All day long I have been dying to write, but I've had nothing to write about. It's like these thoughts and feelings are crawling out of brain and down to my fingers, but I can't quite get them on the keyboard. I can't quite figure out what it is that so desperately needs to escape. So I'm going to write some bullet points in hopes of finding myself along the way.

please enjoy this completely irrelevant picture!

+ Today (well, it will be yesterday by the time you hooligans read this) was the first day of spring. There were snow flurries. I'll leave it at that. I love winter and I love snow (sue me! I dare you!), but even I'm getting ready to not bundle up every time I even think about walking outside.

+ I'm craving a vacation. I know that might be ridiculous to say since I just had the best trip ever to California in September and I now have a job that doesn't make me cry, but I'm coming down with a case of wanderlust. A cabin in Hocking Hills? A road trip to Chicago? I have no idea. I just don't know. I also don't want to pay for a vacation; I just want to go. Actually, I think I just want a week with no work. Yes. I  think that's it.

+ I listened to some old school BSB & NSYNC at the gym today. It just felt  right, you know? At one point I caught myself actually singing along with Quit Playing Games With My Heart. I'm just really hoping no one noticed that or the fact that I had a wedgie situation I was desperately trying to take care of while being discreet. And if there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I'm not discreet. Anyway, Nick Carter & Justin Timberlake didn't make that mile go by any faster, nor did they make that muscle in my back stop hurting any less, but they did make the whole situation a smidge less murderous.

+ I woke up with the clouds of aunt flo and anxiety slowly parting, so I wore a dress to work with my favorite grey tights. Within ten minutes of clocking in, the zipper on the back of my boots snagged my tights and caused a huge rip from just below my knee to the top of my leg. I looked like a giant train wreck all day. RIP (literally!) favorite pair of tights. I hope Target still has you in stock.

+ I have a weird fascination with the Holocaust and World War II. It is literally one of the most horrible things that has happened in the world, and yet I can't stop learning more about it. I have no idea what it is about that time period that I'm so intrigued with, but it has sucked me in and tied me up (so that might sound wrong, but I have no desire to retype that sentence). One summer when I was in college, my mom gave me a stack of books written by Holocaust survivors. While everyone was laying out with Nicholas Sparks books and blasting rap, my striped bikini and I sat poolside and read about the Holocaust. I devoured every book I could get my hands on. And a few nights ago I started reading The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. It's going to be good. I can tell. My tear ducts are prepping.

+ Rimmel gel eyeliner and Burt's Bees grapefruit chapstick are my two new favorite things on this planet. They have made me a new woman. (This is the hard hitting sort of thing I think about each day)

+ Apparently my body thought my 24th birthday was a free pass to go full elderly. I have absolutely no clue what I did, but somehow I have pulled, nay, mutilated a muscle in my lower back. You have no idea how much you use those muscles until you can feel them. Sitting on the toilet has become my greatest adventure. I now stand up just like my dad: I push myself off the chair and stand like the hunchback, then with every little hobble I slowly stand just a little straighter until I can sort of walk. So I have that situation going on in the back, and aunt flo's cramps in the front. The term "hot mess" comes to mind.

That's all for now.


  1. The Hiding Place is such a hard book to read. When things are too sad and too true, I sometimes feel like I just can't think about them any more--but it is true that these horrible things need to be remembered.

    And I'm craving vacation, too. I've already got one scheduled, for July, but I can't wait!

  2. I could use a vacation too and I just got back from one! So i definitely feel ya. Also, I'm so ready for spring. The weather here will just not get any warmer and it keeps snowing on and off. SO ANNOYING.

    P.S.- You made me oh so excited for when I turn 24 going on 70 in a few years!

  3. A week after my 26th birthday I put my back out while making the bed. I had to call my then fiance (now husband, but I guess you would figure that out) to come get me off of the floor and bring me some ice. It was rough. And yes, free vacation sounds awesome, along with the ability to wear flip flops.

  4. Okay...
    You have seen the film "the boy in the striped pyjamas" yes??
    Please say yes.
    Then we can talk about how emotional it is and how much we weeped over it. Weeped I say!

    Secondly... yoga for the back. Go here (doyogawithme) and find one of the more restorative yoga sessions.. it will do wonders for your back. I promise. Even if it just doing one or two gentle stretches...

    lecture over..

    *commence on with day Nicola*

  5. I think maybe spring forgot it was supposed to be here...?

    I could use a vacation too. Maybe to somewhere that has warm weather.

  6. That picture is precious! Your hair looks SO GOOD!!! Also, ugh. I need a vacation too. I am going to Buffalo this weekend, but I'm not quite sure that counts since I am traveling alone and only going during hours I don't have to work anyway. I might 'come down with something' while I'm there and stretch it into a long weekend.... ;)

    BSB and Nsync are the perfect companion to any activity. At the gym? Perfect. In the shower? Perfect. In the car? The best.

    I once binge-read every book I could find on the Watergate Scandal in high school. I have no idea what peaked my interest. NONE.

    I am also (almost) 24 going on 86, and I'M COOL WITH IT. :) xoxo

  7. The Hiding Place is one of my all time favorite books. Corrie was such a brave woman. It's not an easy (emotionally) read, but the stories are inspirational...what she did with all the sorrow dealt to her.
    Also, it really doesn't feel like spring around here and I am going to search for that groundhog and give him a piece of my mind! :)

  8. I have the same odd obsession with the Holocaust/WWII and also serial killers. I can't tell you how many books on the either subject I've read. I can't begin to tell you why they intrigue me so much. Anyways, The Hiding Place is amazing! My mom read it to me when I was probably around 10-12 and then I had to read it again in high school.

    Spring has not arrived here either. Yesterday was ok, but today it's snowing. It won't stick around, but it's suppose to snow off and on for the next couple of days. *sigh* I'm just ready for it to be spring already!

  9. today you and I both referred to our blog friends as "hooligans."
    this is why I love you.

  10. I totally agree with the others that have recommended Yoga for your ouchy back. Also Ibuprofen since its an anti-inflammatory. If that doesn't help it over time, I would highly recommend seeing a chiropractor. I've been going regularly since I turned 26, because that's when my back decided to hate me and its helped tremendously.

  11. I tried the Burt's with pomegranate. It makes my lips taste like perfume. It's really gross. I need to try the grapefruit because all this dry weather is causing some serious clapping.

  12. Oh hello my kindred spirit - my specialization for my history degree is in WWII. I can't even stop learning about it, I just love it - which sounds awful, but...yeah, I don't have an excuse. I have a godawful amount of books with giant swastikas all over them from school that I can't part with because there's so much information about seizure of power and implementation of the Holocaust and the bystander effect and...oh it goes on. I'll email you a list of some good books tonight once I get home and can go through my library!

    Also - we got like 6" of snow on the first day of spring so...I'm feelin' ya on getting to leave the house without snow boots, mittens, and a huge jacket.

  13. awwe I hate it when I make a huge rip in my favorite clothing! I enjoyed your list.

    I love reading about the holocaust survivors...have you read "I have lived a thousand years"? Its about the holocaust--its amazing.

  14. Um, yeah. We got another 6" of snow last night. That means there is over a foot of snow outside right now. Not. Happy.

    I refuse to wear tights except for special occasions. I'll wear leggings because they're fracking comfortable, but tights dig into my waist and give me a stomachache, and it's not worth it. Hate them.

    I LOVE The Hiding Place! I read it years and years and years ago, MULTIPLE times, and I just actually downloaded it for my Kindle recently and am re-reading it. SO GOOD.

    Sorry about your back! :( ICE, ICE, BABY.

  15. You need a STAYCATION! I hate when people say that, but you do. Or a day off during the week, which feels like a vacation.

    Tell me more about this book. The Holocaust was awful yet so fascinating. As is polygamy, which is my weird obsession. Obviously not on the same level...

  16. I snagged a hole in my favorite tights yesterday too (with my wedding ring)!!! I'm running to Target at lunch to hopefully get a new pair. Sorry you're dealing with that too. :-(

  17. You're hilarious, I love your writing.

    Also, I hope your back feels better!

  18. I have an entire playlist on my ipod called "Teenybopper running mix". It would make your heart sing. I promise. I will email it to you sometime soon.

    We have snow in the forecast for tomorrow and Saturday. It's raining right now. I have been into work at 7am for the last 2 days, and worked until 6pm. This is not my ideal way to start spring.

    Let's both take vacation, okay???

  19. Oh man, I am such a freak for the holocaust as well.

    Yeah, I said it.

    It started when I was 14 and my class read Night by Eli Wiesel and then he came to our school to talk to us about his experience.

    So glad there is someone else as preoccupied by the Holocaust as I am. :D

  20. Have you read In The Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson? It's a nonfiction account of the lead up to WWII based on the journals of the U.S. ambassador to Berlin and his family, plus some journals and papers from Hitler. It's not about the Holocaust exactly but it's about the years leading up to it and how some people saw what was about to happen yet it wasn't stopped. Sad yes but very interesting, plus the daughter of the ambassador was a total hussy and the parts about her are hilarious.

  21. I am sitting here on my couch talking into my phone rather than typing out this comment. I hear you on a need for a vacation. I hear you for a need for spring. I no longer love winter granted I live in 1 of the warmest places in the United States. I went to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles a few years ago it is the only time I have cried in public outside of a funeral. nevermind I cried at the airport when I said goodbye to my best friend but that and funerals that's it.


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