some days

Some days, the clock ticks at the speed of molasses.

Some days, there's too much work and not enough to do.

Some days there are fights and arguments.

Some days the long awaited waffle dinner ends in inedible burned waffles.

Some days you throw a spatula through the living room out of hanger (hunger/anger).

Some days you just need to cry for several hours. And you do. And your eyes are swollen from it.

Some days your cat sleeps on your pillow.

Some days your best laid plans end in disaster.

I like to call these days Tuesdays.

But it's ok, because these terrible Tuesdays make for much better Wednesdays.

some days are like this


  1. Hahaha, I just saw that picture yesterday when I was scrolling through Google Images. I love it.

    I'm sorry to hear that the Terrible Tuesdays struck again. I'll be honest, Wednesdays have been the worst for me lately, so I'm hoping to get through the day without throwing anything.

    Hanger is a B.


    I'm sorry your Tuesday was a bummer. My Monday was. With Alissa's Wednesday, we are hitting the jackpot!

    Bookmark this and click in case of emergency:


  3. this is when you need old movies, popcorn, a warm blanket, a snuggle partner (or cat) and PJs.

  4. I thought you were a bit quiet yesterday!! :( Sorry you had such a crap day. Tuesdays always seem to go that way, don't they? My Tuesday consisted of cramps, a headache, and about 47 needle pokes from my cross stitching project. Today hasn't started off much better. We need a chocolate-filled chick flick night, for sure.

  5. Tuesday was stupid. Wednesday? Wednesday will be better. If only because we are one day closer to the weekend!

  6. "TGI WEDNESDAY, amirite!?" -Andy to Michael.
    I am sorry Tuesday sucked so badly. let's get through this wednesday. We're almost there ;)

  7. Oh no your terrible tuesdays are back! eeeee
    Happy Wednesday?

  8. I am so sorry your Tuesday was shitty but I absolutely love that picture. It kind of personifies all of my shitty days lately. Come to think of it - yesterday was pretty gross...my dog ate my comforter, so there's that.

    Hopefully today was so much better!

  9. Oh man, that's so annoying of life. And some days the clock is seriously slow. Only at school though, never happens at home!

  10. Sorry you had a rough Tuesday. Hope today was much much better for you friend!

  11. Oh gosh, I think we all have those days. And then I watch some Andy or Aziz and things start to feel right again.

    Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  12. It's like Tuesday is in competition with Monday to see who can hit you harder. Sorry you had a sucky day. :\ I hope today was better!

  13. Your Tuesday is my Thursday. Also, my cat likes to try to smother me in my sleep. I would rather he slept on my pillow.


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