you might not know this, but...

1. I rarely wear jewelry. I wear earrings and the occasional necklace, but NEVER a bracelet or rings aside from my wedding rings. They make me feel strangled.

2. I lied about musicals in my last post. Completely lied. I had no idea I liked them until I read this post by Alison, and she reminded me that I don't actually hate them all. I also love My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, The Producers, Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof, Phantom of the Opera, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and a few other old school things (Calamity Jane, anyone?)(basically I just like the old school stuff).

"I just flew in from the windy city, the windy city is might purdy..."

But that's it! I swear. The rest are annoying.

3. I binge eat hummus when I get home from work. What can I say? Hummus is yummus.

4. I'm a morning person. I absolutely love the morning (provided I have a mug full of coffee until at least 10am). I love the way the sunlight fills up the room, the quiet, and the freshness of everything. I do my best thinking and I'm in the best frame of mind in the morning.

5. I get major anxiety if I'm not laying in bed by 9:30. There is no way in hades I'll go to sleep at 9:30, but I need time to unwind and read before falling asleep, and I stress about not falling asleep early. This might have something to do with the fact that I'm a high maintenance sleeper and cannot function on anything less than 7 or 8 hours. I don't feel human without 9 or 10 hours, but I only get that on the weekends.

6. I watched The Giant Mechanical Man on Saturday, and I still can't stop thinking about it. It was just so good. It felt way more like real life than most movies, and it was such an accurate depiction of young(ish) adults in this economy. As soon as it was over I wanted to watch it again, and I've never felt that way about a movie before.

7. I hate this neon trend. I hate it. It is not 1995, and why you want to dress like a highlighter or traffic cone is beyond me. I shouldn't have to wear sunglasses to look at your pants.

8. I have a love affair with maps. I want to hang maps all over my walls and put old school globes on top of my bookshelves. It's heaven.

via Society 6. This is going in my living room asap.

9. I check the weather obsessively all day long. I always need to know what the temperature is. If a storm or rain is forecasted, I check the radar map and anxiously await its arrival. It's probably an issue that this is one of my life's greatest joys. Or maybe it's the fact that weather.com is a website I can look up at work. Sometimes I just need to look at something mindless before my brain explodes, and rain makes me happy.

10. This whole Boston Marathon thing is absolutely heartbreaking. It truly is, and I wish there was a way to help the victims other than praying for them. But in my opinion, the incessant and constant picking apart and analyzing of the bombs and the injuries that the media does is just obnoxious. Not every "expert" who has ever been a runner or who was nearby or who has medical expertise needs to be interviewed. Not every gruesome picture needs to be aired. Whenever someone sneezes now, buildings are evacuated and nearby schools are locked down. There comes a point where you need to turn off the news, stop living in fear, and be thankful for the life we have, because it is not guaranteed a second longer and every second we live is more of God's undeserved mercy.

And with all that said, happy Wednesday. Pass the coffee.

*drops mic and runs away*


  1. I'm going to watch The Giant Mechanical Man now.

  2. 1. I never wear jewelry either!! I wear my Pandora bracelet most days and more or less the same pair of earrings every day. If I have a necklace on or even more than one bracelet I am either trying to woo a man or had ample time to get ready in the morning.

    2. I FEEL THE SAME ABOUT NEEDING TO BE IN BED. My friend had to drop something off to me last night and he said he would be there "around 9:30" and I was panicking all night wondering when he was going to get there, how long he was going to stay for, what time I could get in bed. It's the worst!

    3. GIANT MECHANICAL MAN= <3 <3 Hello, such a wonderful movie. I love Jenna. and Chris Messina is a DIMMEEEEE, ok

    4. I don't hate the neon trend on others, but personally I try to steer clear. I don't need to up my chances of having someone notice me. I am fine staying in the background wearing earth tones, thank you.

  3. #7 - I could not agree more. I do own a neon shirt for running in because the roads in my town are not well lit, but I promise that it has never seen the light of my office, me going out with friends, or even just straight up lounging at my house. The neon-ness of it all bugs me.

    #10. Yes. Being an hour north from Boston means pretty much everyone knows someone who was there. And all of our local news stations are dedicated to full time coverage. And while there's so much to be said for wanting good things for the victims, the 24-hour news cycle is totally not helping. They're just repeating the same facts, in different ways, for hours and hours on end. I will give people credit, though, that for the most part people aren't jumping to insane/hateful/racist/bigoted/xenophobic conclusions and most sources are saying that their opinions are simply that - opinions and conjecture. So, silver lining?

  4. Chris Messina is reason enough for the movie. I hope it's on Netflix or Amazon Prime. And I'm with you on the coffee. I never wanted to be one of those people who was an addict, but now I am. I guess I am getting old...

  5. I love this post! I definitely want to see that movie - though I've been a little skeptical about it. I should watch it now after this great review :)

  6. I never wear jewelry either! It's a special occasion if I put on a bracelet.

    And I didn't know there was such a thing as "morning people". That just doesn't make much sense in my head.

  7. I love love love checking the weather. It's an addiction, but it could be worse, ya know?

    And I've heard about that movie, but haven't watched it yet. Maybe I'll watch it while I'm making soup on Sunday. GOOD IDEA, ALISSA.

    Um, break out a map and let's plan this road trip. WE NEED TO HANG OUT.

  8. Wait...WHAT THE HECK! Calamity Jane is a STAPLE in our household growing up. My parents found it at the movie store and rented it (back when we had movie stores!) and then we all loved it so much my dad bought it and we know EVERY song! "I got to wonderful arms, I got two wonderful legs, I'm over 21 and i'm frrreeeeeeee, oh i've got a hive full of honey, for the right kind of honey bee!" hahah, that's embarassing that I know that! And that map, GASP! I lOVE it. I too am obsessed with maps. In our home we had atleast 5 vintage maps hanging on the wall:) Love you girl!

  9. #3) HUMMUS IS YUMMUS!!!! Best line I've read all day.

    #4) Agreed, with an amendment: IF we are alone. ;)

    #6) I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! I need to watch it again soon, it's been a while. It's one I might actually buy.

    #7) I'm not a big fan either. I can take it in small doses - I found a shirt the other day that had a tiny bit of neon ON it...but I could never bring myself to wear neon pants, or a neon jacket, or whatever the kids are wearing these days. I was finished with that trend in about 1989.

    #8) I'll e-mail you the link to a map lamp I found the other day on Etsy. You will die.

    #10) Could NOT agree more.

  10. #10 just made me love you so much more. SO MUCH. We had the news on briefly and I freaked out with the overload of unnecessary information.

    I can't even remember what else I was going to say because of that. GOOD WORK.

  11. I'm definitely a morning person, too. Nick is a night person, ugh. Drives me crazy sometimes, but we deal. :)

    The Giant Mechanical Man is REALLY good. I watched it on a whim a few weeks ago and LOVED it. It's so different from "typical" chick flicks.

    I couldn't agree more with you about what happened in Boston. It's what makes me hate the news in general. They feed off of disaster, hurt, and hatred. I do, however, appreciate that they took time to acknowledge all the people that helped out instantly, but why show the SAME videos over and over again? It's just sad.

  12. Hummus is Yummus. That should be on a t-shirt.

  13. You and I are so similar. I am SUCH a morning person, it's ridiculous. Today, I was up at 5am (not my choice, but the baby's...) and just relaxed. It was so nice. And I have to be in bed by 9, or else I'm dying. I'm such a party pooper ;)

    I've added that movie to my Netflix queue! Looks good!

  14. I am definitely intrigued now by the Giant Mechanical Man! I have a not so secret crush on Topher Grace.

    I'm totally a morning person as well - in fact when I wake up "late" (7;30-8) I feel like I've wasted the day!

  15. I agree with the map liking-ness.

    I cannot remember the last time I was in bed before 11?

    I hate mornings.

    Jenna Fischer is the beat, I should movie it up.

  16. I knew many of these things about you.

    Coffee is necessary all of the time. Especially before 10am, but always.

    I haven't even heard of this movie. I am bad at movies.

    That map is really cool.

    These thoughts are out of order. I hope you can forgive me.

  17. I love, love, love bright colors. But I don't like neon, either. There's definitely a line between vibrant and neon, and I refuse to wear anything on the neon side of the line.
    7 Brides for 7 brothers is such a loveable movie. Angel checks the weather all the time. I never check the weather. I just figure I don't really care what the weather forecast is...it always changes by the time that the weather actually happens, anyways.

  18. we are soul friends. the end.


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