Oh my word your birthday outfit is amazing! I am so glad you finally had a happy birthday! You deserve it!

  5. I'm glad your birthday was awesome. and that is an amazing bike!!

  6. IN LOVE with that bike!! GO JAMES!!! And a turquoise cast iron pan... I NEED TO SEE IT. That sounds amazing! I am so glad you had the best birthday, you deserve it!! :) xoxo

  7. I love this. :) And you. Let's go ride our bicycles where we like.

  8. I love the purple tights.
    I LOVE the mint green bike.
    And I love that you had such an awesome birthday!

    Annnnd now I'm wondering how you cut your hair!

  9. Ha! I love this mint bike - I have such a similar one in pink and it brings me all of the joy!

    I'm so happy you had such an amazing birthday. :) You deserved it!

  10. Yay for awesome birthdays! There's just something about them that reminds you how much you are loved that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Glad yours was celebrated right. Props to your hubby for the great gift. He really went big! Also, I love Sunday evenings even more now that Duck Dynasty runs old episodes back to back. My husband and I can't stop laughing when we watch that show.

    I tried to repo mine from my sister yesterday and she actually FORBID me from taking it. And I was all, "fine. I'll just go buy myself a NEW one." and she was like, "good."
    And I'm sitting here wondering all of the sudden why I didn't just take it. Because hello, it's MY bike.... damn.

    anyway. your birthday sounds AWESOME. so glad you have such wonderful people taking care of you.:)

  12. That bike is just too much fun. I am contemplating coming to visit just so that I can steal it.

    And don't worry... I'm 27, and I've learned that all you need to know about life when you're in you're 20's is that you have a lot of mistakes and learning ahead of you, and that you don't really know anything at all quite yet.

    Don't fret, I still owe you birthday mail. I will try to make it good.

  13. oh so happy you had such an awesome birthday!!! looks like a perfect time :)

  14. Yay yay yay yay yay! You totally deserve a perfect birthday weekend, girl! Love you!

  15. SO glad you had such a great birthday! That bike is FREAKING awesome, so happy you got one!!! I'm about to turn 26 next month and I had that 'oh crap' moment where I was like hmm, that puts me in my late 20s and I don't know what I want to be when I grow up yet haha! Age doesn't matter- I keep telling myself that ;)

  16. I'm glad you had such an amazing birthday!!!! I'm drooling over those antlers...I don't think Isaiah would go for that though. Haha!

  17. That bike is super cute. Lucky girl! Happy birthday again!

    and you.

    Happy Birthday againnnnn!

  19. What wonderful birthday presents!!! I love your new bike! :-)

  20. I'm glad you had such a great birthday! I love your purple tights and mint green bike. :)

  21. I love that damn bike.

    I love that your birthday was rich.

    I love that you are in my life.

  22. The purple tights are such a huge win. I love them so much! I love the bike, the antlers, basically all of this and I am glad that you had such an amazing birthday!

    Also, your present failed to make it in my purse this morning to go to the post office. You should have it between now and memorial day, probably.

  23. That. Bike.

    Just... I wanted it.

    I haven't been on a bike ride in sooo long!


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