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+ I am dying to rollerblade again. Not roller skate, roller blade because 1. Blading is way more baller, and 2. I fell too many times in my pink Barbie roller skates and I'm still traumatized. I haven't roller bladed since....high school? And I threw my roller blades out when I found a dead mouse in one of them. But really, I think it's time to bring roller blading back.

+ I spent all day Saturday in bed watching TV. I feel no shame. None whatsoever. But strangely enough? I think all that laying (lying?) in bed made me pull a back muscle. I kid you not; I've been miserable the last few days.

+ On that note, medical mystery shows are turning me into a hypdocondriac. Amen.

+ On that note again, a lower back ache does not mean cancer, MICHELLE. Sheesh.

+ I am so ready to move this summer. I love this apartment and all its quirkiness, but it's too small I'm dying for something different in a different part of the city. I can't stop decorating a new place in my mind, even though we have nothing nailed down, but I have grandiose ideas of what I hope we find. This could get dangerous.

+ When you go to Trader Joe's semi-hungry, you will walk out with chocolate covered potato chips and cookie butter. It's science.

+ I'm going to say something that is going to horrify and offend almost every girl that reads this blog: I'm sort of over Target. Now put your tar and feathers down and just hold on a second. No need to revoke my woman card. Let me explain. I still love their home decor. I love the pillows, the candles, the vases, all that stuff. I love their workout clothes. I love their shoes occasionally. But I'm totally over their clothes. There's a dress here and a cardigan there that I love, but I feel like Target and I are going in two different directions. Let's just say we have different tolerance levels of neon colors, cutoff shirts, mullet dresses, and chambray (GAG). I haven't even mentioned that the parking lot is its own special ring of hell, and the people are turning more Walmart-ish by the day. For instance, there were several kids screaming for the 20 or 30 minutes I was in there, one lady was in her pajamas, and one lady was wearing a sundress and flip flops despite the fact that it was 25 degrees and snowing outside. So yeah, I think my bank account and I are going to be friends again (ha!).

+ There is currently an Amish midget on Amish Mafia right now. Just picture that. Please. Form that mental image in your mind.

+ When I first heard JT's Suit & Tie song, I sort of leaned toward hating it, and that is a hard feeling to feel for a long-time JT lover. Now, after seeing the Bud Light commercial 53 times over the weekend, I think I'm starting to love it (the song, not But Light. Ew).

+ I'm not a makeup girl, but I do love my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. However, the names of some of the eyeshadows are a little....awkward. For instance, I was getting ready for church on Sunday and didn't feel quite right about slathering my eyelids in something called Bootycall while getting ready to worship our Lord. Just didn't seem quite right.

+ I turn 24 next week, but it might as well be 84. You see, there's a big blizzard coming to Ohio today. You know how I know? MY JOINTS TOLD ME. That's right. Whenever there is any kind of storm or low pressure system moving in, my joints notify me before the weatherman can. My mom always says her joints can predict rain with 100% accuracy, and it seems she's passed on this gift to me.

there's a 30% chance it's already raining!

How are you guys?


  1. I've never been impressed by Target's clothes one bit. Though I did just recently fall in love with a pair of shoes there that I didn't buy....but that's beside the point. Target's clothes are way too trendy and mainstream and boring for my taste. But how can you diss denim shirts? I love denim shirts, I've been wearing them since infancy... :)

  2. no! not target! how could you?? ;) but seriously, i think this is just a weird phase full of neon. their bathing suits are still cute! and what about shoes? work with me here!

  3. my boyfriend has been kind enough to make my endure amish mafia, and we were watching it the other night, totes saw the midget. he was trying to be all tough and show people who's boss...by throwing their plant..and smashing their mailbox..with an axe.
    like really? i cant take you seriously amish midget man.

  4. Pretty sure anytime I walk into Trader Joe's I leave with cookie butter... The stuff is just too dang good to pass up!!!! I love it with pretzels. When I get some more I'm going to try it on apple's and pancakes.


  5. Trader Joes. TROUBLE.
    Also I can totally see you rocking the Roller Blades... really I think I can see you Roller Derby-ing, if only to write about it!

  6. I used to roller blade a lot and play street hockey with all the boys! But I'm Canadian, so skating and hockey are in my blood...

    I haven't bought clothes for me at Target in ages. I just don't like the styles either! I do buy a butt load of baby clothes though.

  7. I wish I lived next to a trader joes. I hear so much about them, but I've never visited one yet. I don't like target-anything. Too expensive! I can't afford anything there. I like many of their things, I just can't ever buy them. Also, some of their things are made very cheaply, I think.

  8. Amen on Target sister-friend. Every time I find a dress I like, I'm all like WHY HAVE YOU MADE IT A MULLET??!? And then every shirt is neon or cropped because, obviously, I am a 6' 3" model from 1992 Southern California so it would look perfect on me. Obviously.

    I'm totally with you on the moving - even though I'm sick of moving. I just want a space that's perfectly mine to just decorate and make my own. Apartment hunting can be soooo dangerous with that outlook. Good luck! Stay strong!! :)

  9. I threw my rollerblades out because I found a mouse in them. After I had put my foot in it.


    Our similarities are beginning to... scare me a little.

    BLADING IS LIFE. I swear, on my life, over the summer my roommate and I used to go to a local rink and skate (with a bunch of CHILDREN) for fun on the weekends. Rollerblading is honestly one of my favorite things// I am a total hypochondriac, too, NO WORRIES// #TARGET PROBLEMS// JT IS MY SWEET ANGEL FOREVER. He could sing the phone book in that sweet falsetto and I would tune in. He is hosting SNL this week! BE THERE// I LOVE THE NAKED 2! It was the first real makeup I ever bought for myself. And I agree, some of those names? Let's relax. I don't need to be slathering 'Half Baked' on my face before work. Getting up early makes me look BAKED enough.


    1. KELSEY. Let's go to Guptills! And Secrets!

      Ta-ta-ta-twoooo water cannons!

  11. I hear you on the Target clothes. I have gone in with high hopes only to be slapped in the face with floral leggings... literally (thank you, small random child with no parent in sight). Also, good call on the roller blade issue. Dead mice can bring bad karma on the roller-rink.

  12. I LOVE TO ROLLERBLADE! The ones I had in high school still fit me and Chris went to this "Play Again Sports" place and picked up a pair, too. UGH, I wish we lived closer so we could go blading!

    Target -_- I hear ya. First of all, they jacked their prices. Second of all, you're absolutely right about the clothes. That used to be my go to place for sweaters, tops, etc. and now I don't even bother looking through the racks.

    I'm so excited for your birthday! I have been planning how we can celebrate despite being (what feels like) a million miles away from each other :)

    PS: I'm 6 months away from 27. HOW GROSS IS THAT.

  13. My roommates and I were ALL ABOUT roller blading. We would go down the canyon on the eroding bike path all the time. But now I'm with Landon, the rollerblading has stopped. he refuses to go. lame. I'll go with you.

    also, Sunday Landon and I slept til ELEVEN! and missed church. (shame on us) but we didn't leave the bed unless it was to pee or get food. And even then, the food ended up back in bed with us. And then yesterday I was doing P90X (damn you Tony Horton) and I pulled a muscle in my back. Which after reading your post, I'm now convinced is because I stayed in bed for 32 hours the night and day and night before.

    sometimes I feel like when I read your blog, I'm reading about me. you and I are too alike, my friend.

  14. I am on the exact opposite side of the rollerblade vs rollerskate debate. I would much rather skate than blade, I feel more secure.

    I think that you should totally wear bootycall eyeshadow to church. And screaming orgasm blush. And orgy-tastic lip gloss.

    Too far???

    WE have no TJ's here, and for that I'm 60% glad. Their snacks are dangerous.

  15. I JUST told Adam last week that I wanted to buy a pair of rollerblades. He looked at me like I was insane.
    Whatever. I'm doing it.

  16. My husband and I were at Target this weekend and he totally turned to me and said, "Do you feel like Target has turned into another Walmart?"

  17. I obviously don't have a Target even remotely near me anymore, but I'm with you - I honestly was never into their clothes. Workout clothes....yeah, sometimes...shoes, sometimes...pajamas, sometimes...and that's about it. Oh, their socks are fine. But their clothes just never really intrigued me all that much.

    It's almost your birthday!!!

  18. THIS BLOG CRACKS ME UP!! Haha, sorry for shouting, but I feel like Will Ferrell in all of his movies when he really likes something. Seriously though, every time I read your posts, I laugh out loud. Well done.
    I have to agree with you on Target's clothing...not impressing me much these days. I am sad to say I have started becoming interested in the clearance racks at the Loft...so yeah, maybe I am just getting old.
    And the eyeshadow!! Hilarious!
    I hope you find a really awesome new place!

  19. Tell me more about this cookie butter. I always pick it up and then put it back because I don't get it.

    Target clothes are turning into mall clothes.

    I am terrified of midgets and they should not be allowed to be Amish. I mean that will all of my heart.

    I think that it is better that you stick with urban decay and not move onto Nars because their makeup names...whoa. You might not be allowed to walk into church wearing their blushes!

  20. I was just dreaming of rollerblading while I was on the elliptical the other day! I think that would be a way better workout.

    And we just got Trader Joe's in Houston, and the best time to go is on my lunch break when I am already hungry, and my husband never understands how I can spend $80 on food with no nutritional value so easily... but the dark chocolate pretzel slims had to go home with someone!

  21. Oh the good old days of roller blading. Please get some and re-live the dream for me!

  22. REFUSING to Google "cookie butter". Whatever it is, I cannot. CANNOT. Know.

  23. I found six mice in my rollerblades. Six. And four in my ice skates. and three in roller skates. (1upIn)

    Target robs me blind. BLIND.

    Girl, I watched TV all day long Saturday too, but I was super depressed about it. Perhaps the E channel was the wrong decision for me.

  24. I have been wanting to roller blade for awhile now. But I need to buy some. And target clothes have been mostly miss lately. I want them to be cute, I really do, but it had left me feeling bleh the last few times I have been in there

  25. Those ARE very important thoughts. Especially the one about not putting "bootycall" on your eyelids before church. Yeah, I don't think God could forgive that one. ;-) (KIDDING!) Also, I totally think rollarblading should come back!

  26. I haven't rollerbladed in SO long. My husband and I even have some! I need to dust them off, though.

    TJ's is serious trouble when you're hungry. Everything looks SO good!

  27. I feel the same exact way about Target's clothing. It's just getting WEIRD and UGLY. I don't like it. The cute home decor can stay though :D

    TJ's cookie butter is so good...oh man, I can totally taste it right now. Is that weird??

    Hahaha bootycall. That's hilarious! I bet you repented the entire time at church, didn't you?


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