things I don't understand, part 2

part 1

1. Why people always say your body craves the food it needs. I seriously hear this at least once a day. I can see this being true in certain instances (i.e. one day I craved spinach and it scared me), but let's break this down for a second. The entire medical community and I can guarantee you my body does not need a bacon cheeseburger, fries, and an entire chocolate cake. JUST A HUNCH.

2. Why people instagram their facebook statuses. I keep seeing this. I got off facebook for a reason, people. Stop the madness!

3. Why I am the only person who gets excited about storms. We had our first thunderstorm of the spring yesterday morning, and I was craning my neck over the cubicles to watch the storm, and no one else seemed to care. It's a storm, people! THIS IS EXCITING STUFF.

4. Why I'm not meant to work out this week. Tuesday evening I decided to do a workout DVD, but then we lost the DVD remote. Last night I was planning to go on a long bike ride, but then more thunderstorms rolled in out of nowhere. I mean, I'm not complaining about having more quality time with the BBC, but I will be complaining if my jeans stop fitting.

5. National Siblings Day. Why? Why is there a day for everything? I see your Nation Siblings Day, and I raise you National Only Children Day, where instead of instagramming our siblings, we instagram pictures of the room and toys we never had to fight over and share.

6. Why I'm not British. I mean, I am in the sense that many of my ancestors are from the UK, but why I was not born and raised there I'll never understand. One of life's many injustices. I love the US and all (I really do!), but my pale, freckled skin would feel so much more comfortable overseas. And the accents. I want an accent.


  1. Let's be honest, all you would have to do is ask and I would adopt you as my fellow pale skinned sister (if this can even be done) and you can come live over here and become cool (or weird) like most brits are!!!

  2. Boom, first and second comments for the win.

  3. People instagram their FB statuses just for people like you, who think that by deleting your FB you can escape. You cannot truly escape from FB. (Just kidding. I don't even have instagram. Angel does, and that fact frightens me, because I know him).
    I get excited about thunderstorms when both Angel and I are home during a thunderstorm. I don't like them when I have to drive in them or if I'm alone they are boring. In the summer sometimes we sit outside on our front porch at night and watch lightning.

  4. I'm an only child too! Let's start a day.

  5. When I crave food I like to TELL myself that it is biological to justify my eating. Do I believe it? No. Do I believe that I JUST REALLY WANT THAT FROYO? Yes.

    I was SO PUMPED about the thunderstorms yesterday too!!!! I was on the phone with my friend and I kept "shh'ing" her to so I could listen to the thunder. My phone manners are OFF THE CHAIN!

    I will be your sister. Or, I have two siblings and would be happy to let you borrow one of them.

  6. Um.. People are instagraming their Facebook status? Seriously?! Wow.
    High Five for National Only Children Day!!
    Also, if you don't get excited about thunderstorms, I judge you. Hard.

  7. Thunderstorms are the bestttttt. Da best.

    Listen. Let's go to England. We'll sleep on Nicola's couch. I have this all planned out.

    I've yet to see a FB status on Instagram. I hope it stays that way!

  8. If #1 is correct than my body must need a lot of cupcakes.

    I want these thunderstorms to go away. We have thundersnow today. Over it.

  9. I like to hide in bed with my husband during storms. I love listening to them but I like to be near someone :P

  10. #1 - yes, I totally agree. Oh I'm sorry, I'm craving an ice cream sundae. I know for sure that it can't be good for me, but alright.

    #2. IS THIS REAL LIFE?! Do people really do that?? The worst.

    #5. I saw so many people yesterday say "Happy Siblings Day to myself! Hooray for never sharing!" So good.

  11. People really instagram their FB statuses?! That's crazy. And disgusting.

    I've never understood all these national-whatever-days. I understand Mother's and Father's day, but the other ones? Like National Doughnut day? I like free doughnuts and all, but why? WHAT'S THE POINT?

  12. I love thunderstorms! Last night's looked like it was going to be awesome, but we only got a little bit of rain in our area. The sky was awesome though!

  13. I am the same god damn way about the thunderstorms. I LIVE for them! Everyone's always like oh my god I'm so scared we're going to die. And I'm all like you are not a puppy open your eyes, come outside and watch it with me.

  14. National Sibling Day... yeah, whatever. I have 3 sisters and get along with them alright, but I only really like one of them ;)

  15. I don't understand why people instagram facebook statuses either, or tweets! Like... what? I instagram screenshots of convos and e-mails sometimes, but... I think that's different? Hopefully.

  16. I don't understand the Instagram-Your-Facebook-Status either. Seems counterintuitive to me...if I wanted to follow your Facebook, I'd have a Facebook. End of story.

    STORMS RULE. Unless they're snowstorms in April and May. Then those storms can go to heck.

    I've barely worked out this week, myself. THINGS KEEP HAPPENING! Why, life!?

  17. Not one of my siblings acknowledged sibling day and I didn't because I thought it was stupid. We are a sad bunch of ladies, us sisters.

    I love storms! When I can stay home in my sweatpants and watch Downton. ONLY THEN.

    Instagram is the new facebook. I LOVE when people instagram notes they've typed in the notes app. WE GET IT.

  18. I've always wanted a British accent too or at the very least a guy with a British accent. My poor hubby couldn't do a convincing accent of anywhere even if his life depended on it. Oh well! I still secretly dream of moving to England and grow old developing my British accent and reading Jane Austen books while drinking tea.

    As far as your body craving things it needs. I've more heard it as if you're craving sweets you really aren't getting enough fruit in your diet and your body is lacking those vitamins. That sort of makes sense to me. I eat a lot of fruit, but I'm still always craving donuts. I don't know what that means... Probably that I'm just a fatty at heart.

    Hope you're having a good week!

  19. I hate that FB/Insta/Twitter are all interconnected. Why are you posting the same picture on every site? (Yes, I have done it too so I am guilty. But I still don't understand it) I have never seen someone Instagram their FB status though

  20. Only children UNIT!...haha I was soooo annoyed! ..

    1. UNITE! ...man I got too excited that somebody said something about it! haha

  21. I don't understand when people instagram words in general... I go to Insta to look at pretty pictures, not read your texts, or inspirational quotes... that's what blogging is for, isn't it???

  22. You are not the only one that gets excited about storms! we had thunder for 2.5 seconds tonight and I got SO excited!

  23. Ha! I love number 5. I am going to have to call my brothers and give them crap for not making me a cake or sending a card. Though I guess I didn't "celebrate" either! Also 6, I have been obsessed lately with all things British (especially on the TV).

  24. I hate when people instagram their facebook status. That is NOT what IG is for people!!
    I also love storms, but only when they're on the weekends because we both know that it sucks when there's a storm coming and we're stuck at work.


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