things that make me happy lately

+ Saturday morning bike rides in the park. And watching all the runners run in their funny packs, which is apparently the newest trend these days?

+ The BBC. It knows the deepest desires of my heart. Especially Call the Midwife. It's about nurses and Midwifes who ride bikes through 1950s East London and deliver babies. There's an exceptionally tall character named Chummy who's clumsy and hilarious and we're best friends.

my best friends

+ Tea before bed in my scrabble mug.

+ Justin Timberlake and his music. He's the only one I'll go mainstream music for.

+ The Mad Men theme song. And just the whole 60s vibe. I live and die for mid-century everything.

+ My cat-ish eye sunglasses, aka these.

+ Sleeping with the windows open.

+ Having a working blender, which I currently don't know about because mine MELTED. It was sitting on the oven (on a burner turned OFF), but the oven was on and made the stovetop so warm it MELTED MY BLENDER. I'm literally in mourning. I might wear black for 6 months.

+ Unfollowing certain blogs. There. I said it.

+ Kitties who cuddle.

+ Argo and Lincoln. I finally crawled out of the rock I live under long enough to watch them. And I loved them both.

+ Wearing sandals again. I'm breaking them out today for the first time this year.


  1. 1. Nathan and I have been walking every evening. I feel as though we might be cooler if we rode bikes. I'll work on that.

    2. BBC is amazing. Always and forever.

    3. Mine would be coffee (except it would have to be in the morning because coffee at night would keep me up until 4 in the morning)...also is that TED talks? because I love watching those videos!

    4. I love JT's music. I think mostly because I had admitting that there is a small part of me that has a crush on him..and I don't want to.

    5. Mad Men. I just don't know. I tried to watch it. I did. I wanted to love it. I didn't even make it through the first episode... :/

    6. I need new sunglasses.

    7. I about died last night because it is getting warmer. This morning I popped open the windows and it has been lovely!! :)

    8. I have never had my blender melt. But I offer my deepest apologizes.

    9. I have started unfollowing a few blogs, as well....

    10. I wish I loved kittens. I don't. They scare me.

    11. I really want to watch Argo and Lincoln, but frankly between trying to catch up on all my television shows (New Girl, The Mindy Project, The Office, Downton Abbey) I haven't had time to watch many movies. :(

    12. I wore my sandals this past weekend and it was glorious!! I might just wear some to work today. ;)

    Also, this was longer than I had intended.
    I'm sorry. ;)
    Have a lovely Tuesday!
    much love,


  2. Sleeping with the windows open is pure bliss! And so is wearing sandals.

  3. I have Call the Midwife on my Netflix queue... I need to watch! Soon soon. I also need to watch Argo, but we have to wait until it's on the RedBox and other people keep snatching it before us.

  4. Good for you un-following annoying blogs. I need to do that instead of just not reading them. I am ecstatic that it is sandal season again, but I do need a pedicure.

  5. what a cute list. I'm sorry about your blender. Perhaps you could write a dirge for it and then it would rest in peace?

  6. I unfollowed a whole bunch of those 'my life is so amazing, and I am so rich and I always look perfect' blogs the other day.

    Life. complete!

  7. I still can't bring myself to watch Lincoln despite everyone who has seen it has told me it's amazing and I should totally watch it. I think it might be the same reason I haven't tried Downton Abby.

    And I think Chummy might be my best friend too if I ever watched it. Because tall and clumbsy is my middle name.


    Give me that Scrabble mug!! My friend got me a mug for my birthday that says "reading is sexy". I am too embarrassed to bring it into work, but I have no problem using it every morning before I leave!!

    I haven't seen Argo or Lincoln yet. I stink. I just keep watching It's Complicated over and over again because Steve Martin is a silver-haired angel.

    Also...SANDALSSSSSS. I can't wait. I live in Old Navy flip flops in various colors.

  9. yea for BBC! LOVE IT TOO!!! I really really need to get into Call the Midwife...i'm going to check to see if I can get it over here in Nepal:) Love you, you are awesome!!!

  10. I just started Call the Midwife (thanks Netflix!) yesterday and am hooked. I love Chummy, what a great character!

  11. i love call the midwife. it was my "gym" show until i watched all the eps! I hope it comes back soon. and i adore chummy! :)

    also i love your scrabble mug. i have one too, but it's just a giant letter. yours is super fun! :)

  12. That midwife show...sounds amazing! I need to watch it.

    I LOVED Argo! I need to watch Lincoln still.

    Unfollowing blogs produces almost the same blissful feeling as deactivating Facebook. I might just unfollow yours next! You never know! (KIDDING!!!!!)

    Sandals. I hope I get to wear those at some point this year.

  13. I need to see Argo as much as you need a fanny pack. Please get one. PLEASE.

    I also am demanding a picture of you in those amazing sunglasses. DEMANDING IT.

    Unfollowing and unfriending are my new favorite things.

  14. I have GOT to get on the Call the Midwife train. I was late to the Dontown Abbey Party and I refuse to miss another BBC train REFUSE.
    Also Mad Men... swoon.

    Also I love you!

  15. I've been sporting shorts and that has made me VERY happy
    Please don't tell my hubby fanny packs are in. He's tried to get me to wear them for YEARS!!!!

  16. It is snowing here as I type this. Dang your sandal weather.

    I have a "running belt" aka fanny pack. It had clips for little water bottles, and a small pouch for my cell phone and ipod. I feel no shame or awkwardness about it either. At least it isn't neon green like the one I had in 1991.

    I watched a few episodes of Call the Midwife when I still had tv. It is amazing.

    I unfollow. Bloglovin' makes it much easier than GFC ever did. And I love that about Bloglovin'. I just hope it isn't me that you're unfollowing. There. I said it. Everyone else knows they were thinking it too.

  17. I have one of those running belts. I wore it when I was training for a marathon. There really is no need for it if someone is running for less than an hour.

    I big old puffy heart love that mug!

  18. That first photo really gave me a laugh. I feel like I should probably check out that show and see what the hype is about! And I LOVED Argo. Amazing. I haven't seen Lincoln yet but I really wanted to. It's time for me to crawl out from under my rock too because I haven't seen like half of the "Oscar" movies yet!

    Also, I know the feeling about unfollowing. I did that recently and it felt really nice to get some people off the list who I never actually read! I had way way too much of that goin' on.

  19. Girl, I unfollow people all the time. No shame!
    Is it just me or does Chummy look like a dude? Don't hate me!


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